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Middle school football.


Posted 9:43 pm, 10/17/2017

I'm most excited about the 5/6 group though. CW hasn't given up a point all season.


Posted 9:42 pm, 10/17/2017

Ehh. If Central is healthy they win. East is good and wouldn't be surprised to see them win, but Carlos, Aydan and Compton are a deadly trio.


Posted 8:58 pm, 10/17/2017

EW wins.


Posted 8:06 pm, 10/17/2017

I think Central Wilkes wins as long as they are healthy.


Posted 7:06 pm, 10/17/2017

The student that started out at Elkin..actually lives in EW district. He should be going to EW. He's fast and has great footwork and strength for his size. He has break away speed to say the least!! Stay tuned. I could see a talent with his attributes playing a role on Varsity as a freshman, whether it's 8 quarter rule or permanently.


Posted 8:12 pm, 10/11/2017

Thanks for your reply Pac-Man, doesn’t make a ton of sense why you felt the need. To be honest I don’t have a son playing. I’ve watched as a dad with cheerleader for the last 4 years or so. I do know a little about football and listen to the football parents every year, I know most of them at this point. I stand behind my first post, with all of it. The last game I watched there was a parent on the sidelines that wasn’t even a coach? Is that daddy ball or politics?


Posted 10:59 pm, 10/09/2017

well pounder i did not know that the three coaches had kid playing in middle school football.And i dont think there in to politics either. But poor coaching i dont think so you come put the time in thay do to help your son play football and if it is as easy as you think thay might let you have it


Posted 9:59 am, 10/08/2017

What do the standings look like?

Is East the team to beat? The transfer they got from Elkin, will he stay? I would guess he's a one year loan but I don't know.


Posted 11:55 pm, 10/07/2017

It sure won’t be Ashe County Bulldogs this year.
There the “trifecta” of daddy ball, politics, and poor coaching. Decent team that should have 3 or 4 wins.


Posted 10:20 pm, 09/27/2017

Andrew Bynum little brother is going to be a good one. Heck of a running back. Solid team all around. Really a joy to watch and the coaches do an outstanding job. 4-0 on the year. Really pleased with the direction the athletic programs are going both middle school and high school. There's a lot of talent in the program right now.


Posted 10:11 pm, 09/27/2017

Central won 44-14.


Posted 10:01 pm, 09/27/2017

Anyone know how central did tonight against the team from King?

Black Hawks

Posted 12:10 pm, 09/26/2017

Go Eagles diemundbak244 is right he has not said anything about recruiting any where on this thread you need chill dude. Diemundbak244 in football there is a couple of different ingredients a coach has to win one is talent, two players who want to win. The score revealed a tightly contested game. Please enlighten us all how did you come to the conclusion that East Coach can not coach his way to a win? This team has an abundance of success over the years with that man as their head coach. They have won many BRFL Supperbowls two or three?


Posted 4:39 pm, 09/22/2017

I did not say one word about recruiting. Read the thread. Kid showed up at practice.

Go Eagles

Posted 11:19 am, 09/19/2017

diemundbak244 You're saying Eddie recruited that Elkin player based on what evidence? Do not make an accusation about someone unless you know for a fact it's true.


Posted 10:38 pm, 09/09/2017

North Middle vs. West Middle

1st-2nd- 14-0 North
3rd-4th- 0-22 West
5th-6th- 0-22 West
7th-8th- 30-0 North


Posted 6:44 pm, 09/09/2017

Any scores from today, and standings?


Posted 5:50 am, 09/07/2017

what team has won the most SUper bowls in this new conference???


Posted 5:29 pm, 09/02/2017

Too bad he can't coach his way to a win. Doesn't know how to use the talent the team has.


Posted 12:04 am, 09/01/2017

Good for Eddie... Like 70% of Elkins players he probably lives in Easts District anyways...

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