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Ashley Madison


Posted 3:31 pm, 08/27/2015

Look I'm just tickled pink thinking about Josh Duggar have computer s(x with a woman that's really a guy. This just brings happy tears to my eyes.


Posted 3:30 pm, 08/27/2015

Why should we be concerned with movie stars or celebrities? I bet a few folk in Wilkes and surrounding counties are on this list.

Clean it up

Posted 2:10 pm, 08/27/2015

Ashley Madison was a bunch of dudes talking to each other, data analysis suggests


Posted 6:36 pm, 08/26/2015

More than 30 North Carolina state and local government email addresses were uncovered by N.C. Capitol Connection, an online publication from the Civitas Institute, as part of the Ashley Madison hack, Civitas said in a news release.

More than 10,000 government and military email addresses were released in the hack of the online affair site Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison is an online site that looks to help people cheat on their spouses.

Thirty of those are believed to be state and local government officials in North Carolina, according to Civitas. Civitas is a conservative organization with headquarters in Raleigh.

According to a Civitas release, N.C. Capitol Connection is still uncovering additional state government email addresses.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg of government employees using taxpayer resources for personal use. Unfortunately, people will be distracted by the salacious nature of this abuse and not the fact that North Carolinians are being taxed to support government at all levels using state and local resources to engage in this activity at work as opposed to serving the people of North Carolina," the release stated.

Some of the addresses are from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, the North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice, Moore County and the cities of Greensboro, Charlotte and Greenville, Civitas said.


Top Soil

Posted 5:25 pm, 08/26/2015

CanesFan (view profile)

Posted 12:49 pm, 08/26/2015

Bill Clinton



Posted 2:20 pm, 08/26/2015

I think Anna's brother has volunteered to do just that thing.

Hot Mess

Posted 2:12 pm, 08/26/2015

Sounds more like he needs his *** kicked.


Posted 2:07 pm, 08/26/2015

The oldest son and he just sort of checked himself into a rehab for Christians that need the debul prayed out of them.

Hot Mess

Posted 2:06 pm, 08/26/2015

One of the Duggars was on it. I think the daddy.


Posted 1:51 pm, 08/26/2015

95% reported to be men.


Posted 1:48 pm, 08/26/2015

Republicans were charter members.....


Posted 1:06 pm, 08/26/2015

All I've seen reported on the news are men. Surely there's some female celebrities on that list.

sparkling water

Posted 12:53 pm, 08/26/2015

When Bill dies he will become the patron saint of Whoremongers everywhere.


Posted 12:49 pm, 08/26/2015

Bill Clinton


Posted 12:29 pm, 08/26/2015

I keep reading about a list of movie stars and famous people who had accounts on this site, but I can't find the list. What stars are on it?

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