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SC Trooper shoots umarmed man and then lies to cover it up


Posted 11:49 pm, 10/04/2014

Btw, in 1964 all but 6 states went democrat. In 1984, 49 states went GOP.

But party has nothing to do with the fact that the system of government that we have still is better than any other system in the world.


Posted 11:43 pm, 10/04/2014

Stupid, it takes all the fun out of smacking you around when you make it easy for me. In 2004 Bush won the popular vote by 3 million votes.

Now, do I need to expand on your mistakes? Or do you want to slip away silently?


Posted 11:17 pm, 10/04/2014

Keep clinging to your sacred parchment. A constitutional republic is the best form of government? Millions of homeless, poorly educated children, persecuted minorities, the medically bankrupted, and the disenfranchised working poor would disagree.

Simple fact, if it were not for the electoral college, there would have been no conservative administration's since Daddy Bush. Think about it, a "conservative" administration hasn't won a popular vote in over twenty years. The USA is a progressive nation. Once Texas flips blue, even the vaunted electoral college won't be able to save the 1%. Si se puede


Posted 10:38 pm, 10/04/2014

Good job at affirming that you are an idiot. While the founding fathers were white men who owned property and most owned slaves, the system they created is the fairest and most unprejudiced in the world. It has evolved and adapted to include everyone that those original authors failed to include. While it's not perfect, it's the best that there is. The original intent of leaving most power to the state and local levels was a wise decision then, and is even more so now given the amount of diversity that our nation has. A central generic plan doesn't work. What is needed in south central LA is not the same system needed in wilkes county. What is needed in wilkes is not what's needed in Charlotte. Local rule is more efficient and more accurate. A large federal system is wasteful, slothly, and glutenous. Smarter men than you understood this when they formed a consortium to set up the rule of the land


Posted 10:28 pm, 10/04/2014

I removed a few posts that were off topic and/or trolling.


Posted 10:17 pm, 10/04/2014

Fins, I know all about your antiquated, musty, old Constitution. Written by rich, racist white guys for rich, racist white guys. Take a look around you, our President, along with brave comrades like Senator Reid, have bravely progressed us forward into a post - constitutional era. Get your mind off the eighteenth century plantation.


Posted 10:03 pm, 10/04/2014

This brings a whole new meaning to cops especially when they got mafia on your ***


Posted 9:55 pm, 10/04/2014

That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard. And it's extremely scary that you have no idea of how our government system was set up or why it was designed the way that it was designed.


Posted 9:37 pm, 10/04/2014

Just more evidence that law enforcement should be handled from a central authority. Take the power out of the hands of the local, pot - bellied, corrupt, politically driven, racist pigs. All enforcement should be directly over seen by the Justice Department with a civilian review board headed by the ACLU, and the NAACP.


Posted 8:45 pm, 10/04/2014

And a Charlotte cop is facing charges for killing a man looking for help when his car broke down. The city decided to stop paying for the cop's defense in the civil case brought by the family, due to his criminal charges that should come to trial in 2015.

Maybe the tides are turning in people blindly supporting idiots with badges


Posted 8:06 pm, 10/04/2014

Fired NC johnny trooper on trial for killing 2 in greensboro running 105 mph.


Posted 7:58 pm, 10/04/2014

Saw it on the news several nights ago. He is guilty and it is wonder he didn't kill the man trying to give him his driving license.

Joseph T.

Posted 7:54 pm, 10/04/2014

He has been fired, arrested,and charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.
Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/vie...8mjI0u8.99

Here is the short version of the dash cam.


Here is a longer version where the trooper can be heard telling his supervisor lies about how the guy was coming towards him.


Here is the link to the complete 51 minutes.

Full length video of Highway Patrolman shooting incident

Sept. 4, 2014 traffic stop by Trooper Sean Groubert of a motorist for a seat belt violation. The...

Length: 51:27

I hope this JBT cop gets the max 20 years and never again allow to be a police office and that the guy he shot sues him for everything he owns.

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