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fire fox or mozilla ,or exployer as brousers?


Posted 9:51 am, 04/26/2016

You are welcome. Let us know if you need anything else.


Posted 8:46 am, 04/26/2016

Thank you for your help.It did speed up my brouser.Much Appreciated......


Posted 1:25 pm, 04/25/2016

Firefox is good for its stability and security and plus the additional addons that you can use. One reason your internet explorer has got slow could be due to history and cache not being cleaned out. Open internet explorer and on the menu that's up top click on Tools-Delete Browsing History and make sure all the boxes are checked except for the top one that says to Preserve Favorites website data. Once the appropriate boxes are checked then click ok and let it run. Once it completes an orange looking message on the bottom of the screen will be displayed saying that it's complete. If the menu is not displayed, then you can press the Alt button on your keyboard to display it.

Also download CCleaner from http://www.piriform.com and install it. Once installed, open the program and click the analyze button. Once it has analyzed your computer then click clean. Let it work and you should notice a difference in your computer and browsing speed.


Posted 9:32 am, 04/25/2016

Which of these should i use?I am not that good on the computer,but my exployer has gotten so slow.i KNOW THAT SOME PEOPLE SAY THAT MOZZILA IS FASTER.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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