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Dirty Basketball


Posted 6:23 am, 02/07/2017

At least it was not wrestling lol


Posted 11:25 pm, 02/04/2017

Alleghany has a transfer also from last year so it ever where😉


Posted 10:13 pm, 02/04/2017

OBR, can't speak for physical living location of any players but there are 4 schools in Wilkes and Central consistently loses good athletes to the other schools in all sports year after year. So even if what you were saying is true (and I'm not saying it's not); why would that be an issue now? North has 2 starters from East (from what I was told) right now. But that doesn't seem to be an issue. And when North was really good a few years ago, they had 3 starters that lived in the WC district. My point is, in a county with 4 schools those types of things tend to happen. I'm not specifically a WC fan by the way. I have no affiliation whatsoever with that school or it's athletics. Good luck to Alleghany. Coach Knight has defintley proven he is the best coach in the conference over the past few seasons.


Posted 8:48 pm, 02/04/2017

cwmsfan, thanks for your reply. Your reply seems to indicate that there are not players from the East and West district that are at Central. If that is true, then I am way off with my understanding. Who these young men played for in middle school is really not what I was referring to. I had always been told by people in Wilkes, and obviously I am not that one of their players lived in the West district, and one lived in the East district. If I was wrong, I do apologize for that remark. You are right, both teams have one more game to earn a hard fought tie for the regular season championship, and then who knows maybe they could battle themselves through the field and meet again in the finals. Based on how much the students seem to enjoy it, that would be a lot of fun for everyone. Great atmosphere at Central the other night.


Posted 9:58 am, 02/04/2017

Oldblueridge, I don't disagree with your logic on school sizes or Alleghany's success over the last 4 years but you are in the same conference nonetheless. It is only considered a rivalry because both programs are doing well this year. However, you based their success on having a starter from east and west, none of central's players ever played for east or west In high school and only one actually played a year at the middle school level for someone other than Central. Back to this year, both Central and Alleghany have one more important game to lock in a share of the conference championship so good luck to both teams.


Posted 1:02 am, 02/04/2017

USA I would like to congratulate Wilkes Central on a very well played game. That was an extremely efficient offensive night against a team that takes defensive basketball very seriously. The players should be very proud of that. BUT a rivalry? Lets look at some basic numbers. Alleghany is a very small 1a school, Wilkes Central is a large 2A school. After getting a starter from East and a starter from West, they have climbed to 1-9 against the Trojans over the last 10 games. Now I am sure that this recent lack of success probably hurts some feelings in Moravian Falls, and I am equally sure that other Trojan fans as with the fan bases across the conference, find some of the attitudes at WC tough to swallow, but the basic numbers do not speak to a rivalry. In basketball, our geographical rivalry is Ashe County and from a competitive basis our rivals would be North or Starmount. Central has accumulated a very good county wide sophomore class, and should be very good for the next 2 years, but please do not pick a school that is about half your size that you have beat once in ten tries and call it a rivalry. The numbers just don't work. Again congratulations to the players on a very well played game Tuesday night.


Posted 3:40 pm, 02/01/2017

To address your concerns usausausa....it is all very inappropriate.


Posted 2:50 pm, 02/01/2017

loveforbasketball, I'm sure you are right but if you're going to address "RegalEagle" and completely ignore the complete ignorance and immaturity of "regalfaget" then your opinion doesn't hold much validity. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

This has turned into a rivalry. This isn't hugs and cupcakes.


Posted 1:18 pm, 02/01/2017

I feel certain from the posts and the initiation of this thread to begin with that "RegalEagle" is probably under the age of 15.....but sadly, if that's not the case and "RegalEagle" is a parent of a WC player......well lets just say that clarifies some of the sportsmanship issues that are evident on the team. Not to put the entire team in one category, because that's definitely not the case. Everybody knows the ones I am referring to. With that being said, WC played a great game last night. Congratulations on the win.


Posted 11:55 pm, 01/31/2017

Revenge is too good


Posted 9:46 am, 01/31/2017

they gonna whoop your *** without their big man, and i would like to whoop your *** myself


Posted 2:07 pm, 01/30/2017

Can't wait for some sweet revenge tomorrow night. Hope Alleghany has a sad ridea back home.


Posted 8:18 pm, 01/25/2017

Language.. Children... unfortunately no one will make it in State:(


Posted 11:22 am, 01/25/2017

**** central


Posted 11:21 am, 01/25/2017

You are a bunch of dumb ****ers that suck massive ****... You guys call that **** a basketball team **** your dumb ****ers you suck suck on my long D***. Have fun not making to it states 💯


Posted 11:09 am, 01/25/2017

You guys got beat by east Wilkes lmao, that's one lost they played bad and they lost by 4, you guys haven't seen them play at there best yet. When you guys can beat us talk some **** other wise shut the **** up cause we still on our horses mother ****s


Posted 12:08 am, 01/25/2017

I got to see the North/Alleghany game tonight and I was so proud of my Vikings.not because we beat them but I felt like we beat them at their own game. As expected Alleghany defended their tails off, but on this night, so did the Vikings. We were able to beat them on the backboards, turn early turnovers into layups and held them to a shooting percentage that was much lower than what I have witnessed on the other occasions that I saw them play. So very proud of my Vikings, but still the utmost respect for what coach McKnight is doing at one of the smallest schools in the conference. Very hard fought and intense game between these two teams, and tremendous sportsmanship displayed by the players from both teams, and what a tremendous atmoshphere for high school basketball. That place was absolutely packed.


Posted 11:37 pm, 01/24/2017

East Just Beat WC at WC... Talking about getting knocked off a high Horse


Posted 10:19 pm, 01/24/2017

Hope that brings Alleghany off of their high horse


Posted 9:51 pm, 01/24/2017

i just heard Alleghany is no longer undefeated. Way to go North!

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