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What goes with a sea food dinner?


Posted 8:55 am, 06/14/2014

I would neither take fish to a picnic nor eat it at a picnic. Food poisoning.

Hot Mess

Posted 7:45 am, 06/14/2014

I don't think I've ever heard of a taking fish on a picnic. Sounds like a good idea to me.

White Hawk

Posted 10:48 pm, 06/13/2014

Blooming onion a big mistake. Will wilt and get greasy/soggy. Hush puppies will get limp. Make corn bread with a little grated onion and a tad of sugar. Will taste like hush puppies. Some baked beans would be good. Lemon pound cake in addition to sinker or cobbler and sweet tea or lemonade would be welcome addition.


Posted 8:47 pm, 06/13/2014

if the hot foods can be held above 140 and the cold foods below 40 you've got no worries. After about 1 hour between that range and it's dangerous.

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 8:26 pm, 06/13/2014


Vodka will kill all the bad bacteria and germies.


Posted 8:22 pm, 06/13/2014

Unless you are going to be fixing the fish on a grill AT THE PICNIC or in a backyard, I would be more scared of getting food poison from it.


Posted 8:19 pm, 06/13/2014

Scumbag vegetables.


Posted 8:17 pm, 06/13/2014

But yes mayonnaise get's blamed for picnic and Church supper food poisoning when it's usually the baked potato's or blooming onions.


Posted 8:07 pm, 06/13/2014

It depends on how long the onion sits at below 165 degrees.


Posted 8:04 pm, 06/13/2014

Peach cobbler after eating fish is a no go. I'd say lemon meringue pie.


Posted 8:01 pm, 06/13/2014

I wanted to try and make a blooming onion. Will that become food poisoning if I keep wrapped and kept in a heating pack?

sparkling water

Posted 8:00 pm, 06/13/2014

Wait.... How you gonna get botulism from a baked tater?


Posted 7:58 pm, 06/13/2014

did she teach you not to grate your fingers into the slaw?


Posted 7:57 pm, 06/13/2014

A baked potato on a picnic is a sure way to get get food poisoning from botulism so forget that.


Posted 7:57 pm, 06/13/2014

Well I just got me a box grater ever since I broke the handle by accident on my cheese grater and not willing to get another since they are now made of plastic and I can't brake this one by accident cause it made out of pure medal and really old.I'm gonna do slaw the old fashioned way like my grandma used to teach me.


Posted 7:55 pm, 06/13/2014

pb&j sammiches


Posted 7:54 pm, 06/13/2014

It's been a long time since we had a good sea food dinner and fish was sale were I was so ready go crazy over since this is like a gold to me.


Posted 7:54 pm, 06/13/2014

Don't you chop that slaw up too fine Rose. Slice it with a knife and make sure it's cold. How about tartar sauce? I like turnip, creasy or mustard greens and a baked tater with fish.


Posted 7:51 pm, 06/13/2014

You got it Rose, Slaw and Hushpuppies.


Posted 7:49 pm, 06/13/2014

Ok so I'm making flounder I bought and have at least pounds that I'll be making for a picnic and have thought of serving thing like either chips/fries with slaw and hush puppies but is their anything besides this that can spark up while I have fresh tie and maybe a delicous peach cobbler to serve in a treat for my friends at a picnic were having. I wanna enjoy this summer while it lasts and need good reviews since it's been forever since I seen them.

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