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little man cutting yet


Posted 6:52 am, 02/24/2017

The Billings and Walker wrestled great last weekend
!!! Congratulations to both of them and I saw where the Billings kid was MVP/MOW as well! That's outstanding!! Now to jj77 and how he was talking about how bad acting the Elkin kids were....did you happen to see the West Wilkes 220 get kicked out of the tournament for acting like a fool?


Posted 3:37 pm, 01/30/2017

Really??? come on guys, are you really still talking about wrestling and little sweaty boys rolling around with other sweaty boys?


Posted 12:56 pm, 01/29/2017

Tournament champions maybe! But they lost the season to a 1-A school lol and really there are just about as many wrestlers and parents on the West team that have bad attitudes as on Elkin!


Posted 7:12 am, 01/29/2017

Great job blackhawks Mvac champions!!!!!


Posted 12:01 pm, 01/28/2017

jj77 is that you really saying something about having class!! 🤣 you are the one that gets on gowilkes and trashes everyone thats not west wilkes. i think you are the one that needs to show some class.


Posted 8:36 am, 01/28/2017

Lol yeah elkin one by 3 and yes they are garbage. The coaches condone and let the bad sportsmanship happen. Any other program that I have seen would tell u to lose and win with class.


Posted 6:25 am, 01/28/2017

Man if Elkin is one of the worst coached teams and they still one, what does that say about West? At least their wrestlers showed up to win. West just can't get over the fact they are not as good as they once were. They stopped working hard and lost.


Posted 7:04 pm, 01/27/2017

You can say "West lost but had three upper classman missing due to injuries in which they would have easily won." But they didn't :) GREAT JOB ELKIN!!!! lol "missing due to injuries"


Posted 5:44 pm, 01/27/2017

I totally agree app447, Elkin, their coaches are classless trash.


Posted 4:20 pm, 01/27/2017

Got to say Elkin is one of the worst coached teams for unsportsmanlike bs i have ever seen. Kids shoving other wrestlers into the Bleachers, throwing temper tantrums, running out of the gym after losing and the coaches condone it. West lost but had three upper classman missing due to injuries in which they would have easily won. But like i say i have seen some dirty bs but Elkin truly takes the cake.


Posted 6:44 am, 01/25/2017

Great job Elkin!!!


Posted 10:11 pm, 01/06/2017

Yeah, things get a little tougher above 106.


Posted 7:52 pm, 01/05/2017

Mtnslobter must be severely jealous


Posted 2:30 pm, 01/05/2017

The kid is injured. Give it a rest already. SMH


Posted 2:15 am, 01/05/2017

??? just stopped wrestling??? or too many good guys above 106? got to be better at being small!


Posted 9:26 am, 11/24/2016

lol I will pass :) I don't want to learn anything about rolling around with sweaty guys YUCK!!! Ad it is a little sad that you have so few fans at sweaty boy rolling that you have try and pay for more people to show up lol


Posted 3:43 pm, 11/23/2016


Give it a rest... i have read enough of your stirring the S***.
You obviously know nothing of the sport.
Your degrading post have went on for over a year.
You are implying things that are not so.
i know many athletes that participate in football and wrestling.
and if you would like to meet any of us parents at a match...
We would love to teach you a little more about the sport.
i will pay your admission into the gym.
I will also love to show you the way out of the gym. .


Posted 10:15 am, 11/23/2016

The season of sweaty guys rolling around with each other is back again!! I bet you people were so ready for that lmao


Posted 9:28 am, 11/09/2016

Wow, you guys are still talking about rolling around with other guys?? Don't you know a real sport is still going on?


Posted 7:30 pm, 11/08/2016

I still don't get the fascination with this subject. Someone has to be at 106 or you take a forfeit so what does it matter who it is at 106? So stupid....

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