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Charleston SC Shooting A False Flag Shooting To Take The Guns


Posted 12:41 am, 06/23/2015

Really? Really? Im on same side as you guys at least id hope to be pro gun look king obama said first thig got to do something about guns. For example SANDY HOOK!! That ring the bell? When.king obama tryed to BAN almost every semi auto and 30 round mags. I dont understand you people. Show me proof that im wrong! Can you? I can show you proof.that im right!!

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 11:17 pm, 06/22/2015

Oh. I apologize. You were being serious. My mistake.


Posted 11:15 pm, 06/22/2015

If there's a "for one", shouldn't there be a "for two"?


Posted 11:13 pm, 06/22/2015

No, you guys just dont know or have any idea. Do your research sheeple. And for one have some common sense and wake up.


Posted 11:11 pm, 06/22/2015

Time to cut this guy off, bartender.

Joseph T.

Posted 11:10 pm, 06/22/2015

Hold on I have to go make me a tinfoil hat.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 11:09 pm, 06/22/2015

This has got to be.a troll thread


Posted 11:07 pm, 06/22/2015

The SC SHOOTING is going to be used to take the guns. King Obama thinks hes going to take the guns, he is going to do whatever it take. US as real americans and as human beings cant let King Obama take our GOD GIVEN RIGHT to protect ourselves. So IF you are a good human being and real american we cant let it happen. The shooting was a very bad thing that should have never happened however you cant blame the gun. Its not the gun fault.

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