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2016 17 MVAC champion and player of the year predictions


Posted 12:00 pm, 02/20/2017

I agree likitis. The boys POY voting turned out as good as you can expect because both were well-deserving. The girls POY went to a very deserving player as well but could have went a couple of different directions without any argument from most.


Posted 12:09 am, 02/20/2017

Logan/Wallace good and ironic choice.. Since they play together at same school until High School.. Defiantly 2 best Players in Conference by far .. Girls was a solid Choice. Could have went to a few.


Posted 1:54 pm, 02/18/2017

Why are POY no picked on overall stats


Posted 11:20 am, 02/18/2017

No, I said it would be a North player, a central player, or the east player...

Who else was in the running??

On the mens side I said Wallis, well he and Logan shared it.....

Its not difficult to be honest, just watch the games..


Posted 9:56 am, 02/18/2017

Hey central dad, did poy picks surprise you as much as they did me??


Posted 10:03 am, 02/09/2017

The regular season is over, who are the POY's and COY's?

In Ladies it would about have to be a North player and Coach wouldn't it?

In Mens? I'm not sure in men's.


Posted 9:54 pm, 01/31/2017

Congrats to WC. Big win in Moravian Falls over Alleghany. Hagaman for Coach of the Year.


Posted 9:27 am, 01/24/2017

people is forgetting about Hunter Todd and Austin Hawkins that play for Alleghany. Todd is automatic anywhere from that court. It goes to one of these guys i see.


Posted 10:46 pm, 01/14/2017

East will have to improve their conference standings considerably if Logan is going to get the player of the year. That award typically does not go to a player whose team is in the bottom half of the conference. There are other players who play on better teams that are not afforded the opportunity to have the basketball in there hands on every play and take the number of shots that he has the opportunity to take. No doubt about it, a great player and even a better young man, but his team will need to improve if he is to have a shot.


Posted 11:09 am, 01/14/2017

Went to the East,Ashe game Thursday night what a game.The Logan kid beat that team by his self he is by far the player of the year!!!!


Posted 11:50 pm, 01/04/2017

Brooks is very good .. but a big part of that is everyone good around him .. If he played for Elkin you would not mention him.. Logan on the other hand would be the same...


Posted 9:32 pm, 01/04/2017

For overall offense and defense together my POY would be either the Logan kid from east or the Brooks kid from WC I watch him play a few times this year you can tell he by far the best athlete on the court,he can do it all dribble,shoot,rebound,pass and he causes alot turnovers on defense just very well sounded player level headed. That my two choices..Go Cardinails


Posted 3:48 pm, 01/03/2017

I would say that Lexi Pardue from East Wilkes is a pretty good ball player but I don't know if she has what it takes to be POY, I do think its possible for her to be in top 3. Not sure why Thomas isn't going to play college ball, maybe she is just waiting out any more offers.


Posted 1:39 pm, 12/19/2016

If they were at there original school. it would be irrelevant..


Posted 4:25 pm, 12/18/2016

What your point about the sophomores?


Posted 2:50 pm, 12/18/2016

I'm glad he doing well but I still think the team that wins the conference some one that team will win POY it just seem to happen that way every year.


Posted 12:49 pm, 12/18/2016

star big 1a. All, Elkin small 1a. WC large 2a ,, Big difference #s. They use to be in Iredell county conference. Were they won just some... can't blame them for pushing to play in split 1a/2a conference.. PS.. 2 Mabe 3 of those sophomores are from other schools!!!

As far as the Gregory kid . Better is better weather taller or not!! You can go watch him play in college if you want , Yet more proof he should have. Been POY


Posted 9:44 am, 12/18/2016

He was a good basketball player but I would have like to seen what he could do against somebody his own size there was nobody in the conference even close his size so of course he dominated inside cause he was 3 or 4 inches taller than any body in the conference.


Posted 9:37 am, 12/18/2016

Whoever said "WC is pretty much a 3A school" is funny. They are a long ways off being 3A. That means Alleghany a Starmount and Elkin are pretty much 2a schools. Plus they they start 3 sophomores maybe 4. Everyone should be barring them.


Posted 1:59 am, 12/18/2016

Simply because the Gregory kid was Better. .

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