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Only football team left


Posted 8:34 am, 11/27/2017

My advice to you is get a coaching job ,,would love to see your results in a couple years


Posted 4:43 pm, 11/22/2017

First of all , I lose my job if I fail that bad defensively Secondly, that group of kid were going to win no matter who the coach was. Those are the facts. EW will have a pretty good season next year also. Talent!!!! Don't be one of those ignorant parents,coaches,fans who thinks the Coaches are the reason for the success of the program and not the kids...


Posted 1:23 pm, 11/22/2017

Shame all those fans weren't on the field coaching and shame their opinion doesn't matter isn't it? Parents are the reason people get out of coaching, the reason kids quit, and the reason officials quit. Don't be that parent. You really don't know how ignorant you make yourself look. You don't want football coaches coming and yelling at you about how to do your job. Instead of being bitter you should be proud of the success the program has had the last 3 years. This staff is by far the best east has had since I've been around the area, and you should be thankful for them. They put more hours than you can ever dream about for those kids.


Posted 12:41 pm, 11/22/2017

Say it to my face...lol!!! That's a classic..what would happen then!! It wouldn't change the fact that they got out coached. The majority of the people in the stands were screaming it anyways. Garbage DEFENSE. "Play your best kids"


Posted 10:51 am, 11/22/2017

Maybe you should go tell them that then to their face instead of on here instead of being an upset parent on a message board that has no clue at what they did at practice or what they tried to do to stop ES.


Posted 6:36 am, 11/22/2017

How did the staff not have anything to do with it.?? Did you not read what I wrote?? THEY NEVER AJUSTED TO ANYTHING, NEVER TRIED ANYTHING DIFFERENT. Like put the best players in to play Football. Look what the ES legend coach did from the first game to the last!!! Something didn't work against EW so he ADJUSTED and to fix it and played EW like fools .. called Coaching...


Posted 10:43 pm, 11/21/2017

How did the staff ruin it for the kids? Do you not realize competition gets better the older you get? Winning in 3rd grade doesn't mean winning will happen in high school.


Posted 10:55 pm, 11/20/2017

Really hate it for those Seniors, That group had all the potential in the world ... not sure if was arrogants on the coaches part or just Stupid. Everyone in the County has known for a good while now that the Defense had some very glaring problems .. the 2 platoon system wasn't working, how could it ever in a 1a school.??? So instead of fixing it they think for some reason that they can coachup sub par talent and make it work. All the while #5 #17 #1 #10 #3 and#21 Six of the better defenseive players in the Conference And absolutely Head and shoulders better than what they had out there,, had to sit helpless and watch this crap unfold .. They did put 10 in for a few plays in which he seemed to make the majority of the tackles when in .. Heck #17 only played 50% of the time on offense and he's an 6'2" athlete who would have started Defence on any team in this conference ... Shame,Shame!!!!! on you coaches for destroying a legacy and tradition of winning that had been going on since 3rd grade for that group. To the senior Group, you were done Wrong,,,Thanks for the Memory's.


Posted 9:54 pm, 11/17/2017

Final East Surry- 49 East Wilkes-36


Posted 9:26 pm, 11/17/2017

ES- 49 EW- 36 4th quarter


Posted 9:19 pm, 11/17/2017

ES- 49 EW-30 in 3rd quarter.


Posted 9:10 pm, 11/17/2017

ES- 42 EW-30


Posted 9:08 pm, 11/17/2017

East Surry 35 East Wilkes 30 in 3rd quarter


Posted 4:04 pm, 11/17/2017

Go East


Posted 12:01 pm, 11/17/2017



Posted 12:57 am, 11/17/2017

Good luck today East Wilkes.

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