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Thom Tillis - "Im Okay With Not Forcing Restaurant Workers to Wash Up after Bathroom visits

sparkling water

Posted 10:21 pm, 02/05/2015

I imagine you're right. Something ain't bein scrubbed.


Posted 10:20 pm, 02/05/2015

Guess that's because customers and wait staff don't wash their hands , sparkling.

sparkling water

Posted 9:44 pm, 02/05/2015

A well known eatery near the hospital has signs up. The walls and tables are so sticky that no germs could ever come loose. The ketchup isn't red anymore.

sparkling water

Posted 9:41 pm, 02/05/2015

Many years ago I worked at a fast food joint in Wilkes. Saw some really nasty stuff. But we did have signs up about washing hands. Made all the difference.


Posted 4:46 pm, 02/05/2015

If Obama had made a statement like the one Tillis made, the repubs would be having a field day.


Posted 4:13 pm, 02/05/2015

i monitored hygiene...touch your face...go wash your hands...touch your hair? go wash your hands...i had my people trained so well, they would wash their hands everytime they passed the sink...

can't monitor them in the loo, though


Posted 4:12 pm, 02/05/2015

A few germs builds your immune system.

White America

Posted 3:52 pm, 02/05/2015

Here is a hint, if it comes in a cardboard box or wrapped in paper, you not in a restaurant.... And clean hands should be the least of your concerns.... .

sparkling water

Posted 3:41 pm, 02/05/2015

You ought to frequent a better class of restaurant.


Posted 1:53 pm, 02/05/2015

sparkling water (view profile)

Posted 10:44 am, 02/05/2015

A restaurant manager who cared about quality food and his reputation would monitor hygiene with or without government influence.


Strange I've never seen a restaurant manager monitoring hygiene.


Posted 1:36 pm, 02/05/2015

if you are ever feeling powerless, just remember...it would only take ONE of your pubic hairs to shut down a restaurant...

helps me get through the day


Posted 1:32 pm, 02/05/2015

I hope this link works.

Jon Stewart had some fun about Mr. Unclean last night:



Posted 1:25 pm, 02/05/2015

One would think that good hygiene would be practiced every day with out a sign, but I have been to places that even with a sign employees have just went to the bathroom and walked straight out. i have often wondered whats the point of the sign if some don't even think twice about something as simple as washing their hands just my opinion though,

old man down the road

Posted 1:01 pm, 02/05/2015

So Tillis thinks that replacing the signs that say restaurant employees must wash their hands with signs that say restaurants employees don't wash their hands is less government. The government would require signs to be posted in both cases so what would he accomplish?

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 10:48 am, 02/05/2015

Exactly, Sparkling.

That's the point.

sparkling water

Posted 10:44 am, 02/05/2015

A restaurant manager who cared about quality food and his reputation would monitor hygiene with or without government influence.


Posted 4:44 am, 02/05/2015

Any time I eat out I check bathrooms first. If I see an employee leave the restroom without handwashing, I leave. I don't care if they have a sink in the kitchen. what's to guarantee that they will use it? I will also leave if the restroom is dirty.

Wrestlers Grandpa

Posted 10:55 pm, 02/04/2015

this is what he said at a meeting of Bipartisan Meeting as the moderator said not sure I want to shake your hand...really this is what T Tillis believes...as over reach regulatory ...whew hope he does not catch any disease ... what think you on this?

sparkling water

Posted 9:11 pm, 02/04/2015

We don't really know for certain that anyone in Congress favors cleanliness. Many of them have been quoted as saying that clean is good. Most will vote against dirt, unless a major contributor manufactures dust bunnies. They usually just say what they think will play well at the top of the hour on CNN or FOX. That being said, it's a good bet that none of them favor being sick. Course, it is doubtful that many of them cook their own meals, so whatever illegal is manning their galley needs to be mindful of hygiene.

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 8:59 pm, 02/04/2015

Tillis, obviously, favors cleanliness, and cleanliness in the food industry.

His point beiing, if a restaurant wants to "opt out" of the required hand-washing after powder room activities and unmentionables, then post a sign saying the help isn't required to wash, and "let us know how that works out for ya". In other words, do we need to legislate requiring a sign for workers in the food industry to wash up after a visit to the bathroom? I mean, how do you police the session, for one, and why should people be told? Isn't that a fundamental expectation? Are we that simple??

Hold up. After reading this thread, it's clear the liberals appear to need the sign posted. Apparently, they're the ones arguing for the sign. They must need to be reminded.

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