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Windows 10


Posted 12:57 am, 09/04/2015

Ok tonight I'm gonna generous and take a wild guess you guys have had the same problem as I finally figured it out.If you get lack screen that shows no picture of your computer then your gonna have to put it sleep purposely and then turn it back on if you have laptop. If it's a desk top then screwed because the only way to see screen is by hooking your monitor or drive into a flat screen tv and yes I realize some people have stated they hate this but the only way to actually see the screen and change the setting it to first solve the screen problem or else you won't be able to restart the entire thing. Now when I say put it to sleep for laptops I mean by once you hear that sound of like you would seeing you screen you close your laptop and wait for it it power down. Then you reopen it and it will appear. As much as a pain the *** it was to finally figure out I had.You'll finally be able to view this.Then you can make all changes you want even erasing it. One of the other bad features is that they share your information without permission what so ever.


Posted 12:48 am, 09/04/2015

"This is a cheap Toshiba PC but I like it"...
you haven't experienced cheap till you've owned/used a compaq cq57.
the only reason i haven't stomped the life out of it is it keeps me from having to get out of my recliner and start my desktop


Posted 12:41 am, 09/04/2015

Thanks man I had everything the way I wanted it before the download. This is a cheap Toshiba PC but I like it over my Acer laptop that cost over a grand. 10 will not allow some of my hotkeys to work which worked before. Not being able to change the brightness on the fly is driving my up the wall. Again thank you.


Posted 12:25 am, 09/04/2015

give it a chance,i wasn't real impressed with it either.
but i'm gonna keep it on this laptop so that it isn't completely foreign to me.
it sucks just a little bit less every time i use it,right now i don't think i'll ever be a big fan if win 10.
i've been using it about two weeks



Posted 12:09 am, 09/04/2015

I "upgraded" from 8 to Windows 10 and hate it. I did it last night because I was tired of closing the blue boxes that popped up on every new page. I have only used it for a couple hours but I hate it. My screen brightness buttons no longer work. The way Internet Explorer layout sucks compared to 8 when I right click on the icon. It just sucks. I see why it's free. Question If I set the recovery date back to the last backup before the download will Windows 10 be gone or was 8 deleted? If it is gone can I get 8 back without paying for it? I use a PC because I use PLC software that will not run on a Mac but the next computer I buy for web surfing will not run on Windows.

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