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State Play offs basketball brackets are up!!


Posted 7:58 pm, 03/05/2018

Congratulations North Wilkes! Hard work and commitment paying off. Go get that championship

Lady Vikings

Posted 5:18 pm, 03/03/2018

So proud of the Lady Vikings. Many years of hard work paying off. Congratulations to the girls and to the coaching staff. Great Job!


Posted 4:20 pm, 03/03/2018

congratulations North

can’t fool me

Posted 2:25 pm, 03/03/2018

North won 51-48, best of luck ladies.


Posted 11:03 pm, 02/28/2018

North plays #1 seed Mount Heritage this Saturday at Wake Forest University @12 noon!! tickets are $9! Wilkes as a whole should be proud of these teams! Come support!


Posted 10:51 am, 02/28/2018

glad North won ,,,


Posted 8:54 pm, 02/27/2018

North just won 60-50. Any idea about East? I believe Central just lost but don't have score.


Posted 4:14 pm, 02/27/2018

MVAC will be finished after tonite ,,,,boys and girls


Posted 11:57 am, 02/27/2018

Does anyone know how much it is to get into tonight's game @ Lincoln Charter? I would like to go see Starmount play.


Posted 9:17 pm, 02/26/2018

I don’t think anyone has ever said the Mountain Valley was weak in girls basketball. The Mountain Valley is consistently overall a weak conference for football and men’s basketball. Good luck to all the conference teams.


Posted 10:48 am, 02/26/2018

I couldn't agree more! MVAC Girls Basketball is strong and I believe it will be for the foreseeable future. Hopefully the State Champion will come from this conference.


Posted 11:19 pm, 02/25/2018

No one can say MVAC Girls basketball was weak this year!!! Great Job all Girls teams!!!


Posted 10:29 pm, 02/24/2018

MVAC teams in 4th round, games be Tuesday with TBA.

1A- boys
# 6 Starmount won 56-55 over #3 Pine Lake Prep. Will play at #2 Lincoln Charter

1A- Women's
#4 East Wilkes won 58-53 over #5 Chatham Central, will play at #1 Mt. Airy

#21 Wilkes Central upset # 4 East Burke 48-45, will play at #1 Mountain Heritage
#3 North Wilkes beat #6 Atkins 56-55, will play home against Ledford Senior


Posted 12:08 am, 02/23/2018

They just posted the Wilkes Central girls game. #21 Wilkes Central upset #5 East Davidson 45-40. WC will play at #4 East Burke Saturday.


Posted 11:15 pm, 02/22/2018

MVAC teams in 3rd Round, games be Saturday with TBA

1A- boys
# 6 Starmount won 48-45 over #11 North Rowan. Will play at #3 Pine Lake Prep.

#9 Wilkes Central lost to #8 Patton 54-35.

1A- Women's
#17 Alleghany lost to #1 Mt. Airy 59-39
#4 East Wilkes won 51-34 over Hayesville, will play at home against #5 Chatham Central

Wilkes Central at East Davidson NO Score yet!!
# 3 North Wilkes won 63-60 over # 19 South Rowan, will play home against #6 Atkins


Posted 11:07 am, 02/21/2018

Poor seeding? I looked at the 1a West bracket this morning and saw about what was expected, only 3 higher seeds won their games last night. One of those 3 was 9 seed Highlands beating a 24 seed Blue Ridge Early College. Highlands 14-10 beat the Blue Ridge Early College 5-17. Blue Ridge Early College shouldn't have even been in the tournament, they finished 3rd in a conference that only has 5 teams in it. While Avery the 9th ranked 1a in the state according to Max Preps doesn't even make the tournament? I hear that there are certain conferences in the state that get preference in the seeding process, if so then the conferences getting special treatment should be evaluated each year and not just taken for granted on past performance.
Kids graduate and talent varies wildly sometimes, especially in the 1a division.


Posted 11:11 pm, 02/20/2018

Update MVAC teams This is second round!!

1A Men's Bracket
North Rowan @ Starmount

2A Men's
Mt. Heritage beat West Wilkes 87-44
W. Central beat Bandys 78-56, Central travel to #8 Patton

1A Women's
Alleghany upset South Davidson 51-48, Alleghany plays at Mt. Airy
East Wilkes host Hayesville

2A Women's
Ashe lost to East Davidson 59-44
W. Central upset Pisgah 49-36, Central at East Davidson
North Wilkes won 72-43 over Trinity, will host South Rowan


Posted 10:15 am, 02/19/2018

Has anyone looked at the 1a Girls basketball brackets? I think there is a problem with them. Avery the 9th ranked in the state according to MaxPreps, doesn't make the field? Gray Stone Day a private school, was ranked 22nd according to Max, gets a bye and a 7 seed in the tournament. Highland School of Technology gets a 15 seed, ranked 40th by Max? Pine Lake Preparatory a 14 seed, ranked 24 by Max? Albemarle a 13 seed, ranked 27th? Alleghany a 17 seed, ranked 14th, vs South Davidson a 16 seed, ranked 36th? I know that they are supposed to be using the MaxPreps ranks to help with the seeding process now. I saw an interview on tv while one of the locate stations were covering the football championship games. I think they have said screw the small public schools and said we want to see the charter schools win the championships in 1a.


Posted 2:50 pm, 02/17/2018

These are the MVAC teams. Subject to Change

2A- Boys
#32 West Wilkes 9-16 @ #1 Mt. Heritage 20-1
#24 Bandys 15-110 @ #9 Wilkes Central 18-7

1A- # 6 Starmount with BYE

2A- Girls
#28 Ashe 11-12 @ #5 East Davidson 24-3
#21 Wilkes Central 14-12 @ #12 Pisgah 16-8
#30 Trinity 14-13 @ #3 North Wilkes 23-3

#17 Alleghany 17-10 @ #16 South Davison 16-9
#4 East Wilkes with BYE

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