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Dems change tune after mocking GOP for ‘drill, baby, drill’


Posted 12:25 pm, 01/14/2015

The main reason oil and gas prices are low right now is because Saudia Arabia and other mid east countries are dumping oil on the global market to drive the thriving US energy companies out of buisness. They can produce a barrel of oil much cheaper than the US oil shale and oil sands method of production. They are trying to hold on to thier monopoly of the global oil market. And the gulible us consumer is.. no pun intented.. fueling the fire.



Posted 9:03 am, 01/14/2015

Opps, wrong thread


Posted 9:03 am, 01/14/2015

She is saying 8000 White People done this. So Show us your Proof 8000 White's done this.

Also provide the Mug shots of all arrested, With how many Liquor Store's were robbed,, how many set of 25 inch Car Rims that were stolen, how many buildings that we burned down,, and how many blacks that were beaten by the white cops.

That should keep your Racist Arse busy for a while.

Eat At Moes

Posted 9:00 am, 01/14/2015

If we export the same amount of petroleum in 2015 as we did in 2012 we won't make nearly the same amount of money. This will cause the industry to shrink a little. Doesn't hurt my feelings, as we subsidize Big Oil enough to make up for any of their loses. Privatized profits and socialized losses.

river otter

Posted 4:19 am, 01/14/2015

Top 10 US Exports, 2012 Billions

1Fuel oil$60.2
2Petroleum products$57.0
3Pharmaceutical preparations$47.9
4Industrial machines, other$46.1
5Civilian aircraft$45.3
7Telecommunications equipment$38.3
8Electric apparatus$38.2
9Nonmonetary gold$36.3


Posted 2:37 am, 01/14/2015

Fuel oil and propane are still high for the same reason, exporting half the product from the U.S. it brings more money on the world market than domestic.


Posted 2:35 am, 01/14/2015

The on shore storage in the US for raw oil is currently only 1/3 of its full capacity.

Desiel fuel is high because the refineries are exporting half of the processed desiel.


Posted 9:16 pm, 01/13/2015

You may also have heard about the domestic oil rigs shutting down DUE TO LOWER PRICES because of the current glut of Saudi and UAE oil on the open market. When American distilleries have no room for oil, the price drops dramatically.



Posted 7:02 pm, 01/13/2015

I am not sure our country could afford many more Solyndra Plants

Eat At Moes

Posted 6:29 pm, 01/13/2015


Even without keystone the oil industry has added by some estimates over 3 million jobs to our economy.

True, and Locomotives tamed the west. Our economies change. Renewables are the future, unless you want to keep propping up foreign countries.

Also, Germany and China both have huge and thriving solar businesses that would do extremely well in the US and wouldn't have to be located in specific states where there is oil/gas present. NC is the #3 Solar Producer int he US.


Posted 4:45 pm, 01/13/2015

Even without keystone the oil industry has added by some estimates over 3 million jobs to our economy. The lat few years would have been much worse without drill baby drill. Imminent domain should never be used to give private property to a corporation. Especially if it's s foreign corporation.

Romney supporter

Posted 4:31 pm, 01/13/2015

Mr. Romney has been working on this one. He is getting ready to pounce on the bankrupt Canadian oil companies so he can buy them and turn them into American companies so the pipeline will be built and we will all live happily ever after on our overseas bank accounts watching our dancing horses dance.


Posted 3:57 pm, 01/13/2015

Thanks EAM's just now got back on here and saw that. How True.

Eat At Moes

Posted 1:36 pm, 01/13/2015

And republicans are such hypocrites.

Hates Eminent Domain, unless it's to profit Oil Companies.

Hates welfare unless it's Corporate Welfare.

Hates regulation, unless it's regulation of an industry they don't like.

Hates big governent, but every GOP President since Eisenhower has expanded the US Gov size more than Dems.

Eat At Moes

Posted 1:33 pm, 01/13/2015

I agree, energy independence is supremely important to another American Century. But it's not good to put all our eggs into the Oil basket. The price of oil will always be manipulated by OPEC. Look at it right now. Plenty of jobs are going to be lost in the northeast and midwest because of crashing oil prices. OPEC is doing that to regain control of the market share. We don't need to rely on oil energy alone.

If we advanced our renewable energy we could produce energy that price wouldn't be influenced by any other country. Right now, China is the world leader in making solar. Germany is using both wind and solar to produce almost 30% of it's national energy needs.


Posted 1:32 pm, 01/13/2015

Democrats have to be such hypocrites to survive. War is a bad thing unless the democrats start it. Oil companies are bad unless it helps democrats. Spying is such a loss of freedom unless it is the NSA headed up by Democrats. Eminent Domain is great to steal property for public housing or frogs and bugs but if it is for oil then it is terrible. Such hypocrites. They dont even know where they stand themselves.


Posted 1:13 pm, 01/13/2015

I don't care what we do as long as we get out from under the thumbs of those camel jockeys. With the middle east the way it is now Independence is the way to go.


Posted 1:05 pm, 01/13/2015

Whiny repubicans, you agree with them and they still complain LOL

White America

Posted 1:01 pm, 01/13/2015

Or maybe they need the pill-billie math. The Saudi's will give you 3 pills for that stolen whatever, Canada will give you five

Eat At Moes

Posted 12:59 pm, 01/13/2015

The Keystone Pipeline is already done. The tar sands are already reaching the market. The XL is only going to shorten the path.

The path will be shortened by the use of Eminent Domain. The US Government is going to be taking people's land and giving it to a foreign company to use.

Eminent Domain is usually a BIG NO NO for the GOP. But when their when they remember the O in GOP stands for OIL they fall back in line with their bosses.

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