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Posted 11:29 pm, 11/03/2017

Good job WC. They handled us.


Posted 7:19 pm, 11/03/2017

Wrestling grandpa1

Posted 10:00 am, 11/03/2017

Should be a great game tonight ...Wilkes Central Esgles.....come on out and support your school this is for Conference Championship I believe. ...

If WC wins they conference champs but if EW wins they be co-champions. WC coming in at 6-0 while EW 5-1.

Wrestling grandpa1

Posted 10:00 am, 11/03/2017

Should be a great game tonight ...Wilkes Central Esgles.....come on out and support your school this is for Conference Championship I believe. ...


Posted 3:07 pm, 11/01/2017

I hope MVAC only gets knocked out by their fellow conference teams and they all go very far and even win a state championship ,,,that's my wants and wishes


Posted 1:33 am, 11/01/2017

East Just needs to get Healthy!!! If Ried plays last Friday The game is still a blow out. Despite giving up 53, I promise you..!! Take away any teams top 3 players especially in 1a football . And most of the time the affects are devastating!!! Heck even in the NFL... I hope Reid is better for the playoffs . I would even sit him for WC just to get him right....


Posted 11:10 pm, 10/31/2017

LOL. Digger you dont want the MVAC to do work in the playoffs? The playoffs have def been tough on the MVAC. Very few successful advances. Maybe we can do a lil better as a whole this year.


Posted 11:02 pm, 10/31/2017

i seen the Elkin ,North game ,,North fell asleep when they got up by thirty and Elkin didnt quit plus North had some big plays called back ,,,A couple of touchdowns too,,,,, North still won 67 to 49 ,,,, Last year the MVAC was a joke in the playoffs ,,,very weak across the board ,,,,this year I think they will be more competitive and a couple of the MVAC teams will make it to 2nd round ,,,of course I hope Iam wrong


Posted 12:57 pm, 10/31/2017

Elkin's been a 2nd half team these past few weeks. They have seemed to have dumped the I and run game for the shotgun and heavy pass as well as single back stuff for their fastest kid and it looks to have been working

North Wilkes got up 40 some points and Elkin got momentum and NW couldn't do crap so they had to grind it out. West got up on them but Elkin dominated them the 2nd half and came back, and last week. East got up comfertably and got in their usual mode which was stupid. East shoulda known better than to get off the gas that's their fault. Elkin will beat Alleghany on Friday and will have a solid chance to make it to the 2nd round in small 1A. They have some very fast kids for small 1A. Their defense and lineplay isn't good enough to make them a favorite though.I see Wood winning MVAC Coach of the Year for the turnaround.

East though I think can turn it around. They needed a wakeup call badly because they coasted for so long. The same thing happened in 2005 to Elkin in Grissom's glory run. They rolled over everyone then they choked to an okay Mount Airy squad and had to win out. It happens but it was what East needed. They gotta play hard now and I think they will.

If MA goes 1AA I'd give MA the edge though if these two meet up. They have too many athletes for East; Lineplay I see East matching up better; MA's weakness is that their conference is utter garbage. They won't get tested until the later rounds of the playoff at best.


Posted 4:16 am, 10/31/2017

I think its just the opposite. Think about it. Anytime a team catches fire and gets hot enough to upset a top ranked team in the state, then that shows that your conference has some parity, and even the top teams cant let their guard down, even against the 5th or 6th ranked team. MVAC isn't like the conference that Shelby's in by no means, but believe it or not. There aren't many 1aa teams in the playoffs that wanna face EW in the playoffs. Props to the Elks for the upset. It was the perfect storm for an EW upset. One of the starting rb's was out. A couple of starters on defense were out. The fact that EW was up by 25 or 30 and lost is crazy. The stats dont lie. On that night the Elks played a flawless 2nd half of football. For the game Elkin's Qb was 27-59 with 410 yds passing and 3 tds. Those are Tom Brady-ish numbers. If EW pass defense improves, then they will have a chance against WC. If it hasn't improved any this week, it will be WC winning by 20!


Posted 9:52 pm, 10/30/2017

ive always said ,,,MVAC is weak in football


Posted 4:16 pm, 10/30/2017

I dont remember anyone doing anything but stating EW was undefeated. Your statement makes no sense at all. I can say 2a top to bottom is weak compared to 3a..and 3a is weak compared to 4a...so what. I guess you thought you were making a groundbreaking statement. Well you didnt. At this point and time, I see youre a hater. EW got beat. They should've got beat being up by 31 pts and lost. No skin off my back. I don't play. Just so you know..2a is tougher due to teams like Shelby, Hibriten, North Davidson, Reidsville, East Duplin, etc. No disrespect but you guys are an avg 2a team. If you beat EW..don't you think you should? You have nearly 500 more kids. So, take a breath. Clear ya hate. And know that fans support their team win or lose. This is a messageboard EW was undefeated. Now they're not. Don't be upset that your coach at WC scheduled Alexander Central and Watauga. Great competition for WC, but both will win 1 playoff game at best. Good Luck to WC the rest of the way. No need to hate here. Just a neex to state the facts, that you seemed to lack during soliloquy of how weak 1a is. EW is 1aa and plays schools that are their size and should compete well during the playoffs. Hope WC does the same.


Posted 1:32 pm, 10/30/2017

2a top to bottom is much stronger than 1a. That’s not even an argument. I’ve never said anything about WC being a very good 2a team. They may make it to the 2nd round but that will be it. However, EW fans have been protruding around as if they are Shelby. That Mount Airy team you’re talking about, they will also run right through East Wilkes.


Posted 1:17 am, 10/30/2017

WC will beat by the 1st 2a team with a pulse. 2a as far as wc goes is very weak as well. As far as 1a being weak, the top 5 teams in 1a would more than likely run thru WC like a buzz saw..starting with nearby MA. Next off what has WC done to make you think they will do anything against teams their size?


Posted 1:48 pm, 10/29/2017

East Wilkes will be beat in the playoffs by the first team that has a good passing game. 1A is very weak.


Posted 8:50 am, 10/29/2017

In my post on Oct 17th, I knew the potential of either of these three remaining teams to give EW nightmares due to their style of play. However all three of the remaining teams have terrible defenses and are all susceptible to giving up points and yds as they score them as well.


Posted 8:45 am, 10/29/2017

Elkin played a whale of a game. WC will be lucky to get out of the 1st rd of the playoffs. Nothing new there as well. Def not a foregone conclusion that WC beats EW. I have saw WC play, they're ok for Wilkes County..but not impressive on the 2a scene against schools their own size. They will be an easy out for a decent 2a team. EW will go 2 to 3 rds deep possibly more. Elks/Ew is a deep seeded rivalry game. Gotta throw everything out the window when they play eachother. I will agree that currently EW pass d is atrocious and got exposed. Much like Ashe exposed WC's to the tune of 300+ yds. Good day.


Posted 8:40 pm, 10/28/2017

Lost to Elkin? wow. Thats pathetic.


Posted 12:39 am, 10/28/2017

East hasn't got enough size up front to pressure the QB. That showed tonight against Elkin. Their pass defense is weak! They will never beat WC. They may make 2nd round in State but that'll wrap up their season.


Posted 6:44 pm, 10/22/2017

east wilkes varsity football team 2 more games to go for a perfect season GO CARDINALS


Posted 6:53 pm, 10/17/2017

3 tuff games are definitely coming up...all 3 pose threats that really none of the previous eight opponents have posed..all three...Ashe, Elkin, and, WC have potent passing attacks that can score points in bunches if the defense is in the wrong spot. East handily beat Ashe and Elkin last year by nearly 100 points combined. East may have rested on their laurels against WC and got embarrassingly skunked 25-0. East has the ability to beat all 3 remaining opponents..but i truly believe that offensively these could be the best opponents on EW schedule.

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