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West/central football


Posted 3:06 am, 09/23/2017

I guess West must call Central there Daddy after all. The Eagles played well and now West Wilkes really must win aganist East this coming Friday to stay in the running.


Posted 11:16 pm, 09/22/2017

11 in a row against the Blackhawks. I heard all week from people on here and at work that this was the year. I tried to tell you. With Wyatt back at QB this group of boys is a different animal. He's just getting warmed up. 5 TDs tonight coming off an injury.


Posted 11:06 pm, 09/22/2017

Colonel..you did say best of luck..I can respect that. Who do you support or like..just asking..i just like high school football and have traveled to see all those teams you mentioned at least 3 times a piece..and they are all OUTSTANDING!!!


Posted 11:06 pm, 09/22/2017

Wilkes Central 55

West Wilkes 20

East Wilkes 40
North Wilkes 13


Posted 11:02 pm, 09/22/2017

Ok West Wilkes..seems like WC is just where they need to be...realtalk SPEED KILLS. Good luck the rest of the way to all Wilkes County teams.


Posted 11:00 pm, 09/22/2017

Colonel..not sure where youre from..and why you have such disdain for wilkes..no one in there right mind thinks that any of these wilkes teams have anything for the teams you mentioned...but for someone that downs Wilkes as much as you do..you sure spent a lot of energy on Wilkes..i think there is something bout da good ole Wilkes that you like..beneath all your venom and and hate..facts are wilkes is playing good for now and playing whoever is in front of them..Quit hatin so much dude..let it go..or support whoever you support..without the spendin energy downing Wilkes...who cares if you dont like Wilkes..its like a broken record dude...Wilkes is just having fun playin..win or lose..its life bro..Hate it or Love it...but respect the kids who give their all..regardless of what county their from.

Colonel Mustard

Posted 6:22 pm, 09/22/2017

Lets compare,apple's to apple's..Reidsville 705 kiss..defending 2 A state champions..hopes a Wilkes county 2 A team sees them..Shelby 2 AA state champions..hopes a Mac team sees them..Wallace rose hill..574 students..perhaps the Mac sees them..just a few teams..best of luck however from the Colonel..


Posted 2:52 am, 09/20/2017

West should win aganist Central this season. They have a few people hurt but either way it's going to be fun to watch Friday night.


Posted 12:11 am, 09/20/2017

Please post after Friday night to eat your CROW!! LOL!!!


Posted 8:25 pm, 09/19/2017

JerryCurls..that name is on point!!


Posted 6:40 pm, 09/19/2017

we will know after Friday night ,,,can't wait to see ,,,I want to see the Wilkes teams do well and with all four being competitive makes it so much fun ,,,,kinda got tired of the Starmount and Elkin reign ,,,


Posted 6:22 pm, 09/19/2017

I think a lot of people here are underestimating the Eagles. Please understand that they have not had Camden Wyatt at QB at all this season. This has forced them to move their best athlete and WR to QB to compensate, extremely limiting the offensive game plan. He will be back. The offense just got extremely more potent. Not sure how the Eagles aren't as good as last season. The defense is better and the WR core is just as good, if not better, especially when Wyatt moves back under center. Boles and Morrison are as good as backs around. West will not put 42 points on WC. This is t North Stokes or Bishop.


Posted 6:14 pm, 09/19/2017

West is little better this year and North is too ,,,and I must say so is Elkin and Starmount ,,,Ashe maybe little weaker and so is Central ,,,, Alleghany hard to tell


Posted 5:08 pm, 09/19/2017

I respect your opinion Digger. WC is not as strong as say last year. It is a huge rivalry game and anything can definitely happen. Good luck to all 4 Wilkes teams..gonna be two dogfights of a games Friday nite!!


Posted 5:06 pm, 09/19/2017

They are 3a and have played weak teams. Watch and learn. West will beat Central and maybe east Wilkes. Blackhawks are for real this year


Posted 5:04 pm, 09/19/2017

Watauga and Alexander Central are undefeated.


Posted 3:16 pm, 09/19/2017

reply to topflight...just the facts that maxpreps produces on strength of conference and playoffs ,,,in other words going by last year early exit of all teams ,,,,me personally I don't think its the weaker conference and its somewhat stronger this year ,,,I hope all the teams do well ,,,,,I agree with neutral I think west will beat central


Posted 2:56 pm, 09/19/2017

I don't see it. West is better than central.....central would lose to bunker hill....and central lost to watauga and Alexander central who aren't very good. They just play weak teams....blackhawks win


Posted 2:29 pm, 09/19/2017

If you think its the weakest then you dont know football..its not the strongest either. ..Digger who are you comparing the conference to..its needs to be apples to apples my man.


Posted 8:56 am, 09/19/2017

The MVAC is a soft schedule ,,,weakest conference when it comes to football ,,,its a little better this year than it was last year ,,,

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