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Laptop Problem Driving Me Crazy!


Posted 1:58 pm, 08/07/2015

If you want to adjust what webpage opens up when you open Firefox, then click on the menu button again and go to Options. Where it says "When Firefox Starts" make sure it says Show my home page. Then underneath it type in http://www.google.com and it will start google when you open Firefox.


Posted 9:45 am, 08/07/2015

You are welcome. Let us know if you need anything else.


Posted 9:51 pm, 08/06/2015

My computer is working fine now. It used to open on google webpage when I clicked the Firefox icon but I'll take a speeded up, back to normal computer any day! Thank you so much.


Posted 3:17 pm, 08/06/2015

Open Firefox up and click on the menu button on the right. Once you have the menu open click on the ? mark on the bottom and then click on Troubleshooting Information. Once there click on Refresh Firefox on the right.


Posted 11:54 am, 08/06/2015

Just checked out a Youtube video on IE--it was without problems.


Posted 11:40 pm, 08/05/2015

If you use another browser such as Chrome or IE, does the problem persist?


Posted 2:52 pm, 08/05/2015

I used Malwarebytes yesterday-no virus detected. I use Mozilla Firefox to surf the web. No type appears for the 2-3 seconds the screen turns into a white background even though you can see and read the webpage you are on. I don't know anything about add-ons or extensions. I have deleted history using the control panel. Have not used CCleaner. I took off a lot of saved pics on Picasso yesterday and deleted from my harddrive--speeded up laptop but did not cure this problem. A lot of times button on right side used to move page up or down will not work immediately but will freeze up for a few seconds.


Posted 2:25 pm, 08/05/2015

When you refer to the screen blinking, are you referring to the web browser locking up and you have to wait for it to unfreeze?

What browser are you using and do you have any addons/extensions installed that could be causing this to happen?

When is the last time you've cleaned out your internet history/cache with programs such as CCleaner?

When is the last time you've ran a virus scan to detect for any viruses? With that said do you have up to date anti virus software installed on the laptop?


Posted 12:16 pm, 08/05/2015

Just typing this carefully and slowly on my Windows 7 ASUS laptop was a headache! I have to wait to type whole words because it is sooo slow for the words to appear, the screen blinks and/or goes white and an hourglass keeps appearing if' I am trying to move the page down or even doing nothing. I think I will just shoot it and put it out of it's misery. Help!

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