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Unique and Affordable Home Décor


Posted 3:22 am, 09/15/2016

Thanks for sharing this website.

Henry G. Clark

Posted 7:52 am, 09/01/2016

Anyone here seeing this website: http://chairsinfo.com
they are offering affordable home dcor computer chairs to rearrange the home like a pro. Is that safe to purchase any product from them?


Posted 1:31 am, 06/19/2015

The hardest part about decorating a home is affording the décor, furniture and upgrades that keep your home in style. Luckily we live in an era of do-it-yourself projects that can be done on a tight budget. The problem is, many homeowners do not trust their skills enough to complete DIY projects, but the truth is there are projects for all skill levels. The easiest way to decorate on a budget is by shopping at thrift stores and yard sales and finding hidden treasures that can be turned into modern décor for a low price.

Items that add texture and character

Books, magazines and other items that seem to float around the house are great for adding texture to a room. Collect chunky coffee table books to stack on top of each other, and top them off with a smaller knick knack. View Along the Way suggests that you use goblets, bowls, vases or other items like these to hold things such as ornaments during Christmas time, pine cones or other cheap décor items. Us an old birdcage to house items like these to take it to the next level and tie a room together.

Creative uses for picture frames

Picture frames are easy to find for cheap, and with a little paint they can look like new and be turned into a work of art on the walls. Use them for unique purposes like framing outlets or light switches. Frame objects other than pictures like wooden letters or dried flowers. Frame your mirrors in your bathrooms or even your television if it hangs on the wall. Never pay top dollar for frames when you can find them at thrift stores or yard sales for cheap.

Displaying unique collections

If you have an interest in a certain product such as china plates, figurines or other items that tend to take up too much space in the cabinet or bookshelf, display them in a unique way. Hang your china plate collection on the wall in a creative design. Display a vase or candle collection as a center piece on the dining room table. You love these items for a reason, so show them off.

Keep the old furniture

People are quick to get rid of old furniture, and you should be quick to take it off of their hands because old furniture can be turned into new pieces for much less than it would cost you to buy brand new furniture. Sometimes all old furniture needs is a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware, and other times you might need to reupholster a sofa or chair, but these projects are easy to complete, and again, much cheaper than buying brand new furniture. Modernize old furniture with new throw pillows or other items that can bring it back into style.

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Source: viewalongtheway.com/2013/05/yard-sale-style-7-things-to-shop-for-to-decorate-on-the-cheap/

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