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Trump loses debate


Posted 3:05 pm, 08/09/2015




this n that

Posted 3:00 pm, 08/09/2015

Truth is TS.. I've been practicing "disgusting". I'm getting better at it, but I still have a ways to go to match you.

But all I can do is just keep trying.
I'm sure as time goes along, I'll just keep getting more adept. I'll try to be as disgusting as you, but it an uphill struggle.

Cause basically I'm a sweetheart, tall, leggy, blond, blue eyes and beautiful, so they tell me.

That bitter hag part>? No that was you looking in the mirror.

this n that

Posted 2:43 pm, 08/09/2015

Here's a Hillary yard sign that is catching on across the middle of the country.


Posted 2:39 pm, 08/09/2015

And you guys argue about what trump says. Good grief This n that.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 2:37 pm, 08/09/2015

i prefer to make my presidential choices much further along in the campaign. no i didn't vote for obama twice and have not given any endorsement to hillary either. as a matter of fact, if anyone would check my posts they could easily see that i am quite curous about kasich ... although he is not my choice at the moment either.

also if anyone checks, i have never asked anyone their choice for presidency. i have made note of those that come out in favor of candidates though. people do it without without asking. personally, those ole style booths were made that way for a reason ... voting tends to be a personal issue.

so why are you asking me? is my opinion that important or was it just a platform to throw out some barbs for some crazy reason?


Posted 2:24 pm, 08/09/2015

I haven't noticed Elmo saying much of anything about Hillary.

We do however see your insistence at showing yourself to be a bitter old hag believing in every conspiracy theory that flies before your face. A little bird told me you get off by chanting Benghazi while pleasuring yourself with a Karl Rove bobble head. You are truly disgusting.

this n that

Posted 2:19 pm, 08/09/2015

TS, I see you are not yet quite sure that everyone knows you're a liberal hypocrite fool. Most are sure, but you go right ahead and remove all doubt.

this n that

Posted 2:17 pm, 08/09/2015

Of course you know that should be Elmo Can't wait. for an opportunity to leg hump hillary.


Posted 2:16 pm, 08/09/2015

Note from GoNC: this post was removed for trolling.

this n that

Posted 2:13 pm, 08/09/2015

So Elmo, speaking of leg humpers,... will you be casting your leg humping vote for Hillary the liar and crook?

Just like a hypocrite liberal. Calling out others over voting for trump, voting twice for the lying community organizer in the White House, and can wait to do a little leg humping of her own with a vote for Hillary.


Posted 1:56 pm, 08/09/2015

Trump did the best he could with the questions he was allowed to answer. I think he gave honest answers unlike the script like answers from the other candidates. I think Carson had the best answer of the night about the race issue an having seen the brain of all colors and they look the same to him.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 1:32 pm, 08/09/2015

and much like the latino vote, Rump says he's the better person for women's vote as well

Presidential candidate Donald Trump sought to redirect incoming fire at rival Republican Jeb Bush, saying that Bush has a "huge" problem with women and he is by far the better candidate with that demographic.


what planet is he living on?

this n that

Posted 1:22 pm, 08/09/2015

And then there's this..../breaking-cheryl-mills-to-destroy-emails-about-hillary-clinton


Posted 1:22 pm, 08/09/2015

New poll shows Clinton, Trump lose support in Iowa

A new poll focusing on three key states shows changes in the presidential race. Subscribe to KCCI...

Length: 2:05

The Duck is more disliked than President Hillary.


Posted 1:20 pm, 08/09/2015

Fox News is always a loser.

this n that

Posted 1:18 pm, 08/09/2015

and me. I'm not a trump fan especially, but if he's the nominee up against Hillary the liar and crook, (her lawyer has a thumb drive with classified info on it,) or the old white gray haired socialist, or gaff a minute Biden, I'll vote for Trump.

Lawyer with thumb drive.. you can be sure you'll hear more about that. Hillary is far from being the dem candidate.


Posted 1:02 pm, 08/09/2015


I think Kelley and Fox News was the big loser here.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 1:02 pm, 08/09/2015

skeptic, i give you credit for taking a stand. shows far more courage than others. i may not agree with you, but at least you're not a coward about it.


Posted 12:57 pm, 08/09/2015

I think trump did well. Fox News dropped even lower on my news list. I hadn't watch them for a while prior to the debate and it will be a long while before I do again.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 12:50 pm, 08/09/2015

from your link....

Undoubtedly, Trump will soon complain that the Fox anchors were out to get him. The truth is, the debate was his to lose and he lost it.

i have been making a list of the GW Trump Boot Lickers as they have popped up over the last few weeks.. amazing how he was saying everything right a few days ago .... and now nothing from his leg humpers. it's not like they don't see these threads. they have been posting for over 2 days .... but no love for the Duck.

in the words of Trump .... whatta bunch of losers

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