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I'm not sure which ticks me off the most


Posted 8:10 am, 05/13/2015

Beware if anyone shops at Sams Club/Wal-Mart and you are anti Tyson Chicken, their big packs of chicken come from our local fresh plant. The big packs of chicken in Wal-Mart in the yellow trays are from Tyson and the white trays at Sams Club, both are down grade that they pass off as A grade and no where on the packs do they say Tyson!!!


Posted 6:50 am, 05/13/2015


Posted 10:04 pm, 05/12/2015

I hope their dog food is at least made like everyone else's!

No, it's even worse quality than regular food. I hope you're not buying Sam's Choice, it's mostly corn, which has no nutritional value at all! You might as well be giving your dogs a bag of sugar.

You'll get the best deal on dog food at Waggles. Get a higher quality brand, and your dog will eat a lot less. Sure, the bag is more expensive, but it will last much, much longer.


Posted 9:47 pm, 05/12/2015

What pisses me off is they will have lie 15-20 **** cash registers and they have only 5 open in the whole store with people in big lines.


Posted 9:11 pm, 05/12/2015

Evil, yes. Communist, some moron doesn't understand the word


Posted 9:06 pm, 05/12/2015


Posted 8:54 pm, 05/12/2015

Not like the way Walmart does it. They will put penalties on manufacturers so if the manufacturer can't deliver on time, not only do they reject the order, the manufacturer owes Walmart money. Also with seasonal items, they make manufscturers take back what ever doesn't sell at the end of that season. Several companies have been bankrupted by this clause and ended up owned by Walmart.

And I've talked to people that have gone to Walmart headquarters to negotiate a deal, and the whole thing is a mind game. Not sure if it's still this way, but there headquarters was an old high school and they would have people sit in the old school desks for meetings. And they have to go through multiple levels of meeting with people. to get their product sold. Get approval from one person, they ok you to meet their boss. Sit in the hall and wait for that chance. Lunch time comes and they feed you hot dogs and packs of nabs. By the time you get to the final approval, they've planted a subliminal thought in your head that they barely have enough money to stay open.

They are scum bags


Posted 8:52 pm, 05/12/2015

Clean it up

Posted 8:18 pm, 05/12/2015

It's the same in a lot of businesses. If you can't meet your customers demands they'll go elsewhere.

Clean it up

Posted 8:13 pm, 05/12/2015

That's just business, I guarantee if Chatham couldn't deliver Walmart would find a different supplier who could.


Posted 7:00 pm, 05/12/2015

When i worked at Chatham back in the 90s, we had an order from Walmart for thousands of blankets. They said if we couldn't have them all done by delivery date, they wouldn't take any of them. So they have pressured their suppliers for many years

Clean it up

Posted 6:16 pm, 05/12/2015

I don't have a problem with Walmart, mainly because I don't work there and never will. With that being said I'll buy some groceries and personal hygiene products from there because it saves me money. If you don't like to save money then stay the **** out.


Posted 6:12 pm, 05/12/2015

I don't think they are trying to compete its just they sell a different grade of machine than lowes or home depot which sells more to the residential consumer......its like buying a husqvarna chain saw at lowes which the engine in it is made cheaper than what you buy through a husqvarna dealer. i do agree about tvs i can go directly through sony and get a much better tv than what wal mart sells but i am paying more through them but you get what you pay for.


Posted 6:06 pm, 05/12/2015

Brand quality at the Evil Empire is being discussed everywhere


Posted 5:59 pm, 05/12/2015

That used to wasn't the case. Sounds like they are trying to compete with the Lowes models


Posted 5:55 pm, 05/12/2015

Hint: real John Deere mowers don't have brigs and Stratton engines.

Actually you can go to James River here in wilkesboro and find briggs and stratton , Kohler and Kawasaki engines in those as well....the only difference is those sold at lowes or home depot is made more for residential use than what you find in commercial which has the better mowing decks,engine,transmissions etc.


Posted 5:43 pm, 05/12/2015

First of all, Sanyo is crap, no matter where you got it. You might want to contact them because you probably have a record.

Second, the practice of getting manufacturers to cut product quality is well documented. I told you how to even check for yourself. Btw, Walmart is t the only one guilty of this. Lowes and Home Depot do it too. Hint: real John Deere mowers don't have brigs and Stratton engines.

Walmart is well known for their aggressive and dirty negotiating with manufacturers. They have actually come to own several suppliers because the contracts that Walmart insisted on bankrupted the companies. They almost put Mt Olive pickles out of business. That story can be found online I'm sure.


Posted 5:42 pm, 05/12/2015

If I'm not badly mistaken lots of those Black Friday ads actually say "made exclusively for Walmart" or something kinda like that.


Posted 5:41 pm, 05/12/2015

Good grief! I thought I was the only person in Wilkes County that felt the way most of you do! LMBO! It has gotten to the point I only buy a certain few things in there, and I do mean a few! I have gotten to the point I hate that place! I hope their dog food is at least made like everyone else's! And their produce sucks, quality and price wise!


Posted 5:26 pm, 05/12/2015

Got a TV from the 90's a little one about 16 or 20", it has been knocked or drop in the floor it also refuses to die. It's a Samsung!! Only problems is no remote and sometime the color goes in and out.

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