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Joseph T.

Posted 1:57 pm, 05/26/2015

Op I forgot to mention if you want to go to the beach on Tybee island take Hwy 80/Bulter Avenue all the way down to 19th street. You will pass the Arby's on your right just after 16th street and Hwy80/Bulter avenue will start to look like a small neighbor hood road. Turn left on to 19th street and you will find public parking with a ticket meter that is right on the beach. The nice thing about this part of the beach is it is away from the pier and all the people. Another cool thing is that when the tide is going out it leaves ponds full of fish, Horse shoe crabs, and small rays of some kind. It also drains the inlet at Tybee creek which lets you walk on sand or in ankle deep water for hundreds of yards.


Posted 1:50 pm, 05/26/2015

This is a must see, beautiful, sad, and awe inspiring all in one.

Joseph T.

Posted 1:28 pm, 05/26/2015

thatdoorguy (view profile)

Posted 11:14 am, 05/26/2015

Dang Joseph T. you are better than a tour guide. Good info.

Thanks its just that I have gotten to know my way around that area pretty well since the wife's grandfather lives a block from the Bonnie bridge/Hwy 25 intersection and we are down at least once a year.


Posted 12:20 pm, 05/26/2015

You must visit the fudge shop. Tasty :)


Posted 12:15 pm, 05/26/2015

take nose plugs/a nose clip it stinks.


Posted 11:14 am, 05/26/2015

Dang Joseph T. you are better than a tour guide. Good info.

Joseph T.

Posted 3:06 pm, 05/25/2015

As others have said lots and lots to do I suggest you get off the interstate at the first exit and find a hotel there. This will put you on Hwy 21 from there it is easy to get to rivers street, Tybee Island, the air museum, ETC. If you like wildlife take Hwy 21 east/south to Bonnie bridge Rd turn left on Bonnie bridge and take it to the end you have to turn left or right which will put you on Hwy 25 take a left and drive a couple of miles back to SC where 25 turns into Hwy 170 and drive the self guided tour through the wildlife preserved on Laurel Hill wildlife Dr. where you will see lots and lots of birds, gators, and other animals in their natural habitat with no fences of any kind. They have hiking trails you can walk but watch out as you can walk right up to a gator that is sunbathing on the bank.

If you continue down Hwy 170 you can turn right on to Hwy 17 which will turn into Hwy 404 in GA and take you across the huge suspension bridge across the savannah river. The first exit as you are coming off the bridge will put you back on Hwy 25 otherwise know as bay street you will now be in old down town Savannah.

If you are on Bonnie bridge road and take a right on Hwy 25 this will take you by the Dixie crystal factory the savannah Ports in the town of port Wentworth stay on 25 which will merge with Hwy 80 for a short time until they separate stay on 25 which will become Bay street and take you into old down town.

Stay on Hwy25/Bay street and go through town and take a left on to E. President Street which will turn into Islands Expy. This will merged with Hwy 80 and take you to Tybee Island along the way you can stop at civil war forts dolphin tours ETC.

Old Fort Jackson


Fort Pulaski


Fort Screven




White Hawk

Posted 2:48 pm, 05/25/2015

Tybee Island is the best thing about Savannah! The museum is fantastic. Fort Pulaski is soul shaking and worth all the time you can spend there. Lodging is good, reasonable, and close to some really good seafood restaurants where they prepare their own daily catches. Lots of Greek restaurants and not a one I have tried is worth a hoot though. Savannah itself is rather pretty, lots of bars and restaurants, tours, etc. Just another coastal town==not as expensive as Hilton Head or Charleston. Most folks in Savannah don't walk around with a stick up their butt.

Careful driving around though. You might end up in some pretty scary neighborhoods. At any event, keep your car doors locked and be aware of surrounding areas at all times.


Posted 12:58 pm, 05/25/2015

Yes, been to Savannah, there's lots to do there, river boat cruises, Dixie Crystal Sugar Plantation come from there, at least use to, the stones at the Harbor were transported there from Italy as best I can recall. There is a statue of the waving girl. Waving good-by to her sweetheart as he sails away... It is a historical place, if you are into that !

Lots of places to see just by walking ! would love to go back sometime, got a good friend that lives there..! Best to do some research about the area, but I don't think you would be disappointed going for a visit/vacation !


Posted 10:55 am, 05/25/2015

I absolutely love Savannah, from the tour buses that run all day telling interesting facts to the ghost tour at night. Ate at Paula Deans restaurant and stayed downtown on the river watching the big ships come in. Lots to do but it is NOT a cheap city to visit.


Posted 8:50 am, 05/25/2015

its a lot like Charleston, just without the snobs. Lot of stuff to do. Read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil before you go, supposed to be a true story, murder mystery type book, but it gives you a lot of insight to the town.
Be warned though, the street along the river has a lot to do, don't get stuck there. Go see the whole place.
Tybee Island is about 30 minutes away, go see the light house, and it at the Crab Shack. Great seafood.


Posted 8:44 am, 05/25/2015

There is lots to do in Savannah!!!

Plantation tours, shopping, restuarants, historic districts...if you like Charleston SC, you'll find plenty to do in Savannah!


Posted 8:04 am, 05/25/2015

As anyone ever been to Savannah? I've researched and wanted some comments about what there is to do in Savannah?

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