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WXII poll says keep the flag up in S.C.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 10:07 am, 06/25/2015

Runkle (view profile)

I think anyone in their right mind will find it shocking that 25% of Muslims are OK with violence against Americans. And these are American Muslims, if there is such a thing.

the percentage of americans Ok with violence against muslims is probably much much higher than that. i don't defend terrorists, but aren't american muslims allowed an opinion? they really are being targeted for the acts of terrorists, when in actually they have nothing to do with terrorists.


Posted 10:06 am, 06/25/2015

Thanks for taking the lead there, Runkle, while I was otherwise indisposed. Note is made that swc-da is the only one on this thread foolish enough to attempt distraction and obfuscation by inserting into this thread the obvious need for an Article V. Not to rise to his stinking bait but just to inject some truth to his accusations, I have taken a clear and concise stand on this issue. A Convention of the States is absolutely necessary to amend the Constitution for three reasons.

1) Term limits on all elected federal offices, with FDR being the poster boy for this necessity.
2) A balanced federal budget. Quit spending money we are never going to see.
3) Limits on the executive branch from which the bloated bureaucracy infests every portion of our lives.
These are NOT just my whims but nationally recognized and supported.
Homework is not an LDLP strong point, but doing the math shows that there are well over a million Muslims amongst us that condone violence to overthrow our Constitution and establish Sharia law, our flag be d****d.
It won't be long before swc-da goes into gibberish mode as he continues to lose this argument, being a well established tradition of his.


Posted 9:59 am, 06/25/2015

Runkle, I'm sure you are going to be just as disturbed at this polling concerning religious extremists. Here's a group that thinks the Constituion should be shredded for their own purposes...57% of this group of extremists feel this way.



Posted 8:48 am, 06/25/2015

I will be honest, I really don't know what this flag means. I know there are a lot of variations of what people think it symbolizes and I have even read different convincing descriptions of the meaning of this flag. I am just not sure and struggle to form an opinion. I truly understand and sympathize with both sides of this debate, I am just not sure how I feel or what is the right answer/solution.


Posted 8:36 am, 06/25/2015

I think anyone in their right mind will find it shocking that 25% of Muslims are OK with violence against Americans. And these are American Muslims, if there is such a thing.


Posted 3:57 am, 06/25/2015

Your intentions are, have been, and will always be crystal clear. You live to wallow in the mud of your own racist ignorance. You feign some sort of indignation at cherry-picked right-wing hypocrisy (Hey, everyone, Muslims want to live under Sharia law instead of abide by the Constitution!) when you overtly desire to see our Constitution changed to serve your own twisted whims.

False claims? Name them. Your link had absolutely nothing to do with any flag. True. You didn't read the polling, just the right-wing talking points. True. You wish to change the Constitution. True. And finally, you are a racist. True.


Posted 2:03 am, 06/25/2015

Listen-up, IDtenT. Your statement of 9:06 pm was not a question.

shouldawouldacoulda (view profile)

Posted 9:06 pm, 06/24/2015

Serious question: There are people of Muslim faith in America who are offended by the American flag?

You were urged to resubmit. Unable to see the folly of your ways and proffer a correction you have gone the route of the personal attack, to no avail. You attempted to introduce the posit of Muslims being offended by Old Glory. I merely pointed out through a verifiable link that several million of them residing here do take offense at our flag by supporting violence to achieve their goal of establishing Sharia Law in our country. Furthermore, you have attempted to insinuate, through your ignorance, several false claims regarding my intentions. Does all this vitriol make you feel warm and fuzzy like the committed LDLP you are?

It's time to piss on the dogs and call in the fire, for this coon hunt is over for tonight!


Posted 12:46 am, 06/25/2015

You've attempted to answer one question by relying on information cherry-picked by an extremist right-wing website...which had nothing to do with the actual question at hand (please refer me to the flag section).

Just an excuse to try and foment hate. Let me guess, worm...you didn't even read the actual polling numbers, did you? Numbers that show, for instance, a large majority of Muslims polled who actively and specifically disdain violence (see questions 12 and 13).

Now, aren't you one of the little worms actively supporting a movement here at home to radically change the Constitution based on your extremist religious beliefs? I know, I know, deflection.

You truly are pathetic.


Posted 12:17 am, 06/25/2015

An extremist right-wing website. Pathetic.

Keep fomenting hate, worm. Keep using your buzzwords (Distraction! Shoot the messenger!).

You still can't crawl off the "pavement".


Posted 12:10 am, 06/25/2015

Oh, you must have short-term memory problems. You were asked several simple questions earlier today. Did you answer them? Of course not. Why? You are a worm. See, I don't see that as a personal attack; I see it it as a statement of fact.

Like calling you a racist...it's a fact. A fact, one might say, you earned on the "pavement", among other places.

Now. Will you run away again? Of course you will. You are much too cowardly to answer the simplest of questions.


Posted 12:03 am, 06/25/2015

'Tis so LDLP of swc-da to worry about another flag smokescreen when this is where the emphasis shoulda be focused!

Shooting the messenger on this one is expected and such a distraction.


Posted 11:48 pm, 06/24/2015

It's understandable your not knowing the difference between a statement and a question, but why not take the opportunity and ask the question instead of authoring yet another personal attack? Being so LDLP must be hard to live with. There is still time for you to see the right, repent your foolish ways and seek forgiveness!


Posted 11:15 pm, 06/24/2015

Hey, the wormy little racist is back. I didn't expect you to answer, worm. You had a chance to be something more, but you didn't take advantage. No one is surprised. Now, crawl back in your little hole, worm.


Posted 10:41 pm, 06/24/2015

To expect a serious answer one must first ask a serious question. Just using proper punctuation does not a question make. This goes to sentence structure and cannot be brushed aside as merely a typo. Try again, IDtenT, and we'll see if'n we can come up with a foregone conclusion to assuage your simple mindedness. The boys have already considered this matter and I'm confident at least one of them will respond.


Posted 9:06 pm, 06/24/2015

Serious question: There are people of Muslim faith in America who are offended by the American flag?

Another serious question: Where exactly are the rainbow flags that are offending folks on here? I'm assuming they are in close proximity to the offended? I mean, I don't want a specific address, of course...just in general.


Posted 8:02 pm, 06/24/2015

Rose, that song is absolutely awful. It is so inaccurate it should be banned. Lee was first in line to command the Union army. But his loyalty was to his state of Virginia (at the time people saw their states as their first patriotic duty). He was torn and saddened that Virginia succeded, and he apologized to Lincoln that he couldn't honor his request.


Posted 7:05 pm, 06/24/2015

I hate to crush your rainbow

But ready for the red white and green


Posted 6:49 pm, 06/24/2015

Sure! What State is flying one 365 days a year? The rainbow flag, that is? I have never seen one on a public building, but I understand some will fly the rainbow during gay pride month. Maybe you guys could have a Southern Pride Month and fly your flag then.


Posted 4:53 pm, 06/24/2015

fair is fair take them rainbow flags down also they offend me


Posted 4:50 pm, 06/24/2015

If you can fly I should be able to fly

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