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Posted 12:01 am, 04/10/2017

i hate donald trump quack quack LMAO


Posted 10:58 pm, 04/07/2017

I hate basketball.


Posted 9:05 pm, 04/07/2017

Very few athletes graduate college.


Posted 6:23 pm, 04/07/2017

No one playing basketball at unc is becoming a doctor or lawyer. Besides, Duke is a better medical school anyway.


Posted 1:38 am, 04/07/2017

BTW Caja, where did you go to college?


Posted 1:37 am, 04/07/2017

Caja, usually I like you but really UNC is better because their students practice law? Wow the world really needs more azzhole lawyers who do nothing but argue and figure out ways to either circumvent our constitution or screw the average man out of his hard earned money because it's the government law!

Just so you know I got accepted to both but had enough intellect to pick a school based on actual academics versus whose basketball team was better


Posted 12:27 am, 04/07/2017

Not to mention enrollment at NC State is nearly 10k more.

But it's exclusive. LoL.


Posted 12:26 am, 04/07/2017

Kids at NC state lose basketball games, practice medicine on animals, and learn how to grow Montesanto corn.

Kids at UNC win basketball games, practice medicine on Humans, and practice law.

Pollock is way off. I'm sorry you had to go to NC State.


Posted 11:24 pm, 04/06/2017

NC State is better than UNC, just saying. I don't care what y'all fan's basketball record is. Deep down y'all all know it's true

unc greatest ever

Posted 11:10 pm, 04/06/2017

So see insulting each other on a message board makes a lot of sense. So we insulted each other. And it proved? That's right nothing

unc greatest ever

Posted 11:07 pm, 04/06/2017

Your a jack*** crybaby. See I can insult to


Posted 11:06 pm, 04/06/2017

So are a lot of other uneducated morons that can't form a coherent sentence. You have no point.

unc greatest ever

Posted 11:05 pm, 04/06/2017

I'm not up north born and raised in this state whole life

unc greatest ever

Posted 11:04 pm, 04/06/2017

Again I'm a fan I could careless what you or anyone thinks. I'm unc fan in all sports and watch them. Win loose or draw. Wore my unc stuff after heartbreaking NCAA title loss last year. Wore my unc stuff after NCAA title win this year and went to but 2017 championship stuff. So again don't care what people think. Plus unc still 2017 champions


Posted 11:02 pm, 04/06/2017

UNC greatest fan ever, I agree it's hard to find NC State gear because they don't have a large fanbase like UNC, I usually have to go to Raleigh to my childrens Wolfpack stuff but I am okay with that because Yankees don't even realize how great State is


Posted 10:59 pm, 04/06/2017

UNC, with every post, you only validate my point even more.

unc greatest ever

Posted 10:50 pm, 04/06/2017

Plus if wal mart , target , so on sell a bunch of unc gear tells me unc has big fanbase. To sell sports gear people have got to want to buy the stuff, unstead of blaming fans and other schools of being this or that. Maybe your schools should get better in sports or whatever and your school will have more fans


Posted 10:45 pm, 04/06/2017

I applied to chapel Hill as a transfer and was accepted but was also in love with a girl from the cracker- box institution I was currently enrolled in at the time and refused to leave her....It didn't work out.....Wish I had done that one differently

unc greatest ever

Posted 10:45 pm, 04/06/2017

The did you go to school there or wal mart fan is dumbest comments I've ever heard. I got family that works at unc sports programs. Does that make me a better fan than a student or everyday joe who just likes and pulls for unc in sports? No!! You don't have to go to any school to root for that school or team , that's everyone s choice. By that logic ,you can't pull for hornets or panthers .unless you or family worked for that team or have stock bought or you own part of team you can't be a fan. Why, because by logic you have no inside connections with that team your not a true fan. See how dumb that comment makes you look. It's sports a fan is a fan if they choose no matter what anybody says


Posted 10:44 pm, 04/06/2017

Lol Aficionados, that's exactly why my grandmother told me to seek out a NC State man, they​'re just better than UNC men

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