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I'm not sure which ticks me off the most


Posted 5:23 pm, 05/12/2015

If you don't see the proof, then you're not reading.

This probably wasn't true in the mid-90s, though. Before Sam Walton died, Walmart was a much different company.


Posted 5:14 pm, 05/12/2015

I don't see any proof in either of those links. I personally own a Sanyo 31" TV bought from Walmart in the mid 90's that refuses to die. It's on several hours about every day.


Posted 5:06 pm, 05/12/2015

This is also interesting:



Posted 5:05 pm, 05/12/2015

First result from a search on Google:



Posted 5:03 pm, 05/12/2015

I'd like to see some proof from a credible source that GE or any other major manufacturer would make inferior products for Walmart or anyone else to sell. And I don't think Walmart would ask them to. Just my opinion.


Posted 5:00 pm, 05/12/2015


Posted 7:48 pm, 05/11/2015

I call them blockers. They'll get together with carts and keep you from getting what you want. Sometimes they just stand there and talk while your wanting something off the shelf. I've thought about just crawling in the cart and reaching down to get to what I need. If you got in there and mashed their stuff I bet they would move then.

If they are blocking what you need, look in there cart if they got what you need just take it from there cart.


Posted 4:54 pm, 05/12/2015

Same goes for food. Most of the produce comes from Mexico and probably wouldn't even pass US standards. And the packaged food is usually the second quality stuff that a regular grocery store wouldn't consider selling.

It's definitely a place where you get what you pay for.


Posted 4:42 pm, 05/12/2015

Go in Walmart and write down model #'s of name brand tvs. I mean Samsung, Sharp, Sony, and Panasonic. RCA and Zenith aren't name brands any more. Then go to best buy or HHGregg and try to find the same model numbers. Odds are you won't find any. If you find any models that seem very close, write those down. Then go home and look on the manufacturers websites and see what models you find. Normally they don't even list the Walmart models


Posted 4:28 pm, 05/12/2015

That's been going on for years too. When the Goerge Foreman grill was all the rage (LOL) I bought a GE brand grill from Walmart because it had grids that you could remove and put in the dishwasher. It was a great idea and I liked it. Until it broke. I tried to order another online and they were specifically made for Walmart and then discontinued.


Posted 4:13 pm, 05/12/2015

Exactly Chendo.

Just because the merchandise gives the appearance as the same, it's not.

If you are good with lower quality items that will cost you more in the long run, then by all means have at it.


Posted 3:39 pm, 05/12/2015


GE and other manufacturers do not offer the same caliber of merchandise at Walmart as at other venues. First of all, there are different models. Secondly, some manufacturers will only produce a certain model for Walmart, with different specs.

Walmart will tell them..."OK,..we will buy 10,00 (e.g) of these widgets, but we will only pay you 3% margin over cost, so do you want the order or not? (vastly simplified, but accurate)
Further, if, during production, the manufacturer finds a glitch, or discovers a flaw, they will not halt production and fix it. They will continue the production run, and if the problem manifests itself later, then the customer can file a warranty claim, or try to return the item to the store.


Posted 3:31 pm, 05/12/2015

I love when people say that place saves them money, they don't realize that place is one of the reasons your wages are lower. Their vendors are told what they'll pay and guess who pays the price there? You do with lower wages. Notice how they've stopped touting American made?

Their brand is a lower quality product across the board. Don't let them make bigger fools out of you.


Posted 3:06 pm, 05/12/2015

A GE air conditioner is a GE air conditioner no matter where you buy it.

Usually, but that's not entirely true with all name brand stuff. I know that there are some products that are offered for sale at Walmart that are made specifically for Walmart and are cheaper versions. Those black Friday TV's.....


Posted 2:47 pm, 05/12/2015

That place is the downfall of our society and economy.


Posted 2:41 pm, 05/12/2015

I was mainly talking groceries, but they have other products that can save you money. Some of the rewards credit cards give you a 5% discount for Walmart online orders and some of their stuff is priced cheaper online. They will ship a $50 order free to your home and smaller orders are shipped free to your store. A GE air conditioner is a GE air conditioner no matter where you buy it.


Posted 2:26 pm, 05/12/2015

I never save money at walmart. I end up buying junk that tears up and has to be replaced or that is overpriced to start with.


Posted 2:19 pm, 05/12/2015

I love Walmart. They save me lots of money.


Posted 2:17 pm, 05/12/2015

The best way to remain a people person is to stay away from people!


Posted 2:13 pm, 05/12/2015

I had to cuss an idiot at lunch today for ordering his food then standing in the way talking on his cell while a line of people stood begind him waiting to order!!


Posted 2:13 pm, 05/12/2015

LMAO, I recognized a few on there. (not really, but have seen some equal to)couldn't watch it all the way through, had seen enough!

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