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Server Errors and Downtime


Posted 5:55 am, 05/21/2021

LOL! Jason! Keep up! Alien interference for sures! You guys know who you are!

In the midst of it, you are the hero! If not you then Who?
Anyhoo! Great Job as always!


Posted 5:22 am, 05/21/2021

Not trumps fault. Democrats fault all the way.


Posted 4:04 am, 05/21/2021

Thanks, @Meanbean21! You guys have no idea how stressful this has been

I blame Trump, I bought this server last year so it has to be his fault LOL

I'm still getting vague errors in the logs that I can't quite track down. It's complicated because I'm running a backup before trying anything, and since running a backup slows everything down I'm waiting until midnight to start (when the traffic has died down). But it takes 2 1/2+ hours to do a backup, so I get to start working on it at 2:30 or 3am!

The server load seems normal right now, but if it starts to slow down then just know that it's probably related to the logging and I'll continue working on it tonight (Friday night). Worst case scenario, if there's a complete meltdown then I have everything backed up as of midnight, so there's much less risk of losing anything this time


Posted 12:20 am, 05/21/2021

BTW, I have to say you've done an excellent job of getting things mostly back to normal.


Posted 5:41 pm, 05/20/2021

Tell you what New I'd be happy if Trump was called to account for a fraction of the bad things he's done during his misbegotten existence.


Posted 4:23 pm, 05/20/2021

Sorry for the last 15 minutes or so!! I almost had a heart attack, but it's OK, nothing major and nothing lost


Posted 7:29 pm, 05/18/2021

GoWilkes (view profile)

Posted 7:00 pm, 05/16/2021

It's clear to me that one of two things happened:

1. the Secret Service infiltrated the server on behalf of one politician or another; or

2. a witch or warlock cursed the site.

The only other explanation is that the new server had a faulty hard drive, and once a bad sector was reached it caused a crash. But that seems like a real stretch when compared to the other possibilities

Just blame President Donald J Trump. He's been accused of everything bad in the world.. Hope you get it fixed without it costing much. Maybe Biden could send you a relief check. You know he's awful good to the people.


Posted 10:27 am, 05/18/2021

I thought he was discharged


Posted 9:04 am, 05/18/2021

Didn't springy just come off a ban?


Posted 7:10 am, 05/18/2021

That was definitely weird situation indeed


Posted 1:44 pm, 05/17/2021

Haha, if you're ever banned then I'll still let you read everything! I'll let you tease yourself and go crazy wanting to reply, until you promise to stop doing whatever made you get banned

FWIW, though, I haven't banned anyone in at least a year, probably 2 or 3 years. Except for scammers, of course.

If there's ever a time that you can't see the pages, then the problem is either with your internet provider, our firewall, or there's a major problem on my end. In any of those cases, please contact me!


Posted 7:43 am, 05/17/2021

Tell you the truth I thought I was BANNED again and i sit all day Sunday trying to Figure out what i said to get banned again


Posted 1:17 am, 05/17/2021

Just to give you all an update, I think that all of the usernames are restored now! If you registered a username after December 19, 2020 and can't get logged in, please email me and let me know the username and I'll see what I can figure out: jason@gonc.net

Tomorrow (Monday) I will work on restoring the Events Calendar, Friend Finder, Personals, and any updates to the Restaurants.

I'm afraid that any Private Message sent between December 19, 2020 and around 10pm on May 15, 2021 have been permanently lost, though I ran a data recovery on the old drive and it didn't restore them, and I've looked everywhere for any other backup but come up empty. I'm really sorry


Posted 12:53 am, 05/17/2021

Rump celebrating his Russian hackers😏😏😏🙂


Posted 7:31 pm, 05/16/2021

You wouldn't know much about it .048....


Posted 7:28 pm, 05/16/2021

What? How about using American english?


Posted 7:26 pm, 05/16/2021

With only your speech/typing if'in so .048, every hard driver in state would crash.....


Posted 7:21 pm, 05/16/2021

A hacker can crash a hard drive. There is some way to use sound waves to cause vibrations which will crash a hard drive. I don't know much about this but I have heard about it.


Posted 7:18 pm, 05/16/2021

Okay Jason you can tell us, did you give up a new used RV that needs servicing and a New sailboat for the payout???? Seriously though, hate you're having problems but who doesn't??....


Posted 7:10 pm, 05/16/2021

The last few days it was going slower and slower. It's back to its old self now. yeaaaa

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