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American Violence


Posted 3:35 pm, 06/17/2016

However, I do agree everyone should be armed at the Republican Convention.

And drunk.


Posted 3:34 pm, 06/17/2016

Everyone on an airplane should be armed.

You're an idiot.


Posted 1:44 pm, 06/17/2016

Everyone should be armed.


Posted 12:57 pm, 06/17/2016

Are you advocating more guns on airplanes?



Posted 12:52 pm, 06/17/2016

Terrorists love gun-free zones. Democrats want more gun-free zones. September 1, 2001, 4 airliners were absolutely gun-free. Terrorists with cutting implements took control of those airliners.
Eliminating guns does not hinder terrorists. But it hinders efforts to stop terrorists


Posted 9:07 am, 06/17/2016

Let me get my decoder ring.


Posted 8:47 am, 06/17/2016

Sure nuff, lmao if 10% of law dogs actually did work the public could reduce the over staffed, overpaid, over weight, under intelligenced wannabes, too many lazies on departments ,from city,county,state and God help us federal agencies. Lmfao . homeland security, and TSA prime examples. More lazy bears ain't gona solve nut N, mericuns.....


Posted 7:48 pm, 06/16/2016

Gun store owners should be deputized to take shady characters into custody and help our hapless FBI out a little.


Posted 2:59 pm, 06/16/2016

The owner of a Florida gun store said Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen tried to buy body armor and bulk ammunition from his store just a few weeks before the shooting but his staff turned him away.

"We knew by the questions he was asking he was suspicious," Robert Abell, a co-owner of Lotus Gunworks in Jensen Beach, Florida, told ABC News.


He tried to sign up as a cop with the Fort Pierce PD about a year ago, but they turned him down for being weird and called the feds who said they were on him. Apparently not.


Posted 8:39 am, 06/16/2016

Mericuns, why shouldn't as a nationality ,we be hated, ?????it's the policy of the DOD, to attack, and kill any other ( group ) Taliban, Isis, Asian, especially that do not ( conform ) to amuricun policy's, .....let a foreign entity do a drone strike on Ben Carson, as worthless as he is and see what the public would do..... Lmfao

Truth Speaker

Posted 8:18 am, 06/16/2016


Posted 6:56 am, 06/16/2016

ISIS hates all of us. Its that simple. No doubt this guy was radicalized and had a special hatred for gay people. However, Christians and Muslims alike have issues with gay people. We can not condemn a religion because of the actions of a few.


Posted 5:58 am, 06/16/2016

so these killings weren't because they were gay but every time a "Christian" is killed it was because they were a Christian. Got it good to know.


Posted 5:44 am, 06/16/2016


This pretty much sums up what happened in Florida. It's written by a former Muslim (who now identifies as agnostic).


Posted 7:22 pm, 06/15/2016

I was mistaken. We're obviously only dealing with one plagiarizing nimrod. Truthfully.

Truth Speaker

Posted 2:18 pm, 06/15/2016


Posted 12:09 pm, 06/15/2016

You hate Gays and Muslims both. We get it.

Mr Truth

Posted 12:07 pm, 06/15/2016


Posted 12:05 pm, 06/15/2016

Some of my close family members are in Orlando, around 10 miles from the shooting scene, they realize that a crazed killer, gun nut can be anywhere.


Posted 12:05 pm, 06/15/2016

Unfortunately all the rhetoric is all about the wrong things. 49 Americans lost their life, period. It does not matter if they are gay or not, it does not matter what color of their skin was, or what other brand you want to place on them. The one thing we all have in common is that we are Americans, and when there is a tragedy, first and foremost we all should be able to sympathize with our neighbors and our fellow citizens.

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