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Thinking about cutting the cable.


Posted 9:42 am, 01/27/2015

Thanks ,when they change too Digital it open the door for Cable and Satellite too charge what they want,or to add any kind of charge they want too ,[Like you where on a 12 Month Special or you pay for every TV in your house. ]

F Blossom

Posted 11:39 pm, 01/26/2015

I turned in my box a few months ago. Just need 20 meg of internet and stream what you want.

My blue ray player runs my Netfilcks and Hulu.

Netflicks has a lot of content ($8). Hulu has some good next day showings ($9). Have not heard much on Amazon Prime ($8 I think).

Anyone having luck on boosters for antenna signal?

News - pull it off any website.


Posted 9:17 pm, 01/26/2015

I haven't had cable in so many years... I forget how long it's been..
I just recently got an antenna. It's ok. But it cuts in and out a lot... Gets on my nerves.
I just stick to Netflix, Hulu or stream it online.


Posted 9:09 pm, 01/26/2015

So let me see if I have this right...if you use anything other than cable or satellite, you can't get local channels like WXII12..I watch more of the programs on local channels than anything else.


Posted 8:38 pm, 01/26/2015

I just use Netflix and Hulu and stream news from the news sites


Posted 8:20 pm, 01/26/2015

If you have netflix, a roku and an hd antenna for wxii12 you'll have all you need.


Posted 8:14 pm, 01/26/2015

Roku provides the simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV. On your terms. With more channels than any other streaming player. We bought it at Walmart.
It is better if you google it , it will provide you with all the information.


Posted 7:47 pm, 01/26/2015

We too have roku and love it, only way to go!


Posted 7:43 pm, 01/26/2015

What is Roku we are thinking about cut off the cable ,cost to much


Posted 6:55 pm, 01/26/2015

Roku is the way to go . We love it.


Posted 6:33 pm, 01/26/2015

I turned my cable boxes in a year ago and got Dish Network. I have been very pleased with it and my yeR was up this month. The rate went up $30 and I called and downgraded and am still happy with the price. I don't have Internet only use my iPhone for Internet and gave up a house phone. I did look at Roku but don't know anyone that has that and what kind of service or channels you get with it. I do know folks who hAve Netflix and like it


Posted 5:42 pm, 01/26/2015

Thinking about cutting out cable. Anyone have luck with a certain antenna for OTA tv. Ideas for cheaper tv viewing?

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