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Coach.... sorry I meant just to say, Brian Hampton!!


Posted 12:45 pm, 09/25/2017

Well.....I have to give credit where credit is due. Ashe looked really good Friday even though we played Alleghany. Hampton/Piscopo actually mixed the run and the pass really good. We totally had them guessing on defense. If they continue to play that way and play defense like we did, Ashe may actually win a couple of more games.


Posted 9:36 pm, 09/16/2017

Just dont mention Shelby and Watauga in the same breath and we're good. Realtalk Colonel and no disrespect..if Wilkes was a one county school vs Watauga..they would destroy you guys..but individually yall have four or five hundred more kids..you guys shouldnt even schedule Wilkes Central and Ashe..just to pad your stats just to get smoked in the playoffs by schools your own size...i did like the Breintenstein kid from a few years back from Watauga.


Posted 9:26 pm, 09/16/2017

Colonel..lol..i dont need anger management at all...You talk junk about Wilkes...i talk junk about you and yours...simple as that to me...I stick by what i say...


Posted 11:50 am, 09/15/2017


Posted 11:41 am, 09/15/2017

Well Coach Hampton officially has 1 week left before "the powers that be" start calling for his head after Ashe loses to Alleghany. 0-5 is coming!!


Posted 3:11 pm, 09/14/2017

mtn airy ,,east surry ,,,seem to do good every year against competition with a lot more enrollment than them ,,,I think they both are around the 550 mark in students ,,,they both have really good coaching too


Posted 1:11 am, 09/11/2017

Watauga 1300+ kids

East the smallest of the wilkes schools 500+

No more Kids??? LOL!!

Colonel Mustard sorry!!! dude but That is not apples to apples. not even close

Colonel Mustard

Posted 12:29 pm, 09/10/2017


I appreciate your expert Wilksonian analysis. Watauga did win a playoff game last year. The fact is they have no more kids athlete wise than many smaller schools. You can talk about pedigree and such but herein lies a fact. The Wilkes County teams are not having players developed when they are younger
I will not get into the Sertoma. Yellow jacket debate except to say that the yellow jacket program allows for any kid to excel and under good coaching. I have watched area schools for years and each school has up and down years. With that said it seems that Wilkes county football teams underperform when it becomes playoff time. Wilkes Central played well against a Watauga team that has 90 percent of their offense coming from sophomores. WC is young also. Smaller schools do seem to have a better chance come playoff time. The fact remains that you play 11 at a time regardless. As for me being an idiot(lol) ..you,seen defensive and a little touchy when it comes to various teams. I wish you luck in your anger management and expert analysis of people you do not know


Posted 1:58 pm, 09/09/2017

What happened last night?

Last report I heard was Ashe was down 40-34 before I seen the final. Did Ashe have a chance in that one or was it West Caldwell blowing it?


Posted 10:26 pm, 09/03/2017

I see everyone is tap-dancing around the real reason teams off the mountain do better than Ashe.

The teams that win titles are either tiny 1A schools or have fast black kids. There, I said it. The elephant in the room is gone.


Posted 7:16 am, 09/02/2017

And just who does Watauga compete with? Its a 1 county team high school that beats no one come play off time. Go check their championship pedigree before you start spewing off about how good they are. They put no fear in any teams worth a crap that is their same size. They are 1 and done year in and year out in the playoffs. Please do yourself a favor and dont ever mention Shelby and Watauga football in the same breath. You should flogged for such an mistake. LMAO.


Posted 7:10 am, 09/02/2017

Colonel you sound way beyond arrogant and stupid.

Colonel Mustard

Posted 9:14 pm, 09/01/2017

You all will never learn. The MVAC had for years been the backwash of high school football in North Carolina. That will continue to be the case. You can talk school sizes..athletes..etc..go up in the mountain and look,at Watauga..they don't have great athletes but they compete. Go look at Shelby..they consistently beat bigger schools. If you want to see what the issue is with many of these teams go look at the parents of these kids. They are teaching their kids that they are all Americans..and that's simply not the case..wanting something for nothing and trying to,make chicken salad out of chicken..well you know


Posted 2:53 pm, 08/30/2017

How are Ashe's JV doing? Heard they had talent in the freshman class.


Posted 2:07 pm, 08/30/2017



Posted 3:58 pm, 08/29/2017

LOL. I know. EW doesn't start developing everyone until high school. Some kids just get left out to appease parents.


Posted 10:00 am, 08/29/2017

diemundbak244.....now you are starting to figure it out.....keep going!!


Posted 1:44 pm, 08/28/2017

Ashe has good talent coming in from the middle schools right? I thought the middle school teams usually competed for the BRYFL title almost every year. Won it last year.


Posted 2:17 pm, 08/27/2017

Ive heard the freshman at WC is good. I saw him last year in middle school and he was good then. I'm sure WC will coach him up to be a great one by the time he is done. I guarantee if that kid was at Ashe he wouldn't be playing running back. Hampton would probably have him on the OL or long snapping. Mainly because his talent levels would show up his favorites and we all know that can't happen. So he would sacrifice winning with the talent from an unknown freshman just to save face of his Sr. WR and his Jr QB.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, Ashe got thumped by Watauga Friday night. They had no answers of anything Watauga wanted to do, neither on the field or on the sideline!! But it is what it is I guess......just another year of mediocrity and demoralization for the kids on the JV, who rarely get coached, and the ones coming into the system. What kid in their right mind wants to play for a coach who shows as much favoritism as anyone in the business and sucks as a coach on top of that. Plus knowing going into the season that they only really stand a chance of beating Alleghany and Elkin (as long as they have off seasons).


Posted 7:23 am, 08/27/2017

I appreciate it neutral observer. Tis I that called it about the freshman at Dub-C. He has good football instincts. Everything seems to flow naturally with him.

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