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Is it safe to drink the water I cooked kidney beans in?


Posted 2:05 pm, 10/11/2015

The person at church only recommended the watermelon seed water because it works for his wife every time she has an attack. The kidney bean water remedy I found online.


Posted 2:03 pm, 10/11/2015

The people at your church might be trying to get rid of your daughter.


Posted 1:59 pm, 10/11/2015

We can only hope that is all it is!


Posted 1:57 pm, 10/11/2015

Goddess, she has no other symptoms. No urinary pain, no blood, no vomiting or nausea. Just a pain in her flank. It could be a pulled muscle, anything. It just started yesterday and my insurance will not cover taking her to the ER for that. I would like to see if the home remedy will help with the discomfort.


Posted 1:52 pm, 10/11/2015

forget the seeds, forget the beans...

Wise up and take your daughter to the hospital...do you realize that kidney failure can happen in a matter of hours...especially to the very young or old and to those whoms health is already compromised!!!


Posted 1:48 pm, 10/11/2015


Posted 1:45 pm, 10/11/2015

I wouldn't drink it.


Posted 1:41 pm, 10/11/2015

By the way, if anyone has a seeded watermelon at home as we speak and would let me have the seeds (scraped out, not spit out...... ) I would greatly appreciate it.


Posted 1:38 pm, 10/11/2015

I see online that dry kidney beans can be toxic if not cooked properly, and you should throw the water out that they boiled in. Those of you who cook dry beans on a regular basis, can you give any advice?

My daughter has pain in her flank which may or may not be kidney stones, and folks at my church said boil some watermelon seeds. Can't find any this time of year, so I did research and found that boiling dry kidney beans and drinking THAT water does the same thing. Now I'm worried about having her drink the "broth" though.

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