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Thinking about trying out a new Thanksgiving tradition


Posted 7:48 pm, 11/21/2016

@Pollock, ...being present at a meal in my home. Thank you

Maybe I am just old fashioned


Posted 6:12 pm, 11/21/2016

C'mon OP, don't be a phone nazi. I get why you want to do it but it's just going to turn people off. If they stare into their phone the whole time it's their loss.


Posted 5:51 pm, 11/21/2016

If you have a family like mine, then having their heads in their phones aint such a bad idea.


Posted 5:40 pm, 11/21/2016

No conditions should be placed on a Thanksgiving gathering. It just ain't right.


Posted 2:20 pm, 11/21/2016

Everyone is so obsessed with their phones nowadays. I don't know where mine is half the time so I really don't see a problem with asking guests in your home to be fully present for one meal. But I could see where it bother some people


Posted 2:11 pm, 11/21/2016

I guess it would all depend on how you view your family get together's. My family is at my home a lot so it's very informal and phones don't bother me so I don't really see it as rude. The thing that I have learned about family is you cannot dictate how they behave.


Posted 1:48 pm, 11/21/2016

First thing I see is this, every time we go to family's for a holiday is telephones in a number of folks hands. Fingers moving across keys and on the internet or texting. Yes I have a phone, no I don't use it when I at someones house for a meal or visit. It's very rude! We need to give folks some of our time, at least during these holidays. Nothing wrong with asking family to not be on phones, if an emergency happens you make an exception. Just a thought.


Posted 1:12 pm, 11/21/2016

How people communicate has changed. Are you also going to carry your TV, home phones, radios out to your car while they are there?


Posted 12:59 pm, 11/21/2016

In theory it sounds great. In reality, I'm an adult and am fairly polite in how I use my cell phone. I typically have the ringer off and only glance occasionally to check for messages or missed calls. I don't do that at the table. BUT, the minute you tell me that I HAVE to leave it in the car or in your "basket", lol....I'm probably not going to stay very long and I'll volunteer to have the next get together at my house.


Posted 7:58 am, 11/21/2016


Posted 6:52 am, 11/21/2016

My rule (in general) is no phones at the dinner table...but it wouldn't bother me at all if people were on them until we eat.


Posted 6:42 am, 11/21/2016

Personally, I usually leave mine in the glovebox, anyway; the better half is better @ doing selfies & other pics than I am.

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 7:48 pm, 11/20/2016

You might allow time for pictures.

But, I believe, firmly, in living in the moment. I think pics and selfies are overdone.


Posted 7:24 pm, 11/20/2016

In other words you want to spend Thanksgiving alone.


Posted 7:17 pm, 11/20/2016

You could have them place them in a basket by the door as they arrive. Sounds like a great idea!


Posted 7:09 pm, 11/20/2016

I'm sure it wouldn't go over too well, but I would like for my family and friends to leave their phones at their homes or in their vehicles before they come into my home for Thanksgiving dinner...

Any thoughts ??

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