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Citing HB2, NBA pulls 2017 All Star Game from Charlotte

Ole Sarge

Posted 1:27 pm, 09/22/2016

If North Carolina can't absorb the loss of 1 1/2 % of the population complaining, we won't make it anyway


Posted 1:25 pm, 09/22/2016

Keeping it classy.


Posted 1:23 pm, 09/22/2016

I wish our legislators would pull every NC college out of the prejudiced ACC, NCAA, etc.


Posted 1:20 pm, 09/22/2016

I'm sure that all those organizations watching the news right now totally want to avoid Charlotte because they would have to use the proper restroom.


Posted 1:03 pm, 09/22/2016

The Panthers and the Hornets will be the next to leave NC. NCAA teams will refuse to come or back out of coming to NC. UNC, NCSU, WAKE FOREST,DUKE and APP STATE and other colleges will suffer. No students will come here for college. No business will come to NC and bring jobs. Shall I go on? The damage is done. It will take years to recover from this if ever. Billions of dollars, thousands of jobs gone. North Carolina wanted this and you got it! NC is the most racist and discrimination state in the US! You have got what you deserve.


Posted 11:42 pm, 09/19/2016

Besides who are these people thinking women cant do anything to defend themselves? poor little defensless women need someone's protection. BS !!!!! If a pervert goes in the bathroom and acts out of the way Them poor women will beat their A**. Nothing has been stopping a pervert from going in the bathroom if they want to anyways. A man that looks like a man and acts like a man doesn't have any buisness in a ladies room and if they walk in there everyone will immediatley see that, but a man that is more like a woman would rather pee with the gals and I guarantee they wouldn't let NOBODY hurt a girl in the bathroom because it would offend them to. So this bathroom issue is bull. I'm sick and tired of these politicians causing all of us to turn on one another. I was born and raised here... I'm more country than anyone here, but I refuse to think this stupid.


Posted 11:10 pm, 09/19/2016

You know what you ol sarge. You are so closed minded your brain will stay in place even if you decide to pull it out of your a**. Why do you feel it's necessary to be unwilling to consider someone else just because you don't understand them. Are you the boss or something? Get another perspective....It will take you further in life and you will be so much happier and others may find you more pleasant to talk to. We are honored what the NBA have done... Standing Up for a cause. AND WE ARE HONORED BY ALL THE PEOPLE ON HERE WHO STAND UP TO IGNORANCE.


Posted 11:55 am, 09/18/2016

More diversity! Not too unrelated, Robert Stacy McCain on soccer's gayness:

"If Bill Lynch is "homophobic," why is he paying professional lesbians to play soccer, a game that only homosexuals pay money to watch? Of course, if the Washington Spirit fired all the lesbians on its roster, that would be homophobic, and also there wouldn't be a team anymore, because you can't play women's soccer without lesbians. There are rumors there may be some heterosexual women who play professional soccer, but they're afraid to admit it, because heterosexuality is against league policy."



Posted 11:56 am, 09/16/2016

Never fails, my point is proven.


Posted 11:39 am, 09/16/2016

I think you and your ilk should piss behind a tree. That way you can stand around a while and check each other out.


Posted 11:33 am, 09/16/2016

The more that you try to spin this as a "bathroom bill", the more ignorant you appear. The more you try to say its common sense the more stupid you look. The more you bring religion into it the less credible you are.

The only reason this bill has not been changed is that it appeases the Southern Baptist voting block. Its that simple. It gives Franklin Graham something to stir up the ignorance of the uneducated voters. Unfortunately that is many more than I thought.


Posted 11:21 am, 09/16/2016

Require men to menstruate.
Erase all gender distinctions in sports- no more men's and wimmin's basketball- one team only composed of men, wimmin and transgender players. Same for coaching staff.
Let's make this thing totally equal for all.


Posted 11:14 am, 09/16/2016

Boycott their sponsors.


Posted 9:13 am, 09/16/2016

The dumbest article I have read in a while. Thanks.


Posted 8:43 am, 09/16/2016

Brent Bozell on what follows:


But then, we know what follows. "Inclusion" doesn't mean to them what you might think. It means submission to the cultural marxist abolition of decency.

And so today's "tolerance" for the sake of "inclusion" means tomorrow you'll be forced to subjugate your diversity (Judeo-Christian standards or any other) to their whims. And you'll be baking their cakes and paying for their aborted baby parts, and forced to turn a blind eye to the depraved tendencies of their "refugees". Evan Sayett, in his book The Kindergarden of Eden, calls it the Cult of Indiscriminateness.

Lest we forget, however, Liberty isn't a product of convenience. Having principles and standards should sometimes be particularly inconvenient. Slings and arrows, no?


Posted 8:22 am, 09/16/2016

I agree hangs. There is stuff in it that should not be. But the bathroom thing is blown out of proportion as well. It only covers government institutions. Private business can do what they want. Charlotte started this ignorance by going to far in one direction and then the state took it to far in the other direction. They should negotiate it out to a better law for all NC RESIDENTS. To heck with what others think.


Posted 7:55 am, 09/16/2016

Please read HB2. The bathroom thing is a distraction.


Posted 7:51 am, 09/16/2016

I have decided to change my comment on this to make it more appropriate for today's culture. I do not want my human offspring that does not have a penis to share a bathroom/locker room with your human offspring that does have a penis.

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 9:03 pm, 09/15/2016

I hope the people of Charlotte are mad at their city council and vote all of them off the council for creating this fiasco. They are a shameful bunch.


Posted 8:46 pm, 09/15/2016


I hate to break it to you, but you've been pissing and dropping lady SCUD missiles in public loos w/ men and women alike for years. It's also strange that you seem to think dropping a deuce is some sort of sacred act. It's very Victorian of you. You right wingers are a peculiar lot.

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