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Soldiers pay for food


Posted 1:52 pm, 06/22/2015

I call bull**** on this thread


Posted 1:23 pm, 06/22/2015

They still should not have to pay for food when they go on their 2 weeks reserve training, it is not right.


Posted 1:11 pm, 06/22/2015

Joseph T.

Posted 1:08 pm, 06/22/2015

What do expect the army has to waste money researching and changing camo uniforms every few years. Also why does the army and marines need different color uniforms they should get on the same boat and have the same style and colors across the board.


Posted 1:00 pm, 06/22/2015

They should not have to pay for food!!!!!!


Posted 12:57 pm, 06/22/2015

You are told this going in, so they shouldn't be surprised and it is not a new thing.


Posted 10:56 am, 06/22/2015

They were in their 2 week reserve training, but had to pay for their meals. This is not right. If they had no money with them are they suppose to go hungry??


Posted 6:49 am, 06/22/2015

The food is super cheap unless someone decides to go out for restaurant. Some restaurants give discounts to military. Otherwise, the food is super cheap and folks are glad to take advantage of the low cost. it is a perk!


Posted 6:08 am, 06/22/2015

Any time meals are not provided, due to lack of mess facilities, the member can file for missed meals. Unless your friend is married and receives separate rations. Your friend should know this.


Posted 11:46 pm, 06/21/2015

The only meals I've ever had to pay for were when I was on the road doing funeral details. You can always get reimbursed for travel and food expenses But soldiers get paid every 2 weeks and if caught at the wrong time you could be going hungry. E4's and below pretty much live hand to mouth. And for a reservist, if you're in between jobs or having money troubles at the time you leave for a 2 week AT, and you don't know beforehand that you're going to have to pay for your food, you could be starving for 2 weeks. That's a shame.


Posted 11:31 pm, 06/21/2015

Oh, the main thing I do remember was 27 cents was a great dealt for what amounted to an "all you could eat breakfast buffet" after a night of drinking and partying.


Posted 11:28 pm, 06/21/2015

I was in the Air Force 1966 -1969 and I remember having to pay for meals at the mess hall which did not amount to more than 30 to 50 cents and I guess this was because I was married and received a housing allowance. I can't recall the exact circumstances but when I was stationed in Georgia and single, if we elected to go the the mess for midnight chow, it cost about 30 cents. I wish I could recall the exact details but, I do recall having to pay something before eating. Question to the OP, were you ever in the service and remember anything different? I mean this has been over 40 years ago.


Posted 8:32 pm, 06/21/2015

We should give Tammy back her money. Start a collection!


Posted 8:08 pm, 06/21/2015

The Reserves and NG are reimbursed for such expenses. It happens on occasion.

Usually the military sets up direct pay with vendors from food establishments, laundries, hotels, etc. Sometimes there is not enough time to push the paperwork through the BS to get the accounts setup because some officer is on vacation or has a corn cob up his poop shoot.


Posted 8:08 pm, 06/21/2015

If you think one person can fix the problem, then you're sorely misguided. If this is so, report it to a news agency so they can investigate it. If all is so, then it should bring nationwide attention.


Posted 7:54 pm, 06/21/2015

I have a friend who is in the Army and the last 2 weeks she went away for her 2 week training. She just got back an told her mother and friends that they had to pay for their food while they were training, they were told the army was broke. Now I really thing this is not right, I hope everyone who sees this agrees. These men and woman fight for our country and when they go for their reserve training they have to pay for food when there are people in this country that get free food cause the are to lazy to work. The government needs to fix the problem with feeding the people who defend our county. Maybe Donald Trump can fix this!!!!!!

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