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Middle school football.


Posted 7:32 am, 07/29/2018

Yep..Dollabill's first post on the topic..sounds super sharp...Hater...EW must have handled him at some time or another for him to have such a nice post about them.

Eagles Rock

Posted 12:58 am, 07/29/2018

Dollabills100 if you’re going to make a statement make a statement instead of showing off that perfect iq of yours.


Posted 8:24 am, 07/26/2018

Just saw online that EWMS Football team was at Wake Forest University yesterday giving the Demon Deacons a football clinic. LOL.

Is this team still sponsored by LP?


Posted 5:41 pm, 05/30/2018

East Wilkes had a winning record last year and posted that record running those 3 boring plays. Cajahah you are a coach why do you not have more plays in your back? You have won just about every game by nearly 30 points but your play calling is boring. Really dude pass the ball while your opponent is down by over 30 points run it up.
When a coach has his opponent down by 30 or more points that was East situation last year, you do not run up the Score. If you’re in a close game some of those trick plays come in handy. But you do not run trick plays for the entertainment of the fans. Impress us Cajahah coach a team next year.


Posted 1:55 am, 05/25/2018

Football at any level isn’t about the regular season.


Posted 1:51 am, 05/25/2018

They didn’t win the playoffs even though they had won the regular season or at least tied.

Sure I agree 3 good running backs....but don’t forget one got hurt at the end of the season, and run the ball sure......but it can’t be the same 3 plays.


Posted 4:46 pm, 05/24/2018


Posted 5:21 pm, 05/03/2018

East Wilkes did win they last year posted a winning record with a lot young talent. Cajaha you pay closer attention to the Newspaper.


Posted 5:18 pm, 05/03/2018

You do not understand his point Cajaha. I’ll say this sounds more like you accusing Yyyy and calling him out on being a coach are you? Truth be told from my observation you need to chill dude, and realize at some point or another that this game and nothing more. You and Yyyyy are getting worked up over a middle school game. From a coaches standpoint I believe they had a great playbook for one reason because it worked. You tell me Cajaha and Yyyyy when you have a Fullback like EWMS had last year, two Rb’s like they had why would any coach not run the football? They did not need a playbook in the end Football is a game of blocking and taking. My personal thoughts where that statement regarding “if a coach is to thin skinned to have criticism they need to do something about it” where did that come from? Cajaha you and Yyyyy are acting like 2 Years olds. BOTH OF YOU NEED TO GROW UP!!!


Posted 9:15 am, 03/19/2018

They could rotate players and keep them fresh.

Hence the statement about the one kid playing safety which requires him to cover the entire field, and then run the ball 75% of the time on offense.

You disagree with no valid points, just insults. Also if a coach is too thin skinned to have criticism then they should do something different.


Posted 9:11 am, 03/19/2018

He ran the same play with the same kid at least a dozen times a game.

He didn’t coach the entire team, it was obvious by the end of the season what he was going to do. I never said he needed trick plays, he simply needed a playbook.


Posted 11:43 pm, 02/23/2018

I disagree with your statement. Those coaches at EWM can not play football for their players. Yes a coach is so post to be a leader but it is up to the players to excute what they are taught. A coach does not need trick plays to be successful, KISS is all a coach needs to remember. It seems obvious to me that you did not watch the same game as everyone else did. I feel for anyone who actually has listen to or read your insulting comments about other coaches, and self centered bragging. Since you seem to know more about football than anyone on this site please impress us with your knowledge.

Colonel Mustard

Posted 1:44 pm, 01/05/2018

As usual the wilkesonians are trying to armchair quarterback everything. JK is a good coach and has consistently produced quality teams. You all are lucky to have him. You all ran MC off and he was a good coach also. You cannot be satisfied., I know at least a dozen coaches HC and assistants who were maligned and cut that left the great state of Wilkes and went elsewhere only to have more success. You all eat your young in that area. It is not a football hotbed. One could wish that it could be but its not. Be happy and support who you have. It does wonders at other schools . I can attest to that personally. The environment is not as toxic and they dont drink their own Kool Aid. Best of luck in the future


Posted 12:31 pm, 12/03/2017

EW should have been able to win this year, but due to morbidly boring play calling and poor coaching they became utterly predictable. Also, the head coach was more concerned about coaching particular kids, and not utilizing each players abilities and skillset properly. The most egregious error I saw was the coaching staffs inability to rotate fresh bodies off and on the field. Not to mention he had his best player, playing running back and SAFETY, each and every snap, essentially wearing his own player down. Football is the ultimate team game.

I felt sorry for the kids.


Posted 11:37 am, 11/02/2017

If anyone has any contacts at EWM Football, find out how much of a “donation” is needed for a starting QB spot next season.


Posted 9:55 pm, 10/30/2017

Jags are playing well


Posted 8:39 am, 10/29/2017

Oops. I meant the Jags have a few more bodies and a little more talent. Sorry for the typo, Jags.


Posted 8:38 am, 10/29/2017

Now Trojan4pride, show up and congratulate them Jags for kicking that Arse. You didn't hear me complaining last week when the refs gave Alleghany every call against EW. Sounds like sour grapes. Give them Jags a lil credit for what i told you would happen to your Trojans. The Trojans have just a few more bodies and a little more talent. Good job Jags is what these Trojan fans meant to say. Instead of crying about the refs.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!


Posted 8:33 am, 10/29/2017

Just like i though it would mountainboy. You should be used to these flatliners running yall back to the mtns with L's when it comes to big boy ball when it matters. Trojan4pride, I appreciate the friendly banter back and forth. No hard feelings at all. GO WILKES!!!


Posted 7:05 am, 10/29/2017

WAAH WAAH ! always an excuse. Eat that crow crybaby

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