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Do you lift?


Posted 9:58 pm, 06/22/2015

I used to be that disciplined. Then I remembered that I like food. And wine. Wine is good.

But I do need protein in the morning. I just think it helps...somehow.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 9:57 pm, 06/22/2015

Whoa.. Don't you guys eat cheeseburgers? I can't imagine life without one


Posted 9:55 pm, 06/22/2015

I admire ya'lls discipline but I have no use for it myself.


Posted 9:55 pm, 06/22/2015

I think I need pictures BK and kracka


Posted 9:54 pm, 06/22/2015

I regularly lift. Highball glass. Is that what you mean?


Posted 9:51 pm, 06/22/2015

Whey is the most bioavailable.....I used to buy the highest quality with the best anabolic additives blah blah blah but my regimen involved 2-3 shakes a day, which after a couple of months, became so unbearable in taste and nauseating to drink, that I.had to.choke them down as quickly as I could and spend the next ten mins trying not to vomick....
Couple that with an equally atrocious creatine drink a day and the regimen quickly becomes impossible to do. I then stopped worrying about protein quality and other anabolic additives and bought products only based on taste and my ability to stomach them without vomicking. I switched from fruit punch creatine monohydrate to the much more palatable creatine hcl. It not only tasted better but requires a small amount of water thus making it quick and easy to drink. However I was never convinced that it was anywhere near as effective as monohydrate.


Posted 9:51 pm, 06/22/2015

I eat fresh fruit daily.


Posted 9:49 pm, 06/22/2015

Or whiskey?


Posted 9:49 pm, 06/22/2015

This just works for me after lots of trial and error. I eat this way Monday through Saturday but Sundays I splurge a bit. I love sweet potatoes and broccoli and cheese.


Posted 9:46 pm, 06/22/2015

Or fruit?


Posted 9:41 pm, 06/22/2015

Just curious - why no vegetables ?


Posted 9:40 pm, 06/22/2015

Isopure whey


Posted 9:35 pm, 06/22/2015

Whey protein shake and 8 egg whites 5 am

20 ounces of tuna and oatmeal plain 8 am

2 large chicken breasts 2 cups fresh fruit 11 am

20 ounces lean beef 2 cups brown rice 2 pm

16 ounces pork loin 5 pm

whey protein shake 8 pm

I also take 2 multi vitamin packs one at 5 am and one at 8 pm, Nugenix free testosterone booster, drink 2 gallons of water a day, never eat carbs after 2 pm and lots of hard work.


Posted 9:28 pm, 06/22/2015

Somebody recommended Vitacost to me today. It's whey protein.


Posted 9:22 pm, 06/22/2015

I wouldn't buy it from Walmart actually looking to make my own
whey or soy.....maybe both
but eliminating all the additives


Posted 9:18 pm, 06/22/2015

Whey isolate. Med rx is the best. Stay away from the cheap body fortress stuff from WalMart.


Posted 9:05 pm, 06/22/2015

Lmao thanks Elmo


Posted 9:04 pm, 06/22/2015

"Do you lift?"...yes,my arse out of my recliner several times daily

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 9:03 pm, 06/22/2015

yeah i do but i don't need too much assistance picking up a pencil. for heavier things i use a hand truck. i keep a supply of furniture glides when rearranging furniture.


Posted 8:59 pm, 06/22/2015

And if so do you use Whey protein, Soy, or Hemp?

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