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Posted 1:49 pm, 02/24/2017

The common denominator I see is "parents" and "students"in MOST cases parents aren't gonna be happy because the coach either A: yelled at mommy and Daddy's lil all star or B: the coach isn't playing their kid. That is in most cases, if parents have too much say-so in who coaches and how a coach should coach, then that school wont ever be consistent enough to compete state-wide.

If a kid chooses to not play because of the coach, majority of the time I question the kid's drive and work ethic, that is typically said when a coach tries to push or demand a lot out of a kid to be good and the kids cant handle it.

I will agree however that sometimes a change of direction is needed if and when a coach loses touch with students/ parents. You do need somewhat parent support and understanding to be successful.
It can be give and take with a coach/athlete relationship. If kids are quitting all the time, it may be the coach or it may be a bad crop of kids that want it their way or no way. Thats why its always up to the AD and Administration to decide if what the coach is doing is correct or if there needs to be a change made. A change of face can always rejuvenate a program.


Posted 11:56 am, 02/24/2017

Wow....tough crowd at North!!! Did JV Boys not win co-conference champions this year??


Posted 11:39 am, 02/24/2017

From what I saw at North this year, West can have Church back. Right now! Can we pack his stuff and carry it to West for him? I know a long list of parents who would be glad to see him go.


Posted 11:06 am, 02/24/2017

Coach Foster would be a great choice, just not sure she would come back to West. I agree with Hawkeye78 about Coach Mathis. He would be a great choice if he would come back. I know he is now at Central so not sure he would be interested now or not. To answer your questions GymRat, neither Mathis or Church have been Varsity Head Coaches but both would be great in that position in my opinion and I don't think either of them were forced out. I think they both stepped down from what I understand. Change is definitely needed at West!!!


Posted 7:55 am, 02/24/2017

I've heard his name thrown around in conversations, but he doesn't have any varsity experience I don't think as a head coach does he? I know West lost him to Central and Coach Church to North. Would either of them come back now if they had the opportunity? That's one of the rumors floating around is to bring back both for both programs, I just wasn't sure how that would work with neither having Varsity experience. I guess you have to start somewhere though!! Were both of those guys forced out from West or what happened there?


Posted 7:25 pm, 02/23/2017

I've heard that Coach Foster has expressed an interest in coming back to West to coach if the position becomes available. She would be a great candidate. Another good candidate would be Coach Mathis. Either one would be outstanding choices and much better than moving the current (unsuccessful) varsity boys coach SG to the girls team. With the current coach's niece coming next year, I can see why she would want her husband to coach the team and that is a conflict of interest.


Posted 1:12 pm, 02/23/2017

When you start having kids not play because of the coach and from what I understand, there were 3 or 4 that chose not to play this year, then that should let the AD know that it's time for the good of the program to go in another direction. I'm sure Coach Greene is a wonderful person. Don't know her personally, but it's just obviously time she move on somewhere else to coach.


Posted 12:27 pm, 02/23/2017

Yes, we do! But, she has been at Ashe forever...cant see her leaving. But, she did graduated from West...so maybe.


Posted 11:39 am, 02/23/2017

Would be nice to get Coach Foster back home on the girls side!! With the talent that is coming next few years, West needs someone else in there just don't know if she would come back. Hate to see all this talent handed to a coach that can't do anything with it!!


Posted 9:44 pm, 02/22/2017

The AD at West needs to do his job which is to evaluate the performance of all the basketball coaches. Look at the embarrassing season records. Poor performers need to be replaced. Don't let one family decide who is coaching each team. This should not be a family affair. Both varsity coaches should be replaced with qualified candidates.


Posted 8:10 pm, 02/22/2017

The crew still rules. Snap!


Posted 4:32 pm, 02/22/2017

From what I've heard, things that are being said will happen are coming from within "THE FAMILY" so it will be interesting to watch and see if something does happen. According to my sources, a family member is saying it will happen but I'm with you. Until it happens....its just gossip or as you say ' Wishful Thinking'.


Posted 4:15 pm, 02/22/2017

It is the same rumors every year at West...never develops into anything but gossip! or should i say wishful thinking from the community.


Posted 1:40 pm, 02/22/2017

Well, now that basketball season has come to a close for most....I'm wondering if all or any of these rumors that have been floating around will come true. So many it's hard to keep up with, but will be interesting to see if any pan out to be true. If so, then there should be a nice little shake up at West. Let the chatter begin!!!! Should be for some interesting reading if nothing else....LOL!!!

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