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Congrats to State Wrestling Champion & Others MVAC Only


Posted 9:35 pm, 02/17/2017

Sounds like someone is upset THEIR "little man" hasn't made it as far as others. No reason to put others down because of your insecurities and spitefulness.


Posted 7:11 am, 02/15/2017

I guess Allen was right mtmatjoke is a 🐔💩. Always spinning the story around but will never come face to face or say his real name. I think to be fair to the so called little Man U r so fond of talking about why don't u show up and compare state, regionals, district championships along with any other awards and see where u stand? But I'm guessing u still are living at home with mommy in the basement and just a sour little turd who either got beat by little man or his son did.


Posted 6:56 am, 02/15/2017

I don't think I am the chicken $@!? I think that distinction belongs to the one that could not cut it above 106. But I guess it is better to not wrestle because of being "hurt" that way you don't get your @$$ handed to you on the mat.


Posted 2:55 pm, 02/12/2017

Mtmatjoke, I was right too. You are a 🐔💩


Posted 11:03 am, 02/12/2017

Wow!! Just looked at the brackets from yesterday :) Guess I was right all along LOL


Posted 10:51 am, 02/09/2017

I don't make deals with cowards that like the call kids out behind a screen name.
Allen Reynolds


Posted 7:15 am, 02/09/2017

I'll tell u what, if lil man happens to do the impossible and win states next week I will tell you who I am. But it has to be at 120 or 126 lol deal?


Posted 3:22 pm, 02/08/2017

LOL! I did not really think you would show up anyway! Keep hiding matjoke.
Allen Reynolds


Posted 11:38 am, 02/08/2017

Why would I come to the 2-A MW regional tournament? I will be at a regional tournament this weekend. But I will not be at the 2-A MW I mean all things considered I don't think there will be any state champions come from the MW this year at least not in the 2-A MW.


Posted 7:40 pm, 02/07/2017

Mtmatjoke, I have a prediction for you. I predict you will be at regionals this weekend but not have the guts to come out behind your screen name and say your thoughts to the mentioned kids parents. If you are going to call someone out on social media at least be man enough to say to their face. Better yet say it to the kids face, you might just see how tough he really is. Oh, and by the way my name is Allen Reynolds, I
do not hide behind screen names. See you this weekend.

Just for the Record

Posted 3:42 pm, 02/07/2017

@monster Just what did you predict would happen? the season is not over with yet.


Posted 4:14 am, 02/07/2017

Everyone stopped telling me I was wrong lol I called it at the end of last season!! Mtmatmonster master of predictions lol


Posted 6:58 pm, 01/31/2017

Wow!! can I tell the future or what!!! I said little 106 would not win anything above 113 lol!!! 120 was just too hard on the body


Posted 3:04 am, 10/12/2016

I bet wrestling is hard!! It would be hard for me to get down on all fours and let another guy get down behind me!!! Yuck!! Sounds like a bunch of left wing voters to me


Posted 1:46 am, 09/09/2016

@footballkings I wrestled from the 3rd grade until the time I graduated, I also played football and I can tell you that football is a cakewalk compared to wrestling. I bet you wouldn't last through a warm up in a wrestling practice. And also if you look at it as "2 sweaty guys rolling around together" then you must be gay because a straight person would never think of it that way. So we all know what your mind is on. Straight people look at it as a sport, and a really tough, humbling, disciplining sport. And I bet you also suck at football and that's why you trash talk other sports


Posted 2:42 pm, 08/30/2016


You just can't stop picking on kids who dedicate themselves to working hard for a sport that they love can you? You just can't stop exhibiting the traits of a pedophile, equating sexual impropriety with kids (beginning as early as age 4) who work hard to learn a sport while you most likely sit on ignorant butt, can you?

You are probably the biggest COWARD that I have ever seen on social media or anywhere else!!!!!

And oh by the way, football isn't and never has been in the Olympics, wrestling has. And I bet you wouldn't run your COWARDLY mouth to Olympic champion Kyle Snyder or Olympic champion Helen Maroulis (who is the women's champion and doesn't roll around with boys)!!!!!

You are a pathetic COWARD who hides behind a computer and verbally abuses young athletes, nothing more!!!!!!


Posted 8:09 pm, 08/27/2016

Most of which are football players also you moron.


Posted 10:03 am, 08/27/2016

Yes!! We are back to a real sport that helps pay for guys rolling around with each other this winter!! you're welcome


Posted 7:02 am, 05/24/2016

Still nothing?


Posted 11:54 am, 05/20/2016

Yes sir!! that was the word I was looking for! I guess I spelled the word wrong but it is still very quiet!! Must be busy getting all sweaty and rolling around with other guys lol....But my point was not lost!! you knew what I was talking about lol

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