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Confederate license plate.


Posted 2:41 am, 07/12/2015

Since the Confederate battle flag issue came up. NC has sold out of the SCV plates. But they're making more.


Posted 11:46 pm, 07/11/2015

Were any of the other plates ever symbols of traitorism to our nation?


Posted 11:42 pm, 07/11/2015

If the confederate plates go then the other plates need to go as well.


Posted 8:17 pm, 07/11/2015

Liberal name calling again.


Posted 8:10 pm, 07/11/2015

Molly, no one said you can't fly the Confederate flag. I saw several fat white yokels today flying it in the backs of their trucks.


Posted 5:11 pm, 07/11/2015

This is America we have a right to fly any flag we want. The confederate flag to some represents slavery and racism .Many men died fighting under that flag right or wrong they were still veterans. The Civil War didn't start over slavery it was later added on to help fight the cause for the Union. I don't fly the confederate fly because I know it offends people and because of what its come to represent. The rainbow flag offends me and goes against what I believe but people should have a right to fly it. That's what makes this country so great. We are just one big melting pot ask anyone what nationality they are I bet they'll say several different ones. Can't we all learn to get along and agree to disagree.


Posted 1:59 pm, 07/07/2015

Why should our government dance to the tune of conservative haters who think they're the only people who matter ?

to be or not to be

Posted 1:56 pm, 07/07/2015

I am a proud southerner who had many family members to fight on both sides of the Civil War.

I have for many many years found that the confederate flag is offensive. Not from a historical standpoint as a battle flag but as a symbol used by hate groups.
This is the USA no matter which part you live in north, south east, west; it is all America.

And as to Ole Sarge's comment about keeping people living here who are origionally from up north up on welfare and that northerners should go back north and take their deformed children with them.
I am from the south I work every day and my spouse a northerner also works every day. You are being so judgmental of others. You say that northerners are offended by the confederate flag and are all on welfare.

Well this southerner is offended by the ignorance and by the attitude of people like you


Posted 1:56 pm, 07/07/2015

Nothing to be proud of in this nation any longer. We have an overreaching federal government that dances to the tune of gays, blacks, liberals, and illegals. We have a racist idiot for president, who may not even be a citizen. I have never owned a rebel flag but I'm starting to want one.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 1:49 pm, 07/07/2015

mommotwo (view profile)

So, do I have a right to demand that everything that offends me be removed? Because I could make a list, but usually I just ignore it and use it as a character judging tool.

you have a right to demand anything. whether you get it or not is a different issue. i am not going to go into a day long argument.

if you feel that this flag issue is just a group of people with hurt feelings, there is not one thing i can say to change that. this flag issue is not new.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 1:42 pm, 07/07/2015

oh well, i see .... because you are the bigger hater that just plain makes you right. pfffftttt

blacks have hated that flag and no amount of what you spew will change it.


Posted 1:42 pm, 07/07/2015

So, do I have a right to demand that everything that offends me be removed? Because I could make a list, but usually I just ignore it and use it as a character judging tool.

Ole Sarge

Posted 1:35 pm, 07/07/2015

I beg your pardon there , slightly misguided soul, but I am having serious doubts from what I saw concerning those upstanding fine folks that were savaged by a product of pop culture that the Confederate Flag was even on their mind. What you saw in that black church was some of the most dedicated, loyal, christian citizens our country has to offer. Nope, it was the stinkbugs from the liberal media that fanned this flame. If you cant see that then you need to wipe the big city smog off your Walmart reading glasses, step up about two sizes the next time you shop and drink a little black coffee instead of dragging your tea bag through hot water and calling it breakfast. Every loyal southerner I know, knows it is not about race.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 1:23 pm, 07/07/2015

that is ridiculous. anyone watching the news knows it was not some liberal northerner that started this whole flap. it was the black citizens of charleston. i am not calling them wrong or right ... but that is where this started and it didn't happen just a couple of weeks ago. its been hated since the 60s.

Ole Sarge

Posted 1:09 pm, 07/07/2015

I would be willing to bet you white socked mouth breathers from Ohio never considered it anything but a slap in the face before your racist president and the liberal left loonies from the west coast told you it had something to do with racism. This flag flap is nothing more than the arrogant big mouthed whinners from the north coming down here and talking through their nose, looking down on southern heritage. Well we do have one great thing in North Carolina called I-77 N. If seeing the Confederate Flag bothers you pack your stinking snot nosed one eyed lamebrain children and catch a bus back North. We can't afford to keep you up on welfare anyway.


Posted 12:31 pm, 07/07/2015

the swastika was also a symbol of healin among the navajo.but distorted by the nazis.


Posted 12:18 pm, 07/07/2015

Ain't that just like a liberal to call for trashing a piece of history instead of affording it the respect earned and deserved.


Posted 12:09 pm, 07/07/2015

Wanna try to remove one of my flags? Come on over. But the only thing you'll be removing is the buckshot outta your tail end. Don't matter which of my flags you go after. Be it old glory or my confederate battle flag. I've had family fight and die under both. Touch my flags and you'll wish you hadn't


Posted 7:27 pm, 06/23/2015

Don't give in to Yankee terrorism. Keep our flag flying high!

The True South Through My Eyes - HK Edgerton

HK Edgerton, a black Confederate advocate, tells of his fondness for the South, the Confederacy, ...

Length: 5:03


Posted 6:55 pm, 06/23/2015

That rebel Rag is a thing of the past in the U.S. and should be treated as such and thrown in the trash and disposed of appropriately.

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