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how do you remove a topic in community voice
how do you remove a community voice topic ?

Satellite dish installation
I need some advice on installing a satellite dish i went and bought a compass and I'm pretty sure I've got the pointing part figured out ...

PC speed
My Gateway PC (approx. 3 yrs old) has gotten slow. I've ran Anti Malware, deleted temp files, under performance adjusted for best perfor...

auto refresh program
I've been looking for an auto refresh program that will automatically reload a web page but can be turned on&off by clicking a toolba...

Videos Games on PC
Anyone have any good recomendations for online computer games? Right now, myself and a few friends play League of Legends, and we are lov...

Computer won't start up
I have a Dell Latitude 820 that won't start up. Was working fine....I shut it off one afternoon and the next after noon....nothing. No so...

Windows Update will not download
I am running windows 7. When I check for updates and try to download them, it says downloading 0 kb total, 0 % complete. Will never downl...

Posting for sale photos
Every time I try to list something for sale, it will not let me upload a photo. It keeps saying that it can't do it because of low memory...

How can i save a message from a smart phone and send it to another device.I really want to save this message,sence the person who sent it...

fire fox or mozilla ,or exployer as brousers?
Which of these should i use?I am not that good on the computer,but my exployer has gotten so slow.i KNOW THAT SOME PEOPLE SAY THAT MOZZIL...

Windows 10
I "upgraded" from 8 to Windows 10 and hate it. I did it last night because I was tired of closing the blue boxes that popped up...

iPad crashing
I have tried investigating a chronic problem. Since I updated my operating system recently, my iPad crashes often. Sometimes it disconnec...

Windows 10?
Has anybody on GW upgraded their PC to Windows 10? If so, how do you like it? Is it as simple and free as the popup I keep getting says i...

Unlocking a tablet
My Grandson has a fairly new tablet, but can't remember the password to get on it. I tried to reset it, but was not able to. Can anyone h...

text message
Has anyone received a text message from a Paul Smith wanting to buy their car, sight unseen? He only wants to use paypal.

IP Address
Keep getting a call from a computer security company saying my IP address has been hacked. If this is so, How do I clean it up so that it...

Hard Drive
Does anyone know who works on hard drives? I have two that crashed and need the info off of them.

Has anyone gotten one yet. I am Thinking about getting one.

microsoft office
where could I get a free copy of Microsoft office to download on my lap top

Jet Pack to Router
Does anyone know how to set up a Verizon Jet Pack (wi-if anywhere) to a home router? I bought 2 wireless cameras so.I could see what's go...


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