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National Concealed Carry permit


Posted 5:10 pm, 01/11/2017

Why are you so scared? Are you a drug dealer?


Posted 4:27 pm, 01/11/2017

On the nighstand next to my cell phone and a flashlight


Posted 4:25 pm, 01/11/2017

If you have a ccw and cant draw and fire two aimed shots in 2 and a half seconds you need to practice or rethink your carry style. A pistol is not a magic talisman if you cant get it out and hit what you are aiming at you are better off running like h%&*())


Posted 4:21 pm, 01/11/2017

I suppose you have a special hiding place while you are sleeping.


Posted 4:17 pm, 01/11/2017

I carry 24 7 . No one sees my weapon. No one will see it unless things get bad and then they will hear it before they see it. Open carry is a right. But I choose not carry in the open. For one thing it upsets folks and the other is I don't want any one to know. If you carry openly you put a bulls eye on your chest. You will be the first target if you have a gun on your hip.

Ole Sarge

Posted 2:47 pm, 01/11/2017

And ever once in a while you catch a sucker. It makes their mouth sore

leo(law enforcement officer)

Posted 2:43 pm, 01/11/2017

And fishing is legal.

Joseph T.

Posted 1:30 pm, 01/11/2017

Like I said they are fishing

leo(law enforcement officer)

Posted 11:20 am, 01/11/2017


All good LEO's know and follow the law, while asking you where you are going or coming from is none of our business, we are not listening to your answer either, we are attempting to engage you in a conversation for several reasons, the main one is to determine if you have been using drugs or alcohol. While a person walking down the sidewalk is under no obligation to provide ID or state their name, the driver of a motor vehicle on a NC public highway is not afforded the same protection and is required by law to have in their possession a valid drivers license, proper insurance on the vehicle being operated etc, the exception to this law is if the person walking down the sidewalk has a concealed handgun permit, The person shall carry the permit together with valid identification whenever the person is carrying a concealed handgun, shall disclose to any law enforcement officer that the person holds a valid permit and is carrying a concealed handgun when approached or addressed by the officer, and shall display both the permit and the proper identification upon the request of a law enforcement officer.(14-415-11(a), but the same person exercising their right to open carry is not required by law to provide any ID what so ever.


Posted 10:40 am, 01/11/2017


Why and by whom? So should every random citizen have the right to question anyone that walks down the street with a sidearm on their hip?


Posted 9:53 am, 01/11/2017

Just because its the law does not mean that law enforcement will follow it. Recording them may be the best way to force them to follow the law. Remember their camera footage is not released to the public. This is wrong and should be challenged in the supreme court. That camera and footage is a public record in my opinion. I'm not saying release footage of a crime before court but after it should be released.

Note from GoNC: a portion of this post was removed for trolling.

Joseph T.

Posted 9:37 am, 01/11/2017

Because we have rights and one of those is privacy and it is none of their business answering these types of questions isn't going to help you in anyway. It's the same principle as not consenting to a search whether you have some thing to hide or not.


Posted 9:25 am, 01/11/2017


Joseph T.

Posted 9:17 am, 01/11/2017

I sure do and what people don't realize is that they don't have to answer these type of question nor does the cop care. What he is doing is fishing for another reason to jack you up by asking question and hoping that you incriminate your self and give him a reason to write more tickets or arrest you. They don't ask these questions trying to be friendly the best way to win this game is to not play which means to keep your mouth shut.


Posted 8:43 am, 01/11/2017


Joseph T.

Posted 8:39 am, 01/11/2017

How about because it is their right to OC or maybe they don't want or can't get a CHP for some reason.

Dog I understand what you are talking I just tell them that it is none of their business and I don't wish to discuss my personal business with them and that usually puts a stop to it. As for OCing I have a friend that OCs almost everywhere he goes and I don't ever remember him having a problem


Posted 7:00 am, 01/11/2017

Open vs concealed. One reason I went to the trouble for the permit. Flashing a wad of money is a good way to get sneak whomped. A good pistol is expensive. Kinda like wearing expensive jewelry, or apparently in some areas, expensive tennis shoes.

I thought about that reading all the hoopla about the FL airport shooter mental defective who had his pistol returned by the Feds. Major news focus on the return and failure of the system. It's hard to stop crazy. If you're intent on murdering innocent people, a weapon can be had.

I don't worry much about open carriers. I just don't understand logically why. I would illegally conceal before doing that.


Posted 6:55 am, 01/11/2017

While leo describes the law, just how many of us have been stopped on the highway and questioned as to where we are going or what we are doing? That pisses me off right from the get go. Its none of their business. However if I were to walk down the street in one of the towns with a side arm I feel sure I would be questioned and asked to provide id. I almost bet that I am asked to leave.

leo(law enforcement officer)

Posted 12:54 am, 01/11/2017

You do realize that there is a very limited amount of "questioning" that can be done in situations described in the previously mentioned scenario, as NO individual is required by law to give their name or to produce an ID in this type of situation; most LEO's will merely observe the person for a few minutes and may speak to them in an effort to determine if alcohol or drugs might have been consumed but beyond that the amount of "questioning" that can be done really is determined by the person who is exercising their right and by the scenario given not violating any law.

Joseph T.

Posted 9:54 pm, 01/10/2017

Why should one be prepared to be questioned when they are not doing anything wrong. Lets not forget the NC supreme court has ruled that the citizen is at perfect liberty to carry his gun either for business or amusement.

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