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Basketball season is around the corner


Posted 11:54 am, 01/16/2018

I would like to see the boys JV coach actually coach the team and not just his son. He gets so focused on his boy he forgets the team is made up of 10 other guys. A few weeks ago he actually spent a full sixty seconds arguing with the ref that a foul called on his son, which was his first , was on ANOTHER PLAYER ON HIS TEAM !!!. I think if the other players parents could have gotten to him they would have kicked him in the jewels they were so mad.


Posted 5:52 am, 01/16/2018

hawksnot I must say I agree with you on the JV girls comment about me ball. I have noticed a lack of hustle on defense also by several players. But it's easy for me to a bleacher coach and see things I would change. I believe West has good coaches in place that may not be a popular comment from me. Being a Head Coach is a tough job even at the High School level I respect all these folks for there desire and time.
I hope all the teams finish strong this season. And they correct the problems on Defense....


Posted 8:48 pm, 01/14/2018

Well, i went to another game Friday. I witness the JV getting beat by 1 because of bad coaching and players playing me ball not team ball. Saw the JV boys win. Varsity girls were winning but cant seem to finsh a game. Varsity boys win. Saw a bunch of teenage girls flirting with teachers from the middle school. Anybody that was sitting on West Side can look across and see it. Friday night lights at West High!
However, the drum line did a great job.


Posted 8:24 pm, 01/06/2018

Yes I can say you have an advantage because it is true ,,,Elkin won a state championship with 18 football players one year and all schools go through the same issues you have ,,I know because I have coached at different schools


Posted 11:53 am, 01/06/2018

Yes, Ashe has a large enrollment, however that is not reflected in the sports program at Ashe County High School. We have very low numbers in every sport. You can't say we have the advantage when we have 20 plus football players vs everyone else having 40 plus, even our cheerleading squads are down in numbers. Large enrollment has absolutely NO effect on the athletic program in Ashe County.


Posted 11:22 am, 01/06/2018

Ashe enrollment 953 Wilkes central enrollment 853 East Wilkes 550 Starmount 619 ,,,who do you think has the advantage in law of averages ?


Posted 10:58 am, 01/06/2018

Okay you ask so i'am gonna give a reply ,,,,Ashe is the only high school in the county ,,thats a big advantage in sports world of high school ,,then look at their enrollment verses the other schools in the conference ,,no comparison ,,,I think two years ago Ashe was the largest 2a school in the state ,,,so as numbers go you have a huge advantage ,,plus the only high school in county


Posted 10:48 am, 01/06/2018

Excuse me Digger.... except for Ashe????? How do you even throw Ashe in that "advantage" category? Ashe numbers continue to decline year after year. We have good seasoned athletes just walking off the field/court every year for God knows why!!!!! We don't have the advantage of good athletes jumping districts because one school is stronger in a particular sport. We have no jobs here for families to come to and the Ashe Board of Education isn't about to fork out decent money to pay top coaches to come to our area. If anything... we are at a tremendous disadvantage and find it harder every year to compete.


Posted 11:26 pm, 01/05/2018

I agree WC has a lot of advantages over the other 3 schools in the county not to produce no more championships than they have ,,and more advantages over the conference schools except for Ashe


Posted 11:09 pm, 01/05/2018

It is definitely time for WC to move in a new direction with the boys program. Inexcusable, year after year it’s the same mess with the talent he has to work with.


Posted 8:25 am, 01/03/2018

its gonna be starmount or central 1st or 2nd then north ,,ashe


Posted 7:42 pm, 12/26/2017

Unrealistic expectations.


Posted 6:31 pm, 12/26/2017

Anyone know why East Wilkes let their varsity boys coach go mid-season?


Posted 3:39 pm, 12/22/2017

Most teams seem average, west has upset a couple teams with the youth they are playing both the girls and boys. By the end of season it will be intresting at tournament time.


Posted 1:17 pm, 12/20/2017

Have yet to see Wilkes Central and North Wilkes play yet, but Ashe and Starmount are the two best teams I've seen so far. Alleghany, East Wilkes and Elkin are just not any good. West Wilkes looked good rallying in the Avery Co. game, but the first half of that game they looked pretty rough.

We'll see if Ashe is for real in the coming weeks. Their PG can play, but I don't know how much help he will get each game, they've been inconsistent


Posted 8:36 am, 12/19/2017

Compared to the rest of the conference, WC is head and shoulders the most ale r ram this season. Although compared to the 80s - early 00s you are right.


Posted 8:22 pm, 12/18/2017

WC has mediocre talent. However, Im comparing nowaday's talent to the Central teams of the 80's. Now that was talent!!


Posted 10:44 pm, 12/17/2017

Digger0720, youre right about school politics!! Daddy ballin politics, and wilkes county finest...its everywhere...greed


Posted 3:24 pm, 12/17/2017

someone said it was a 4 game sweep ,,girls and boys


Posted 7:01 am, 12/16/2017

Surprise surprise! North “upsets” WC last night. Central needs a new coach pronto. That much talent year after year and only have one conference championship with him as your coach.

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