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what's for breakfast?

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 9:16 am, 02/14/2018

Breakfast would be a good time or so it would seem,
To take a quick look back at last nights Olympic dream.
Skating the short program, I thought I might win,
Until I turned upside down when I made my first spin!
You have all heard the saying well that's one and done.
My sled went all airborne when I made my first run.
Who would have thought I would take such a spill,
I wrecked at first gate when I skied the downhill.
I sure didn't think I could survive another bad fall,
But when t tried the half pipe I went over the wall!
Bruised and all broken here is what I think I will do
Forget it for now and try again in twenty two!

I sure didn't think i could survive another bad fall,
But when I tried the Half pipe I went over the wall.


Posted 7:36 am, 02/14/2018

Oatmeal and toast


Posted 6:19 am, 02/13/2018

Kellogg’s corn flakes and 2 boiled eggs


Posted 5:37 am, 02/12/2018

Hardee’s sausage biscuit with orange juice


Posted 9:20 am, 02/11/2018

cornflakes, banana and coffee

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 8:33 am, 02/11/2018

Bowl of blueberry cobbler warmed with butter in the microwave. Lots of black coffee.


Posted 4:01 am, 02/11/2018

Half a pack of those new spicey pringles and a blueberry baked good, black coffee and water with lemon.


Posted 2:04 am, 02/11/2018

Toast with jelly and cholesterol pills

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 11:18 am, 02/10/2018

Cornflakes, bananas and coffee.


Posted 11:02 am, 02/10/2018

Sausage link, boiled egg, toast and coffee


Posted 11:46 am, 02/07/2018

Bacon on bagel with orange marmalade and coffee


Posted 10:24 am, 02/06/2018

Corn flakes.


Posted 10:15 am, 02/06/2018

Scrambled egg, sausage biscuit and coffee


Posted 9:51 am, 02/05/2018

It's good to have your humor back, O.D.D. i've missed it.

Today is cereal day. Just cornflakes and coffee.

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 11:14 am, 02/04/2018

Breakfast this morning was as smooth as fine silk,
With cream gravy made from ham drippings, flour and sweet milk.
Had big ole cathead biscuits so fluffy and lite,
If the ceiling hadn't been there they would float plumb outta sight!
With a little red eye sop that sure did taste great,
Floating big old slices of cured ham piled high on the plate.
As I grabbed my last biscuit , sorta got in a hurry,
To pack it with butter and jam made from a sour cherry.


Posted 10:03 am, 02/04/2018

Boiled egg, bacon, grits, bagel and coffee

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 10:34 am, 02/02/2018

Honey Nut Nothings! Yuk!


Posted 10:32 am, 02/02/2018

Bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam and coffee


Posted 10:56 am, 01/30/2018

Boiled egg, fried apples, biscuit and coffee


Posted 10:34 am, 01/29/2018

Oatmeal with dried apples and raisins, and 2 cups hot coffee (still sleepy!)

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