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Only football team left


Posted 3:36 am, 05/10/2018

Can't say I'm surprised by this; I had a feeling Adkins would leave for greener pastures at the first chance he would get. That's his nature; he did the same to South Iredell after he started to turn them around years and years ago. He left the same year he got them to 8 wins for Patton where he bombed pretty hard and went back to Salisbury. He took the East job as a stepping stone because his rep was used up after what he did to South Iredell.

To be honest he didn't do that good of a job at East until those last few years. He got that one good group and rode them to 3 winning years or else he woulda been a total failure. 5 years ago the JV's couldn't field a team the 2nd half of the year; it looked bad for him after the '13 season. Yet they had that 15 season and turned it around. However they missed on their potential due to his style of coaching They underperformed quite badly in 2016. Shouldn't have lost to Surry Central or West Wilkes . If they had been a more conventional offensive team who knows what they coulda done. That QB and WR deserved to be in a pass friendly offense.

I'll never forget we went to 7 on 7 them last year and he seemed very proud of his defense and passing game to the point he thought our starters couldn't score on his. We drove the ball down the field on him and barely missed 7; they drove down to the 10 and tried a pretty route and we picked them off and he got red faced. Just shows how his ego is. I have no clue how he'll do at MA. Granted they got a very good skill player but their JV's the past few seasons haven't been very good. I don't now how MA can fit as a triple option team. They will have an inexperienced QB and some younger skill players and lineman. Could be an interesting year over there. Starmount will have an edge on them in terms of fimilarity of the systems.

As for EW I think they will be fine. There's still some talent left there. Maybe not worldwinners but a solid 5-8 wins perhaps if they get a solid HC. I see them going back to a ball control style like Chipman ran but keeping a lot of what Adkins did successfully. Their JV's weren't great last year but they have some talent in their middle school coming up. I see EW being a solid 3-4th place team this next little bit. I see EW getting either a rookie with experience or someone solid; it's a solid job for someone wanting a lasting role. Their opener with East Surry will be quite fun to watch. 2 new HC's with potentially different offenses; could be a barn burner. EW won the JV game last year..


Posted 1:04 pm, 05/09/2018

Harsh but true Cardsfan... The group that came through the last 3 years would have won if Peter Pan was coaching them! !! He came in at a Perfect time . Promoted himself and Got out while the stables were full....


Posted 5:41 pm, 05/07/2018

Interesting take EW fan. I never looked at it like that.


Posted 7:09 am, 05/06/2018

Wow, a high school championship added to your resume, that should really be a reason to take a job. I knew this would happen when he came here. Rode that few good years to boost himself and get credit for turning a program around (riding a group of good athletes). Then go to a good program to boost his ego leading someone else's work to state. Bottom line EGO and GREED, talked a good game but really didn't give a crap for those kids at EW. Used them as a stepping stone - PERIOD.


Posted 11:35 pm, 05/05/2018

He would have been crazy to turn down the job at Mt. Airy. Any coach would have. Can't use greed as an excuse on that one. Coaches have to look out for themselves as well.


Posted 9:26 pm, 05/05/2018

He will have a hard time trying to replace Coach Holder! But football in the Mountain Valley conference just got even worse. 😏


Posted 7:14 pm, 05/05/2018

Are you clowns for real? Yes he was a good coach, amazing? hardly. Check his overall record and then look at the kids he had coming up when he got here. Those last 3 classes he had were stacked with good athletes. Did he help them improve? YES. Has he helped the program? Yes. But he was far from amazing and is leaving due to a talent drop off and probably a bigger payday. Greed and ego due amazing things! That is why kids are like they are - instead of sticking with EW he is trying for bigger stuff for his resume!


Posted 4:20 pm, 05/05/2018

It is hard. Never said it was easy. Just said you can't open up a checkbook to keep someone around when there is no money to give.


Posted 3:38 pm, 05/05/2018

If it was that easy MichSt. Then everybody would be winning all the time. A great coach is harder to replace than you're making it seem.


Posted 9:42 pm, 05/04/2018

Coaches come and go. I'm sure the program will be fine.


Posted 9:41 pm, 05/04/2018

There is no money. Schools systems are struggling financially anyway due to the great GOP. The last thing a school system needs to do is open up a check book for a coach.


Posted 9:12 pm, 05/04/2018

Yeah..i guess i was supposing it to be somewhat like college.a bidding war to keep or get the best candidate.but i now realize that, that isn't the case. It was just my way of saying that he was amazing...and I wish EW could have kept him some kind of way. Mt. Airy is an amazing program..not much challenge to keep that program as one of the best in NC.


Posted 9:06 pm, 05/04/2018

A. Wherever money comes from to keep the community and kids interest. Heck I don't know. All I know is he isn't at EW any longer. I figured some other bigger program would steal him away before too long. He was an amazing coach.


Posted 5:41 pm, 05/04/2018

Yeah, i'm not sure how you think high school sports in this area works but East Wilkes could do nothing to keep JK at East. Coaches are paid by the county. If you want to complain or call someone stupid complain about them. Wilkes County still lags way behind other counties in coaches pay. The county did make some changes a few years ago to make football coaches 12 month, which made coaching here somewhat more attractice. I just don't understand why people have to blame someone everytime anything happens. Jk was a great coach who did great things at East Wilkes. Mt. Airy is a destination job, it is in the top 5 in the history of North Carolina football for wins. It is a single high school, school system and has a very high level of basketball/football athletes. Jk would have been stupid not to take this opportunity. It isn't his fault or the schools fault that he left. It is just life and now East Wilkes has to make the best of it. Instead of blaming the community needs to focus on building off of the culture JK created. I do know that JK was a great teacher on the field and his assistant coaches were some of the best around. Whoever gets the job will have knowledgable and energetic assistants. They will also have kids who have been shown what it takes to win, both on the field and in the weight room. East Wilkes will have to hire the best candidate they can out of the people who apply. I doubt the new coach will be as good as JK but I think he is one of the best coaches in North Carolina so that is ok. As long as they get someone who is willing to work hard and continue the hard nosed mentality they will be ok. Instead of blaming, I would thank the administration for hiring JK and providing the msot successful period of football in East Wilkes history.


Posted 5:20 pm, 05/04/2018

A. A school can't really keep a coach from leaving.

B. Where do you suggest the money come from?


Posted 5:08 pm, 05/04/2018



Posted 8:34 am, 11/27/2017

My advice to you is get a coaching job ,,would love to see your results in a couple years


Posted 4:43 pm, 11/22/2017

First of all , I lose my job if I fail that bad defensively Secondly, that group of kid were going to win no matter who the coach was. Those are the facts. EW will have a pretty good season next year also. Talent!!!! Don't be one of those ignorant parents,coaches,fans who thinks the Coaches are the reason for the success of the program and not the kids...


Posted 1:23 pm, 11/22/2017

Shame all those fans weren't on the field coaching and shame their opinion doesn't matter isn't it? Parents are the reason people get out of coaching, the reason kids quit, and the reason officials quit. Don't be that parent. You really don't know how ignorant you make yourself look. You don't want football coaches coming and yelling at you about how to do your job. Instead of being bitter you should be proud of the success the program has had the last 3 years. This staff is by far the best east has had since I've been around the area, and you should be thankful for them. They put more hours than you can ever dream about for those kids.


Posted 12:41 pm, 11/22/2017

Say it to my face...lol!!! That's a classic..what would happen then!! It wouldn't change the fact that they got out coached. The majority of the people in the stands were screaming it anyways. Garbage DEFENSE. "Play your best kids"

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