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New Pressure Cookers

Daddy P

Posted 11:06 pm, 05/28/2015


Posted 1:42 pm, 05/25/2015

I just checked back here, which brand did you get DaddyP...I might check this electric pressure cooker thingy out!

Daddy P

Posted 12:11 am, 05/11/2015

I bought one at Walmart much cheaper than the one on TV. It is electric and much safer than the old ones. I absolutely love it! I have made wings, lasagna, pintos, stewed beef, salsa chicken and a few other things. Cooked all of those in less than 30 minutes...some as little as 10 minutes.


Posted 11:45 am, 05/10/2015

last time I used one, I litterally blew the top off it...no more pressure cookers for me...well unless this one you're speaking of might be safer...let me know DaddyP.

Daddy P

Posted 10:11 pm, 03/10/2015

I saw a pressure cooker in the Kitchen Store Tanger Outlets. It said it was As Seen on TV. It had settings for canning, cooking wings, roasts, chicken, etc. Cooks in less than an hour. It looks like a slow cooker and is supposedly safer than old school pressure cookers. I googled them, but would like to know if anyone has used one or bought one. This one was 99.00.

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