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Wilkes Central vs Watauga


Posted 9:41 pm, 09/26/2017

Love puppy ,there is some small schools like Mtn Airy and Elkin back in the day ,that have small numbers in enrollment but they built a tradition in football ,,,,Now look at East Wilkes they are building a winning program year after year in football ,,but they are performing well against 2a schools in their conference ,,,,keeping a good Coach and tradition intact is hard work ,,,nothing in life is fair ,,,,I mean nothing


Posted 4:49 pm, 09/26/2017

They are based on size and size only. Every four years schools are reevaluated an based on their enrollment they are placed in their respective classification.


Posted 10:01 am, 09/26/2017

I think the conferences should be based on the size of the schools not on whether the schools can win or not it iisn't fair if a 3A school has to play a 4A school just because the 4A school has a crappy team. They have a lot more players to pool from. Quantity doesn't always make qualityl The little cheerleaders that my granddaughter is cheering on this year only has 4 on the squad. When my daughter cheered they had like 20. One year, they had so many, half cheered for 1/2 and half cheered for the othe 1/2. You know something those 4 girls are as loud and have as much spirit as those 20 did. Yeah to my 3rd generation cheerleader granddaughter.


Posted 10:00 pm, 09/25/2017

That was the old Western Piedmont Conference. North Iredell use to toast them. Watagua had a couple of undefeated seasons back in the late 70's early 80's.


Posted 5:42 am, 09/25/2017

WC did use to be in a different conference than the other Wilkes schools.. Because they are so much bigger than the other 3 schools. But because they could never win against mainly Iredell schools there size they came over to this conference to get wins against much smaller schools.LOL!! This is why come playoff time its never a very long run.


Posted 1:10 am, 09/25/2017

Does anyone remember when Wilkes Central and Watauga were in the same confrence? Those use to be some great games both in Boone And the old Wilkes Central school field.

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