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Bush's last deficit $1.4 trillion. Obama current deficit $468 billion. Obama cut 75% of Bush Deficit


Posted 7:07 am, 02/06/2015

Yes republicans a trillion is a million million. That's a one with TWELVE zeros.


Posted 6:51 am, 02/06/2015

Exactly smalltownman. To pay for the total waste of the past republican nightmare we will have to keep passing out those $100 bills every second for over 1,000 years.


Posted 6:31 am, 02/06/2015

Oh, and I forgot one other major expense of the reign of George II; "You're doing a heckuvajob Brownie" How much taxpayer money went toward the Katrina clean up debacle???


Posted 6:30 am, 02/06/2015

These people are very good at cooking the books!

Show me the books from the reigns of King George I & II Let me give you a brief refresher; "read my lips, no new taxes" and "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" followed by "Mission Accomplished". Now tell me their books weren't cooked.


Posted 5:34 am, 02/06/2015

If anyone believes what this administration projects about a lower deficit or the ACA costing less I have some red clay dirt I will sell you. These people are very good at cooking the books!


Posted 4:24 am, 02/06/2015

The Bush republican spending spree to attack the wrong country was the wost fiasco in this Nation's history.


Posted 7:27 pm, 02/05/2015

Repubicans are mooching and bankrupting America. Thank God it is unlikely another repubican can ever be elected President.


Posted 7:22 pm, 02/05/2015

Think about it a second.. A $100 bill, not a $1 bill every second for thd next 443 years.


Posted 7:07 pm, 02/05/2015

Guess things are bad in good old republican controlled Wilkes, things seem to have improved by leaps and bounds in other states.


Posted 7:07 pm, 02/05/2015

With 1.4 trillion dollars you could hand someone a $100 bill every second for the next 443 years.


Posted 6:52 pm, 02/05/2015

1.4 trillion dollar bills laid end to end would to reach to the sun and back. Mission accomplished


Posted 6:40 pm, 02/05/2015

I feel so much better now, thanks democrats for the article. Here I was thinking things were bad and nothing was going on to move us forward but I was wrong. Something is in the works to replace Saturday Night Live These democrats are comedy around the clock, seven days a week No need to wait for a laugh on Saturday, just read their threads and let it rip, I know I will


Posted 6:33 pm, 02/05/2015

I'm going to eat my beans. May have to fix a chunk of corn bread to go with it. And some chow-chow will make the beans better. Wish I had a tall glass of buttermilk.

I can just hear the younger people saying.."Yuk" As for me I am saying "Yum-m-m." So glad I like beans!


Posted 6:13 pm, 02/05/2015

They can blow all the smoke they want. Until you see people getting jobs things are bad. Poor old people come on here wanting decent jobs and there's no where to work around here with any benefits.


Posted 6:09 pm, 02/05/2015

Sewer pit you should read the article before you post.


Posted 5:33 pm, 02/05/2015

I wonder if President Obama would consider being the Governor of NC next time. The republicsns have to go.


Posted 4:36 pm, 02/05/2015


Eat At Moes

Posted 11:18 am, 01/27/2015

this n that (view profile)

CBO says obama care will cost two trillion dollars over the next ten years.

Obamacare Will Cost 20% Less Than Initial Projections, CBO Says


The fate of President Obama's signature healthcare law may turn on a forthcoming ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, but a new report by the Congressional Budget Office finds that, if left untouched, the Affordable Care Act is poised to become even more so.

Obamacare, as it is commonly known, will cost 20 percent less than previously projected over the next decade, the CBO said Monday. The reason for the revised estimate is a result of a decline of healthcare inflation, the Los Angeles Times reported. In addition, the number of uninsured Americans has fallen by 12 million, the CBO estimates, and an additional 12 million are expected to gain insurance by the end of 2016.

Through 2019, the law's insurance provisions will cost an estimated $571 billion, down $139 billion from the

CBO's initial estimates.

The news is not all good, however. By the year 2025, the CBO estimated that 31 million people would still not have health insurance. Based on higher than expected enrollment numbers, Medicaid will also cost the federal government $59 billion more than previously forecast over the coming decade, the CBO said.

this n that

Posted 11:11 am, 01/27/2015

Yeah liberals are just as truthful and wonderful as their "liar in chief".

That's the second big laugh you've given me today kenc. The other was on the 'where's fin" thread.


Posted 11:07 am, 01/27/2015

Liberals are wonderful, truthful people, conserves can't understand the truth..

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