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Charlotte bathroom bill?


Posted 4:59 pm, 03/02/2015

Only in Wilkes.lol. Travel outside of Wilkes some places only have 1 bathroom. I have shared bathrooms in Bahamas and there was women handing out paper towels for tips. I used a stall and went on my way. Go to Europe people are having sex in public in broad daylight. You folks need to get throw F... out of your narrow minded thinking.


Posted 4:23 pm, 03/02/2015

I don't think the enactment of this law will increase predatory behavior one iota.

Not one bit.

If a predator wants a victim, a gender specific stick figure on a restroom door won't stop them


Posted 4:20 pm, 03/02/2015

In the the future there won't be seperate men's and women's bathrooms. There will just be one room with private bathroom stalls and a common sink area. Saves space and litigation.


Posted 4:18 pm, 03/02/2015

So if a male walked into a female specific restroom, it would presently attract attention. If there are no rules or boundaries, a predator could easily walk into a restroom and assault someone. Anyone could walk into a restroom and "claim" to be a transgender. Where do you draw the line? For me it is not the concern of a transgender using the restroom with me, it is the crazy/dangerous predators that would be a concern.

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 4:15 pm, 03/02/2015

If you're taking those kinds of selfies then I expect to get one...


Posted 4:10 pm, 03/02/2015



Posted 4:03 pm, 03/02/2015

No...I'm talking about everybody and their cat taking pictures of themselves in bathrooms


Posted 4:03 pm, 03/02/2015

If I want to make sweet love to another male It WON'T be In some stagnant restroom. Does that even register with your sick mind Mommo? I have no desire to make love In a cesspool.


Posted 3:58 pm, 03/02/2015

I think he's talking about the other sort of selfie.

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 3:40 pm, 03/02/2015

I will photobomb you


Posted 3:26 pm, 03/02/2015

What if I want to go in there just for a selfie?


Posted 2:35 pm, 03/02/2015

I agree glitter, I've never seen a male in a women's restroom to my knowledge, but I'm always in a hurry. The only people I've ever seen lingering in public restrooms were women waiting for their kids, or waiting for a friend . (or so I thought, Oh my goodness ! ) Now I'm scared ! I've actually seen women go into a crowded rest room, and sorta peruse the stalls from a distance, to make sure they're all really occupied. Oh no I've done that my self ! Please people don't condemn me !


Posted 2:27 pm, 03/02/2015

I was in the bathroom and the guy in the stall next to me was ON THE PHONE! He told his girlfriend he was in his car, the liar.

So I farted REALLY loud and flushed the toilet

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 2:14 pm, 03/02/2015

I don't see what all the fuss is about...

If I am desperate enough to use a public, restroom facility, I am in and out. Who isn't? I doubt anyone lingers long enough to be offended that you didn't get to go in the space of your choice, however I would be uncomfortable with a man being there.

Pick your fights carefully.


Posted 2:12 pm, 03/02/2015

Seriously? You guys are serious? I give up. Go wherever ya want to . This world is so backwards that I just accept that I'm not going to understand or agree.


Posted 2:08 pm, 03/02/2015

At what age do little boys stop going with mommy to the bathroom? If we are going to say no male parts, let's discuss NO male parts in female restrooms.


Posted 2:03 pm, 03/02/2015

So it's OK with you if the transition is complete?

Couldn't care less then. I just don't want males in the ladies bathroom. Since when is that too much to ask, lol?


Posted 1:52 pm, 03/02/2015

mommotwo (view profile)

Posted 1:39 pm, 03/02/2015

UU, then you should talk to the transgenders who are making this an issue, not me. I'm not the one that has a problem using the appropriate bathroom.
Seriously, if you want to fight for acceptance then you should first deal with the group that is going to isolate you even further from society. It's not the Christians. It's groups like this.

I'm not remotely "transgender", I'm male, I like male genitalia and male buttocks. So you're perfectly fine with me going Into the "Boys Room" I assume. But someone who Is less gender assured. someone who has a penis, going Into the "girls room" or has a vagina, going into the "boys room" gets you up In a dither? Mommo, learn to accept that sexuality Is NOT A "constant". I seriously doubt that If you are lingering outside the public restroom that your spawnlings will be sexually assaulted. They're far more likely to be molested at your place of worship. Those places seem to DRAW pedophiles.


Posted 1:47 pm, 03/02/2015

If they are transgender, you probably wouldn't know if there parts were male or female. I've not been in many ladies rooms but I've never seen a urinal so I'm assuming you do your business behind closed doors.

50 Shades of Gay

Posted 1:46 pm, 03/02/2015

I have been listening to you, when the person has a vagina she will still be a transgender person. You have been saying you do not want transgender deviants in your bathroom, I read that. So it's OK with you if the transition is complete?

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