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Charleston SC Shooting A False Flag Shooting To Take The Guns

to be or not to be

Posted 10:11 am, 06/24/2015

Back to what the origional poster said .

What does a "real american" and "real human" look like?

I need to know so that I will know if I am one


Posted 10:04 am, 06/24/2015

They missed it smalltownman, they missed it.

Joseph T.

Posted 9:50 am, 06/24/2015

Elmo Cleghorn (view profile)

Posted 9:59 pm, 06/23/2015

That would be fine with me, but there is a strong pushback that defends anyone/everyone to have a gun even if they are "off their rocker"

That's because its is everyone's RIGHT to own a firearm. However if someone is a danger or off their rocker I have no problem with their firearms right being restricted or taken away if they get their day in court. What I don't want in one person deciding who can and can't have a firearm.


Posted 8:43 am, 06/24/2015

If you're not part of the gun culture you will never understand it and owning guns for protection is just a small part of the appeal.

Top Soil

Posted 8:21 am, 06/24/2015

Bestill (view profile)

Posted 6:14 am, 06/24/2015

I do not think all gun owners are racist. I think mostly, gun owners are just afraid, exempting hunting people. I do not think folks who hunt are afraid.

Fear is a powerful motivator...a motivator for what? Look who profits. There is a reason the NRA is pumping out the "Obama gonna take yer' guns" propaganda. Who's the biggest contributor to the NRA?


Posted 6:14 am, 06/24/2015

I do not think all gun owners are racist. I think mostly, gun owners are just afraid, exempting hunting people. I do not think folks who hunt are afraid.


Posted 6:06 am, 06/24/2015

Nice... good to see some PRO gun people posting. I can agree with most of stuff said. Its goes so much deeper then gun laws in my opnion. The kid was on meds.... same kind of meds all other mass shooters was on. Also there should be no gun free zones cause thats where all the mass shooting take place, on top of that lok at the stats with most gun control they have more murders then free states. Its just unjust laws putting people away in prison for years and years for victimless crimes. Im no tin foil hat person i just know whats going.on in the world and.im not.blind to whats really real. Dont listin to the main stream news cause its mostly lies and race biting. The government wants to devide us cause deved we fall. The media always makes it about race when 99% of people are not racist. Also media wants to makes gun owners look bad and say every gun owner is racist.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 9:59 pm, 06/23/2015

That would be fine with me, but there is a strong pushback that defends anyone/everyone to have a gun even if they are "off their rocker"

george h w b

Posted 9:39 pm, 06/23/2015

I put my gun on the night stand by my bed every night and I tell it before I go to sleep that it is NOT to get up and go shoot someone, even though they might need shooting. So far in the past 30+ years, it hasn't disobeyed me. The morale to the story, we don't need more gun laws, we need to identify and get help for those who show signs of, (for lack of a better word), off their rocker.


Posted 7:40 pm, 06/23/2015

Actually, it was to divert attention from Congress fast-tracking the TPP.


Posted 8:46 am, 06/23/2015

The overwhelming issue with the ills of the modern society is the victimization of everyone. Everyone reacts to everyone and blames everyone else for the things they do. In that kind of mix, it is easy to stir up anger and hatred. When people are taught to be responsible for their own actions and attitudes, society will change. Mutual respect is a fruit of personal responsibility. That is what has to change for the future to be brighter or else this nation will continue to disintegrate into chaos.


Posted 8:32 am, 06/23/2015

what are we suppose to do about it?

Top Soil

Posted 8:31 am, 06/23/2015

People have no choice but to throw their children in daycare and after school care, when both parents are working.

Some parents don't know how to discipline their children and then there are those that are scared to(i.e. CPS)

But... there are also people who lack empathy and the ability to love their fellow humans. I'll put my money on that this kid in Charleston would give any one of us those "weird vibes" had we met him and carried out a conversation.

Bottom line is that there is a lot to change in society to make it a better place, but name calling, and spreading obvious BS isn't helping.


Posted 8:11 am, 06/23/2015

More gun laws are not needed...if the present laws were enforced, things would be different. Why have more laws that won't or can't be enforced? The Constitution states that "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." If people would discipline and raise their children in honor and respect for human life, a lot of issues with guns would be negated. People throw their children in daycare centers and public schools and expect these institutions to do what is needed. It doesn't work as well as a loving father and mother. There is no respect for human life and everyone is a victim.

Top Soil

Posted 8:01 am, 06/23/2015

This seems like the default knee jerk reaction that every tin foil wearing NRA member uses to convince themselves that their precious guns had nothing to do with these shootings.

I'm against massive gun control, and see what the purpose of the 2nd Amendment was written for. But nutters like this idiot makes every gun owner look like an anti-government loonie.

river otter

Posted 7:56 am, 06/23/2015

If the NRA had their way all children would be issued real guns and bullets on their first birthday. They don't care who has guns and ammo as long as it puts a dollar in their pocket and that's why gun laws are needed.


Posted 4:21 am, 06/23/2015

However arms are cotrolled enough. The USA does not need anymore unjust laws. Be it on arms or whatever it dont matter. Unjust laws are not to be followed.


Posted 4:19 am, 06/23/2015

I agree with you i really do. My only point to this was is you cant blame the gun.


Posted 4:03 am, 06/23/2015

And for what it's worth,
Maybe just maybe mind you
There are some that can see no end in sight since the US constitution doesn't allow for roundingup **** and putting them to sleep.
Perhaps they see only that firearms can be controlled
be afraid...be very afraid... your firearms may well be on the way out...
God, I hope so
The last two lines are directed at **** everywhere....WWBarrabus do?


Posted 3:02 am, 06/23/2015

I'm sorry what did you say? The shooting was a very bad thing? Is that what you said??

Tornadoes are very bad things, hurricanes are very bad things, floods are very bad things.

The shootings in the SC CHURCH were DOMESTIC TERRORISM. The people that are in contact with Dylann Roof need to be rounded up and euthanized.
The shootings were so much worse than a "very bad thing"
The confederate battle flag was not raised over the state capital of Columbia until 1962, at approximately the same time as the "Civil Rights Movement" slammed home into crackertown USA.

The "ANIMALS" that use guns to murder people in a church are not worthy of the least consideration. They should have their families rounded up and sterilized so that the filth of racism is expunged from at least a small group of them.

Do I sound a bit more than annoyed? You bet your sweet *** I am.

If the so called supremacists can have free speech in this country and whine on for ever and a day about how affirmative action in this country is out of hand, then I only need to point at this "VERY BAD THING" to show what a collection of ????? they are. Forgive me. I ran out of superlatives.

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