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Official 2016 Democratic National Convention Discussion Thread


Posted 10:09 am, 07/30/2016

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Posted 9:55 am, 07/30/2016

Man. One flawless Democratic convention makes conservatives wet themselves.


Posted 3:48 am, 07/30/2016

The wicked witch implied that Mr Trump couldn't be trusted with our nuclear launch codes.

If elected, I wonder which server she will keep them on, perhaps the one in the bathroom?


Posted 3:43 am, 07/30/2016

Good job Rockin, but I'm afraid most here will simply ignore everything you said.


Posted 3:27 am, 07/30/2016

Listen up folks. It is a given that Obama, Hillary, and the DNC stole the Primaries from Bernie. Right now, all of them, including the Republican Party, are scheming to steal the General Election for Hillary. Like him or not, you have to admit Trump has been smart enough to become a self-made multi-billionaire, honestly. If you'll listen to him the man has something no 'politician' has, common sense. He is the first man, that I know of, since George Washington who isn't seeking the office for personal gain. He certainly doesn't need the salary. He is near totally funding his campaign so that he won't go into office beholding to anyone. He knows if he accepts money from even one big donor or lobbyist he will have to grant them political favors. You may consider him a wild card, but here is a fact, if you put in another politician you'll get what you've gotten for the past forty years. If you elect Clinton you'll get four more years of Obama policy on steroids plus Clinton scandals, corruption, and extorting your money from you. Did any of you know Obama is doing military practice maneuvers on the border of Crimea? Have you noticed Russia is Obama and Clinton's new scapegoat? You don't think they are poking the bear so that, if Hillary is losing this October, he can start a war with Putin and perhaps 'postpone' the elections? One thing is for sure, in my opinion, if Obama, the globalists, and both political parties want Hillary in the Oval Office that badly it can't be good for us. None of them care about us. They wouldn't care if you didn't make but a dollar an hour as long as they could extort 80% from you. You just can't seem to comprehend, they really, really, do want you dead. You can see the psychopathic insanity in both of their eyes if you'll look at their photos closely. It isn't our government that is screwed up. It is the crooks we have been voting into it that is screwing it up. Our government would work just fine and you could make a decent living if we would clean the riff-raff out of it. There is only one candidate in my life-time who has ever promised to do just that and I trust him. That's Donald J. Trump, Listen to both candidates, not just one. Read up on what they are promising and ask yourself who is offering realistic solutions in plain speech, and who is promising pie in the sky using double-speak rhetoric? Then, weigh your options before you vote.


Posted 2:30 am, 07/30/2016

You Hillary Democrats must be poor lost souls with no moral compass at all. I mean, really. How in the world could ANYONE with an ounce of integrity remain loyal to a candidate or party that STOLE the primary election? She and the party have admitted it. It is documented and all over the news. They did it with super delegates. She had 2/3 of them before the Primaries even started. The super delegates even met at a rich donors house and over drinks decided the numbers they were going to give the press the next day. Don't you realize what your candidate and party did? Are you that dumb? Hillary and the DNC came straight out in your face and told you that your vote didn't matter. Your going to the booths was just a ceremony. The theft in itself would be enough for me to stay home, but to so flagrantly flaunt it would push me to vote for the candidate of the other party just out of pure principle. And you Bernie supporters. How do you feel about the Democrats spitting in your face and then laughing? Telling you that even though Bernie rightfully won by the voters they were going to 'coronate' Hillary because it was her turn and your 'druthers', nor your votes, meant jack **** to them? The only excuses I can come up with for you is, you haven't a moral fiber in your being, you're media brain washed to a near psychological lobotomy, or you are so blind you can't tell when your faces have been shoved into feces and too stupid to realize it has happened. But it has. And you all know it. I can't help but roll my eyes and shake my head in wonder at every pro-Hillary post I read. I'm serious

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 8:46 pm, 07/29/2016

Even Bill nods off during Hillary's historic speech....



Posted 6:41 pm, 07/29/2016

Crypt (view profile)

Posted 5:57 pm, 07/29/2016

I will admit the kochsuckers have put on the best comedy show I've seen lately.

I agree, Sanders Supporters heckling and booing Hit-Liar-Ry was priceless


Posted 6:38 pm, 07/29/2016

Runkle (view profile)
Posted 5:53 pm, 07/29/2016
Donald Trump speech beats Hillary Clinton in TV viewership

That does not mean the all the people watching are Humpers. Some of us just watched the train wreck so we could see the horror show first hand.


Posted 5:57 pm, 07/29/2016

I will admit the kochsuckers have put on the best comedy show I've seen lately.


Posted 5:53 pm, 07/29/2016

Donald Trump speech beats Hillary Clinton in TV viewership

NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump pulled off the upset — at least in television popularity.

The Nielsen company estimated that 29.8 million people watched Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night on the commercial networks. That fell short of the 32.2 million people who watched Trump speak to the Republicans a week before.

"We beat her by millions on television. Millions!" Trump said Friday during a campaign appearance in Colorado Springs, Colorado. "Honestly, the numbers were incredible."


Posted 5:38 pm, 07/29/2016

Abe, you know better than to be bringing up stuff they don't want to talk about. Shame on you!

Same thing as the big fence encircling the place. They also refuse to acknowledge that.


Posted 5:00 pm, 07/29/2016

Democratic Party Suffers Nervous Breakdown In Philly: The Inside Story

PHILADELPHIA – The Democratic National Convention was almost literally a disaster area.

Bernie Sanders suspended all party rules on the floor of the convention to personally nominate Hillary Clinton by a voice vote. Left-wing protesters rampaged in the streets. Pro-Bernie delegates walked off the convention floor in protest. Agitators seized the mainstream media's control center against an outnumbered police force. Speakers were booed. Green Party candidate Jill Stein crashed the event and emerged as the new Bernie Sanders in the general election. A man set himself on fire stomping on a burning American flag.

Here's what happened:


Clinton gave a mediocre speech obsessed with Donald Trump.

"He wants to divide us from the rest of the world," she said, pushing globalism against Trump's nationalism.

"We will not ban a religion," she said. She loudly ranted at awkward times in her speech, like when she was reciting the job titles of teachers and doctors and police officers (etc. etc.) who can fix the country in addition to Trump, who said that "I alone can fix it."

She kept getting thrown off by delegates chanting "Hillary! Hillary!" out of desperation because Bernie delegates kept interrupting her speech.


Bernie Sanders caved as soon as he got to Philly Monday morning, when he gave a speech calling on his supporters to vote for Hillary. That's when many of his supporters abandoned him — much like how conservatives abandoned Ted Cruz in Cleveland for not endorsing Trump, but in reverse.

The Never Hillary movement protested throughout Philadelphia for days in 100-plus degree heat and disaster-level rainstorms. Bernie helped to shut down most of his delegates' floor plots to disrupt and agitate the convention in a formal way. In exchange, the Democrat Establishment speakers sucked up to him one by one while he sat up in his balcony.

"What an obedient little revolutionary" Tucker Carlson remarked via text.

"We all should feel the Bern and we all should not want to get burned by the other guy," said Tim Kaine, who almost got challenged for vice president by another candidate until the Democratic National Committee shut down that plot…by denying the necessary paperwork to the other candidate! Office Space politics are alive and well.

Floor Walk-Out

The walk-out by Bernie Sanders delegates immediately after the roll call vote was arguably the most significant act of defiance on the floor in recent convention history.

This reporter observed the carefully planned walkout from the grandstands a couple sections over from Bernie's balcony, where he was busy getting feted for his silver medal. The commotion on the floor got started around the time Bernie's brother Larry was toasting their late parents. My Breitbart News colleague Joel Pollak was on the packed convention floor texting me the protesters' next location: the media center.

The protest at the media center was intense. Pro-Bernie agitators stormed through the glass doors while at least a hundred more crowded around inside. These were some of the top protest organizers on the Left at the top of their game (and negotiating with the police to avoid arrests).

The media center (which was just a big tent with no complimentary Wi-Fi) was completely shut down. How interesting that the top left-wing protesters in the country would choose the mainstream media's encampment as the site of their surprise assault!

The mainstream media did not know how to handle this chaos aimed directly at them.



Posted 4:53 pm, 07/29/2016

What a moving speech by the parents of a fallen war hero during last nights DNC. If you were watching on FoxNews you missed it.


Posted 4:17 pm, 07/29/2016

Leftist Filmmaker Uploads Video Showing His Shock At Just How Empty The DNC Is



Posted 3:46 pm, 07/29/2016

Apples to oranges. The convention only allows votes from registered delegates.

The RNC let anyone vote, and like Brad pointed out, the majority of people that voted weren't even delegates.

It's almost as if you don't understand what's going on. Or you're just pretending to not understand because there are no real complaints...

Abraham Drinkin

Posted 3:40 pm, 07/29/2016

Why did the Demoncrats require a picture ID in order to attend their convention, but don't think a picture ID is necessary in order to vote?


Posted 3:36 pm, 07/29/2016

Why were there so many empty seats during Cankle's coronation?

Did you read Brad Smith's post in the RNC thread?

We couldn't figure out why they allow people who aren't in the GOP, work for the GOP or give to the GOP to vote in the GOP primary and influence who the GOP nominates as their candidate. We thought the well would be tainted, if people who don't stand with the GOP or its platform, were instrumental in the selection process. We thought that if they were allowed to cast votes, then the GOP delegates should be unbound, so that only the GOP members would be involved in selecting who the nominee would be. If they are bound by their states then those outside the party are voicing their vote even though they aren't in the GOP.


I thought that only delegates were supposed to be there. The RNC had a lot of shills come in, but the DNC did not. That's why the DNC had such a professional, reasonable convention as compared to the RNC.


Posted 3:10 pm, 07/29/2016



Posted 2:48 pm, 07/29/2016


Would you like to explain all the empty seats at the RNC?

Apparently when it is the RNC it is not unusual but when it is the DNC the sky is falling.

Please explain. I'm patiently waiting for an oh so clever response.

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