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Satellite dish installation


Posted 7:21 am, 06/15/2016

so it doesent have to be mounted at a certain height ive got it mounted on my porch and im gonna double check i think my j pole is level ive set satellite up before and never had these issues i thought my dish may have been bad so i actually went and got another one and im desperate lol i posted in the help wanted for someone to come get it going for me ive already got in mounted and all my coax ready and i bought a compass any help would be greatly apreciated thanks and god bless


Posted 12:22 pm, 05/25/2016

Hopefully you got it. but here are a few tips. Make sure the back of the J pole (mounting pole) is level. It has to be or it will never work.

Then with the dish off the J pole set the elevation on the neck of the dish. Lock down the elevation. Then set the dish on the J pole. Hook up the wires to LNB ....

Also if you can, use one cable with no spliters or adapters Form the LNB to the back of the receiver. Because if you hook one of them up wrong your receiver will never get a signal It is also a very common mistake

If the J pole neck is level, your elevation is correct, you will need to slowly spin the dish towards 215 South west

hope this helps


Posted 10:49 pm, 05/14/2016

I need some advice on installing a satellite dish i went and bought a compass and I'm pretty sure I've got the pointing part figured out but does it have to be mounted at a certain height I've tried and tried but cannot get any signal???

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