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Posted 9:24 am, 07/08/2015

Perverts have equality, yea...


Posted 8:17 am, 07/08/2015

Top Soil, no matter how many things are posted today, your last one will still be the best!

Top Soil

Posted 7:47 am, 07/08/2015

Wheres the fire? Wheres the earthquakes? You people promised that if the U.S. legalized gay marriage we would be sent destruction from above.

Seeing that God let America flourish when we were systematically killing off the Native Indians in a genocide, and seeing that God let America flourish when we had institutionalized the buying and selling of slaves, and racism. I would say that if there is a God, he wouldn't mind much about two dudes getting married.


Posted 6:48 am, 07/08/2015

A little long, but probably the most important video you will watch this week:


Joseph T.

Posted 12:18 pm, 07/02/2015

I knew it would be long after all its about equality.


Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 10:19 pm, 06/29/2015

Oh hahahahahahaha sorry

Actually my front yard is developing quite a reputation on my road for the fireworks. My family makes a big deal out of it.

Clean it up

Posted 10:15 pm, 06/29/2015

I'm talking real fireworks.... The kind that explode not sparklers

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 10:08 pm, 06/29/2015

Off topic

Whadaya mean no firework? was going get some on Wednesday. Isn't that big tent going to be there?

Clean it up

Posted 10:03 pm, 06/29/2015

Meanwhile people in NC can't even buy fireworks! But I digress.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 9:56 pm, 06/29/2015

Wow that's a long time to wait


Posted 9:34 pm, 06/29/2015

Tell me again what you are so afraid of Wilbar ?


gay republican

Posted 7:14 pm, 06/29/2015

"From coast to coast, Gay Log Cabin Republicans Chapter Leaders are rising up to tell the Supreme Court that marriage equality can't wait," Liberty Education Forum and Gay Log Cabin Republicans National Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo stated. "Our amicus brief in support of marriage equality makes a one-of-a-kind argument targeted specifically at the conservative wing of the Court, and I'm proud to see so many Gay Log Cabin Republicans grassroots leaders lend their unique voices to this unique brief."


Posted 3:45 pm, 06/29/2015

Look at what Police in NYC did at price!

NYPD gets down during NYC pride

It's come to my attention that the NYPD Officer Michael Hance has passed away. A Fund has been se...

Length: 0:13


Posted 8:12 am, 06/28/2015


Posted 8:05 am, 06/28/2015

Vincent Villano, a spokesperson for the Washington,D.C.-based National Center for Transgender Equality, told The Christian Post, "In an ideal world there is no real reason why gender is on identification cards." Villano, however, explained that their organization is working to better accommodate transgender individuals to have "access to accurate identification."

The National Post quoted babrara findlay ("who spells her name in all lowercase letters for non conformity purposes"), who does not believe you can tell a child's gender at birth.

"That means that children are raised 'as' the birth-assigned gender, which is a crazy-making experience," declared findlay. "Instead of living in a social reality that recognizes that gender develops, and does not exist at birth, those children have nothing to work with except that something feels profoundly wrong.

"Getting to the stage of being able to 'change' gender is an anguishing process, in which a child often experiences severe pushback from their own families."

She believes gender is determined not by what is between the legs but by simply asking a person their gender category.

In a 2014 press release on changes to New York law regarding changes to gender markers on birth certificates, the National Center for Transgender Equality wrote:

"According to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, 40% of transgender people have faced harassment when presenting identity documents that did not match their gender identity/expression. In addition, 15% report being denied entry or asked to leave because of gender mismatches, and 3% report facing physical assault due to mismatched ID."

The New York law was changed to allow individuals to change their birth certificate without proof of surgery, which is a right recognized by some states but not all. The American Medical Association has said surgery shouldn't be a requirement to change birth certificates.

gay republican

Posted 6:35 am, 06/28/2015

Hope to see all of you n-church this morning....I will be wearing a bright yellow sun dress with flowers on it and matching panties......


Posted 12:19 am, 06/28/2015

Insult? Nope. Observation. You use certain phrases a lot.

Hey...you live your life how you want to live it, and let everyone else do the same. Embrace our wonderful new America.

By the way...you never responded to the fact that there was a Confederate flag rally in Alabama today, apparently torpedoing your earlier assertion that we were running around "banning" that flag. Comment?

wanting to offend people

Posted 11:58 pm, 06/27/2015

Lol, see your saying that to make me mad, even your useing gay as a insult then support them lol. No I think there sick , but you help prove my point , saying someone gay is a insult lol


Posted 11:34 pm, 06/27/2015

He's also talked about having things "shoved down his throat."

I think wanting to offend wants something else.

gay republican

Posted 11:32 pm, 06/27/2015

oh my Goodness.....all this talk about..."things being rubbed in your face"....

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